Hey Mr. Producer!: The Musical World of Cameron MacKintosh

Hey Mr. Producer!: The Musical World of Cameron MacKintosh

by Martin Koch

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Disc 1

  1. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back  - Martin Koch
  2. Overture  - Martin Koch
  3. Food Glorious Food  -  Workhouse Children
  4. Wouldn't it be Loverly?  -  Company
  5. Quit Professor Higgins  -  Company
  6. The Rain in Spain  - Liz Robertson
  7. Get Me to the Church on Time  - Peter Bayliss
  8. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face  - Liz Robertson
  9. Introduction (Show Medley)  - Julie Andrews
  10. One Two Three  - John Barrowman
  11. Little Shop of Horrors  - Dawn Hope
  12. Somewhere That's Green  - Ellen Greene
  13. Suddenly Seymour  - Teddy Kempner
  14. Day by Day  -  Company
  15. I Get a Kick Out of You  - Laurie Holloway
  16. Variations  -  Company
  17. The Unexpected Song  - Bernadette Peters
  18. Nicer in Nice  -  Company
  19. I Love a Lassie  -  Scottish Power Pipe Band
  20. Five Guys Named Moe / Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? [Five Guys ...  - Trent Armand Kendall
  21. Pick a Pocket or Two  - Russ Abbot
  22. As Long as He Needs Me  - Sonia Swaby
  23. Introduction  - Julie Andrews
  24. I'm Martin Guerre  - David Campbell
  25. How Many Tears?  - Maria Friedman
  26. Heat Is on in Saigon  -  Company
  27. The Wedding
  28. Last Night of the World  - David Campbell
  29. This Is the Hour  -  Company
  30. American Dream  -  Company

Disc 2

  1. Phantom of the Opera  - Lisa Vroman
  2. The Music of the Night  - Colm Wilkinson
  3. Broadway Baby  - Maria Friedman
  4. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning  - Hugh Jackman
  5. Carousel Waltz/Ballet  - Dana Stackpole
  6. Porch Scene  - Dana Stackpole
  7. You'll Never Walk Alone  -  Company
  8. Introduction  - Ned Sherrin
  9. Side by Side  - Ned Sherrin
  10. You Could Drive a Person Crazy  - Ruthie Henshall
  11. Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music)  - Judi Dench
  12. Losing My Mind  - Michael Ball
  13. Being Alive  - Bernadette Peters
  14. You've Gotta Have a Gimmick  - Judi Dench
  15. Introduction  - Stephen Sondheim
  16. Duelling Pianos  - Stephen Sondheim
  17. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park  - Tom Lehrer
  18. Jellicle Songs  -  Company
  19. Memory  - Elaine Paige
  20. At the End of the Day  -  Company
  21. Stars  - Philip Quast
  22. Do You Hear the People Sing?  -  Company
  23. On My Own  - Lea Salonga
  24. Bring Him Home  - Colm Wilkinson
  25. One Day More  - Hal Fowler
  26. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back  - Cameron Mackintosh

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Martin Koch   Primary Artist,Conductor,Musical Direction
Derek Watkins   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Laurie Holloway   Vocals
Bernadette Peters   Vocals
Levine Andrade   Viola
John Bradbury   Violin
Trevor Burley   Cello
Jeff Daly   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Harold Fisher   Drums
John Francis   Violin
Simon Gardner   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Roger Garland   Violin
Wilfred Gibson   Violin
Rusen Gunes   Viola
Gary Kettel   Percussion
Adrian Levine   Violin
Julian Lloyd Webber   Cello
London Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Mark Nightingale   Trombone
Mark Pharoah   Violin
Celia Sheen   Violin
Steve Sidwell   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Piccolo
Philip Todd   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone
Shelley Van Loen   Violin
Allen Walley   Bass
Paul Watkins   Cello
John Whelan   Flute,Piccolo
Steve McManus   Bass Guitar,Double Bass
Mary Scully   Bass
Ellen Greene   Vocals
Julia McKenzie   Staging
John Barrowman   Vocals
Mark Montgomery   Vocals
Ian Laws   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar
Rolf Wilson   Violin,Leader
Bob Avian   Staging
Philip Dukes   Viola
Andy Fawbert   Tuba,Bass Trombone
Joseph Frohlich   Violin
Paul Gardham   Horn
Ian Hardwick   Oboe,Cor anglais
Gwilym Hooson   Violin
Sophie Langdon   Violin
Gavin McNaughton   Bassoon
Liz Partridge   Violin
Nic Pendlebury   Viola
Jonathan Pryce   Vocals
Ferenc Szucs   Cello
Andy Vinter   Synthesizer,Piano
Liz Robertson   Vocals
Martin Turnland   Violin
Clive Lander   Violin
Hugh Seenan   Horn
Gordon Campbell   Trombone
Femi Taylor   Vocals
Seann Alderking   Piano
Duncan Ashby   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Stuart Andrews   Synthesizer
Dawn Hope   Vocals
Susan Monks   Cello
Scottish Power Pipe Band   Pipe
Lucy Wakeford   Harp
Jasna Ivir   Vocals
Company   Track Performer
Peter Bayliss   Track Performer
Ned Sherrin   Track Performer
Russ Abbot   Track Performer
Tim Holmes   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet,Bass Saxophone
Sonya Fairbairn   Violin
Wendy Brown   Vocals
James McLeod   Violin

