Heroes in Space: From Gagarin to Challenger

Heroes in Space: From Gagarin to Challenger

by Peter R. Bond

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Since 1961, over 100 manned space flights have been launched by the United States and the Soviet Union. Heroes in Space details for a general audience the history of these pioneering ventures, with the focus on the flight crews that risked (and sometimes lost) their lives. Despite the unavoidably repetitive nature of the story, Bond manages to succinctly recount the highlights of each mission from the early days of Vostok and Mercury, through today's Shuttle and Salyut missions. The book benefits from excellent organization, deftly interweaving accounts of the triumphs and setbacks of both nations. As a general introduction to the subject, Bond's work is much more accessible than David Baker's densely detailed The History of Manned Space Flight ( LJ 5/15/82). Highly recommended. Thomas J. Frieling, Bainbridge Junior Coll., Ga.

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