Hero And Leander

Hero And Leander

by Christopher Marlowe

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Marlowe's unfinished masterpiece, as completed by George Chapman (1598). Includes an introduction and notes by Edward Blunt.


Marlowe's unfinished masterpiece, as completed by George Chapman (1598). Includes an introduction and notes by Edward Blunt.

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Wildside Press
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New Edition
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of Leander to the encions light Resigns his night-sports with the night, And swims the Hellespont again. Thesnte the deity socereign Of customs and religions rites Appears, reprocing his delights, Since nuptial hononrs he neglected; Which straight he cows shall be effected. Fair Hero, left decirginate, Weighs, and with fury wails her state .' Rut with her loce and woman wit She argues, and approceth it. HERO AND LEANDER. THE THIRD SESTYAD. New light gives new directions, fortunes new, To fashion our endeavours that ensue. More harsh, at least more hard, more grave and high Our subject runs, and our stern Muse must fly. Love's edge is taken off, and that light flame, Those thoughts, joys, longings, that before became High unexpcrienc'd blood, and maids' sharp plights, Must now grow staid, and censure the delights, That being enjoy'd ask judgment; now we praise, As having parted: evenings crown the days. And now, ye wanton Loves, and young Desires, Pied Vanity, the mint of strange attires! Ye lisping Flatteries, and obsequious Glances, Relcntful Musics, and attractive Dances! And you detested Charms constraining love ! Shun Love's stol'n sports by that these lovers prove. By this the Sovereign of Heaven's golden fires, And young Leander, lord of his desires, Together from th'eir lovers' arms arose : Leander into Hellespontus throws His Hero-handled body, whose delight Made him disdain each other epithite. And as amidst th' enamour'd waves he swims, The god of gold of purpose gilt his limbs, That this word gilt", including donble sense, The double guilt of his incontinence Might be express'd, that had no stay t' employ The treasure which the love-god let him joy In his dearHero, with such sacred thrift, As had bcscem'd so sanctified a gift: But, like a gre...

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