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Here Comes Trouble!

Here Comes Trouble!

by Corinne Demas, Noah Z. Jones (Illustrator)

Toby causes all sorts of trouble again -- this time with the cat from next door!

Toby doesn't like cats. They're snooty and snobby, and they never pay attention to him! So when Pandora, the cat from next door, comes to stay with Toby and his family, he growls and grumbles.

Pandora does whatever she pleases, and, unlike Toby, she never gets in trouble. But when


Toby causes all sorts of trouble again -- this time with the cat from next door!

Toby doesn't like cats. They're snooty and snobby, and they never pay attention to him! So when Pandora, the cat from next door, comes to stay with Toby and his family, he growls and grumbles.

Pandora does whatever she pleases, and, unlike Toby, she never gets in trouble. But when Pandora gets herself stuck in a tree, it's up to Toby to come to her rescue! In the end, we learn that friendships can grow in the most unlikely places.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In this very funny sequel to Always in Trouble (2009), the lovably goofy dog Toby has to deal with a rival—Pandora, the cat next door who is temporarily staying with Toby’s family. Pandora embodies everything Toby dislikes about cats: she “was slinky and spunky and snooty and snobby. Worst of all, she didn’t pay any attention to Toby.” Jones’s emphatically scrawled cartoons highlight Toby’s mischievous (and unsuccessful) attempts to get Pandora’s attention. She yawns and sleeps as he jumps in the garbage, runs into the path of an oncoming truck, and eats Pandora’s cat food (and then throws up). Pandora is capable of bad behavior, too, but unlike Toby, she flies under the radar—so much so that only Toby notices when she gets stuck in a tree. Toby’s no Lassie, but he tries, desperately writing “CAT IN TREE” in mud on the kitchen floor. Demas and Jones hone their storytelling and artwork for maximum comic effect in a story about finding allies in unexpected places and making some big messes along the way. Ages 4�8. Agent: Edward Necarsulmer IV, McIntosh & Otis. (Jan.)
From the Publisher

ALWAYS IN TROUBLE (written by Corinne Demas and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones)
"The short text, repetitive story structure and Jones's simple but amusing cartoon-style illustrations add up to a solid offering in the naughty-dog division." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

"Whimsical cartoon illustrations make Toby's troublesome and dangerous behavior seem humorous and lighthearted, in the same spirit that misbehaving is handled in such stories as David Shannon's NO, DAVID! (1998). Children will delight in Toby's antics." -- BOOKLIST

PIRATES GO TO SCHOOL (written by Corinne Demas and illustrated by John Manders)
"Demas offers some fun phrases throughout, while Manders creates a cast of amiable ruffians that most kids would be happy to spend the day with." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"A humorous read..." -- SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

Children's Literature - Vicki Foote
Toby, a dog who does not like cats, finds that he has to live with Pandora, the cat who lives next door, while her owners are away. He especially dislikes the fact that she does not pay any attention to him. No one in Toby's family notices when Pandora misbehaves or makes a mess, but Toby gets in trouble easily. One day Pandora climbs a tree and cannot get down. No one notices except Toby. He tries to let his family know about Pandora's predicament by barking and clawing at the tree, but that does not work. He finally writes "cat in tree" on the kitchen floor with his muddy paws. They rescue Pandora, and then she winks at Toby who follows her into one of the rooms where they have fun jumping on the bed. Toby is happy that he and Pandora are now friends. The large, colorful illustrations add humorous touches to the story. The story is fun and believable until the dog writes words on the floor. That action transforms the story into the genre in which animals are able to do human tasks. The big pictures and short text make this book appropriate for reading aloud. Reviewer: Vicki Foote
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2—Toby, the intelligent, spunky, and problem-prone pup from Always in Trouble (Scholastic, 2009), is back in this quirky, funny story about the love/hate relationship between cats and dogs. Toby really doesn't like cats, and he is incensed at the fact that they always wreak havoc and never actually get punished for it. When Pandora, a neighbor's cat, comes to stay while her people are away, Toby tries to make trouble for her, but she ignores him. When she does naughty things (shredding the curtains, sampling the cake), no one seems to notice. When Toby samples the cake, everyone notices. The injustice of it all really irks him. But then, Pandora gets herself stuck in a tree, and no one notices except Toby, who cleverly arranges her rescue. Thus, a friendship is forged. The repetitious nature of the text and the bright, expressive illustrations make this book a great pick for any audience. Children who are familiar with Toby will be satisfied with his continued adventures.—Jasmine L. Precopio, Fox Chapel Area School District, Pittsburgh, PA
Kirkus Reviews
Toby is a precocious tan-and-brown hound who learns to get along with a neighbor cat in this mildly humorous sequel to Always in Trouble (2008). In the previous story, Toby learned how to behave in obedience school, but now he reverts to mischievous behavior such as running into the road and digging up daffodils. Toby's antics fail to impress Pandora, the "slinky and spunky and snooty and snobby" cat who lives next door. She ignores Toby completely, until she comes for a visit while her owners are on vacation. Then, as Toby continues to misbehave, Pandora follows suit, though the family members now inadvertently ignore her as she has ignored Toby. When Pandora gets stuck in a tree, the dog saves the day by spelling out "CAT IN TREE" in muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. In an amusing conclusion, cat and dog celebrate together by jumping up and down on Emma's bed in conspiratorial hijinks. Bold, cartoon-style illustrations with exaggerated shapes refreshingly depict an African-American family, and Toby's bulgy eyes and winsome expressions steal the show. Though Toby is a pleasing pooch, ultimately the canine-vs.-feline conflict is less than compelling. (Picture book. 3-6)

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4 - 7 Years

Meet the Author

Corinne Demas is the award-winning author of numerous books for children and adults, including THE LITTLEST MATRYOSHKA, ALWAYS IN TROUBLE, PIRATES GO TO SCHOOL, and SAYING GOODBYE TO LULU. She is a professor of English at Mount Holyoke College and lives with her family in Western Massachusetts. Her website is www.corinnedemas.com.

Noah Z. Jones is an author, illustrator, and animator who creates all sorts of zany and memorable characters. He has illustrated numerous books for children, including ALWAYS IN TROUBLE, NOT NORMAN, and THOSE SHOES. To see more of his work, swing by his website, www.noahzjones.com.

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