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Herndon's Life Of Lincoln

Herndon's Life Of Lincoln

by William Henry Herndon, Jesse William Weik (Photographer), Jesse Weik

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Da Capo Press
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David Ronald
William H. Herndon had a closer acquaintance with his law partner, Abraham Lincoln, and a better understanding of his complex personality that any other student ever had. For this reason, for all its limitations, Herndon's Lincoln remains a classic - the essential book that any serious student of Abraham Lincoln must read.

Meet the Author

William H. Herndon was Abraham Lincoln's law partner, close friend, and first great biographer. His Life of Lincoln, written to counteract the worshipful view of Lincoln held by the public, caused enormous controversy when first published in 1889. Unlike the hagiographies that celebrate the selflessness of the "Great Emancipator," Herndon's account emphasizes Lincoln's private life: his broodings, self-doubts, warring contradictions. Many have disputed Herndon's politcal and personal insights, in particular his famous conjecture of Lincoln's passion for Ann Rtuledge, but no one denies the amazing amount of information he collected on his subject, the compelling narrative he wove from it, and the living portrait that emerges of Lincoln in all his human grandeur.

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