Herencia: The Anthology of Hispanic Literature of the United States / Edition 1

Herencia: The Anthology of Hispanic Literature of the United States / Edition 1

by Nicolas Kanellos, E. Gonzalez-Berry

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ISBN-10: 0195138252

ISBN-13: 9780195138252

Pub. Date: 09/18/2003

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Herencia (meaning "inheritance" or "heritage") is the first anthology to bring together literature spanning the entire history of Hispanic writing in the United States, from the age of exploration to the present. The product of a ten-year project involving hundreds of scholars nationwide, Herencia is the most comprehensive literary collection


Herencia (meaning "inheritance" or "heritage") is the first anthology to bring together literature spanning the entire history of Hispanic writing in the United States, from the age of exploration to the present. The product of a ten-year project involving hundreds of scholars nationwide, Herencia is the most comprehensive literary collection available, covering over three centuries and including writers from all the major Hispanic ethnic communities as well as a broad sample of writing from diverse genres.
Here is the voice of the conqueror and the conquered, the revolutionary and the reactionary, the native and the uprooted or landless. Of course, readers will find pieces by such leading writers as Piri Thomas, Luis Valdez, Isabel Allende, Oscar Hijuelos, and Reinaldo Arenas. But what truly distinguish this anthology are its historical depth and its rich, complex portrait of Hispanic literature in the United States. Beginning with Cabeza de Vaca's account of his explorations in the New World, the anthology includes a passage from La Florida, a narrative historical poem of 22,000 verses, written by Franciscan friar Alonso de Escobedo. It also features an attack on Mexican stereotypes in the nascent movie industry written by Nicasio Idar, editor of Laredo's La Cronica; and an essay about Coney Island written by revolutionary Jose Marti.
Embracing Chicano, Nuyorican, Cuban American, and Latino writings, the voices of immigrants and the voices of exiles, Herencia makes a vital contribution to our understanding not only of Hispanic writing in the United States, but also of the great contribution Hispanics have made to the United States.

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Table of Contents

An Overview of Hispanic Literature of the United States1
Part I.The Literature of Exploration and Colonization33
The Account (excerpt)35
Discovery of the Seven Cities of Cibola (excerpt)39
La Florida (excerpt)46
History of New Mexico (excerpt)47
The Account (excerpt)56
Lord, if the shepherd does not hear the sheep's complaint ...58
Part II.Native Literature65
Chapter 1.Toward a Mestizo Culture67
By This Divine Light ...67
The Comanches69
Little Indian Ballad of Placida Romero86
The Contest of Coffee and Corn Gruel89
Chapter 2.Memories of Things Past92
Testimony Recounted by Jose Francisco Palomares92
A Glimpse of Domestic Life in 182794
Occurrences in Hispanic California95
Letter to William Heath Davis100
"The Old Guide": Surveyor, Scout, Hunter, Indian Fighter, Ranchman, Preacher: His Life in His Own Words102
Chapter 3.Roots of Resistance106
Personal Memoirs of John N. Seguin, from the Year 1834 to the Retreat of General Woll from the City of San Antonio 1842106
The Californios111
Joaquin Murieta; The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez115
The Real Billy the Kid (excerpt)120
The Squatter and the Don123
Chapter 4.Defending Cultural and Civil Rights130
A Protest Rally, 1901130
Plea for the Spanish Language135
The Spanish Language: A Plea to the Hispanic Legislators139
For Our Race: Preservation of Nationalism; We Should Work142
Greetings and Aims (editorial)144
Open Letter to a Libelist145
Ignorance: The Cause of Racial Discrimination; The Evolution of Mexican-Americans152
The Mexican Question in the Southwest156
Step-Children of a Nation162
The Mexico-Texan; The Hammon and the Beans170
Chapter 5.Preserving Cultural Traditions176
The Courteous and Kindly Child and the "Good People" on the Underground Passageway176
The Phantoms at San Luis Rey178
Samuel's Christmas Eve183
The First Cactus Blossom184
The Clown of San Cristobal188
The Fiddler and the Angelito191
Chapter 6.Militant Aesthetics195
I Am Joaquin195
Pilgrims in Aztlan (excerpt)199
Must be the season of the witch; mis ojos hinchados205
Dear Rafe207
Puerto Rican Obituary212
Saliendo; Light after Blackout220
Los Vendidos222
Chapter 7.Contemporary Reflections on Identity231
The Truth about Them (excerpt)231
Down These Mean Streets (excerpt)234
A Lower East Side Poem238
Uncle Claudio241
My graduation speech; the africa in pedro morejon244
La Guera247
How to Tame a Wild Tongue254
Above All, a Family Man262
My Name Is Maria Christina; Anonymous Apartheid266
Ending Poem269
Our House in the Last World (excerpt)271
Day of the Moon (excerpt)280
Anything but Love (excerpt)285
Chapter 8.Rites of Passage291
Going Up North291
My Wonder Horse296
First Communion301
The Moths304
Volar; Maria Elena; Exile314
Chapter 9.New Directions in Poetry319
Day Laborer; Strange City319
The Latest Latin Dance Craze; today is a day of great joy; Loisaida; energy320
Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway326
Legal Alien; Curandera329
Mi abuelo; Wet Camp; Nani331
Part III.The Literature of Immigration335
Chapter 10.Encounters with the Modern City337
Two Views of Coney Island (excerpt)337
New York from Within: One Aspect of Its Bohemian Life341
Fourth Missive344
Lucas Guevara (excerpt)348
A Song for Wall Street; The Secret352
The Hispanic Barrio353
Tropics in Manhattan (excerpt)356
Chapter 11.Negotiating New Realities360
My Valise360
The Factory (excerpt)361
The Texas Sun (excerpt)364
The Adventures of Don Chipote or, When Parrots Breast Feed (excerpt)367
Easy Jobs372
Memoirs of Bernardo Vega (excerpt)374
The Dishwasher; The Deportee379
A Jibaro's Lament; A Jibaro in New York385
Prayer to Home Relief387
Take the Dead Man Away (excerpt)389
El Coyote/The Rebel (excerpt)391
The Oxcart (excerpt)394
The Night We Became People Again403
El Super (excerpt)411
Diary of an Undocumented Immigrant (excerpt)414
No Face417
Odyssey to the North (excerpt)421
Chapter 12.Early Perspectives on Class and Gender425
The Rebel Is a Girl425
The Emotions of Maria Concepcion429
How Poor Women Prostitute Themselves432
The Intelligent Woman434
The Stenographer436
I'm Going to Mexico438
The Flapper441
Women and Puerto Rican Identity442
Chapter 13.Editorial Discontent444
Speech Read by the Author on the Evening That the "Society of Workers" Celebrated the Twenty-Fourth Anniversary of Its Founding444
The Castilian Language and Puerto Rico445
Editorial, August 7, 1927447
How to Unite the Puerto Rican Colony448
Those Who Return451
Open Lettter to Don Luis Munoz Marin, President of the Puerto Rican Senate; United States453
Chapter 14.Cultural (Dis) Junctures458
The Key West Rose (excerpt)458
A Prayer in the Snow462
Barrio Boy (excerpt)465
Kipling and I470
Miracle on Eighth and Twelfth473
Chronicles; Self-Portrait475
The Herb Shop476
The Argonauts483
Chapter 15.Reflections on the Dislocated Self488
I Was My Own Route; Farewell in Welfare Island488
Horizons; Five-Pointed Stars491
Mexico; Dark Romance; Marina Mother493
Spared Angola; Going Under (excerpt)496
The Greatest Performance499
A Matrix Light503
Part IV.The Literature of Exile509
Chapter 16.Struggle for Spanish-American Independence511
On Behalf of Mankind: To All the Inhabitants of the Islands and the Vast Continent of Spanish America511
Mexicans: Signaled by Providence ...517
Necessary Ideas for All Independent People of the Americas Who Want to Be Free521
Essay on Slavery; Jicotencal522
To the People of Cuba533
With All, for the Good of All536
Chapter 17.Hymn of the Exile545
Hymn of the Exile545
Always; Song of the Cuban Women549
To Spain551
In Greenwood557
My Flag558
Ode to October 10560
A Statistic; Fragments563
Simple Verses575
Chapter 18.Against Tyranny578
Why Are You Still Here, Mexican Men? Fly to the Battlefield578
Revolutionary Hymn580
The Underdogs584
The Aching Soul586
Emmaus; Stuck to the Wall592
I Also Accuse! By Way of a Prologue595
Chapter 19.Contemporary Exiles599
The Cow on the Rooftop: A Story of the Cuban Revolution599
It is dark ...; This senor don Gringo ...605
Before Night Falls (excerpt)607
I'm Your Horse in the Night611
I Grew Accustomed; Here Am I Now614
Exile (excerpt)616
Part V.Epilogue: Sin Fronteras, Beyond Boundaries623
Danger Zone: Cultural Relations between Chicanos and Mexicans at the End of the Century625
The Flying Bus631
List of Editors, Contributors, and Translators639
Source Notes643

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