Technical Credits

Andrew Lloyd Webber   Composer
Jack Wilson   Contributor
Lionel Bart   Lyricist
Howard Ashman   Lyricist
Don Black   Lyricist
William David Brohn   Orchestration
Paul Burgess   Contributor
David Caddick   Musical Supervision
John Cameron   Orchestration
Michael Cotton   Company Manager
David Cullen   Orchestration
Tom Fletcher   Contributor
Charles Hart   Composer
Alison Jiear   Company Manager
Adam Jones   Company Manager
Alan Jay Lerner   Lyricist
Richard Maltby   Lyricist
Steve Matthews   Company Manager
Steve McCarthy   Company Manager
Cole Porter   Lyricist
Richard Stilgoe   Composer
Frank "Captain Disaster" Thompson   Company Manager
Jonathan Tunick   Orchestration
Rick Turner   Contributor
Chris Webster   Contributor
Robert Thomas   Contributor
Anita Pashley   Company Manager
Kevin A.J. Ranson   Company Manager
Helen Way   Company Manager
John Barr   Company Manager
Julia McKenzie   Creation
Jim Malcolm   Contributor
Barbara King   Company Manager
Martin Koch   Musical Supervision
Nicholas Allott   Executive Producer
David Hunt   Engineer
Ryan Moore   Contributor
Beata Alfoldi   Company Manager
Andy Bruce   Sound Advisor
Tim Goodchild   Production Design
Andrew Halliday   Company Manager
Darryl Knock   Company Manager
Gareth Snook   Company Manager
Sean Taylor   Contributor
Sean Thompson   Contributor
Tammi Jacobs   Company Manager
Cameron Mackintosh   Producer,Creation
Trevor Nunn   Composer
Michelle Lee   Company Manager
Sandy Wilson   Lyricist
Alex Kemp   Contributor
Michael Strassen   Company Manager
Jessica Martin   Contributor
T.S. Eliot   Composer
Jill Martin   Contributor
Peter Bowen   Contributor
John Dempsey   Lyricist
Anthony Clegg   Company Manager
Adam Searles   Contributor
Stephen Schwartz   Lyricist
Mathew K. Turner   Contributor
André Horstmann   Programming
Machelle Montgomery   Contributor
Ben Thornton   Contributor
Wendy Mae Brown   Company Manager
Leah-Sue Morland   Company Manager
Josephine Gordon   Contributor
Julian Sutton   Contributor
Femi Taylor   Company Manager
Terry Kelly   Company Manager
Jillian Mack   Contributor
Sue Pollard   Contributor
Martin McCallum   Managing Director
James Staddon   Company Manager
Martins Adeniya   Contributor
Michelle Agbulos   Company Manager
Isay Alvarez   Company Manager
Dean Atta   Contributor
Jane Bautista   Contributor,Company Manager
Lynda Bellingham   Contributor
Christopher Biggins   Contributor
Stacey Bland   Contributor
Suzy Bloom   Company Manager
Christopher Bolam   Contributor
Matthew Bone   Contributor
Sally Bourne   Company Manager
Glenn Bradford   Contributor
Melvyn Bragg   Liner Notes
Adam Braham   Contributor
Jeremy Brookman   Stage Manager,Assistant Management
Charlotte Bull   Contributor
Nina Caie   Contributor
Calum Callaghan   Contributor
Phil Cavill   Company Manager
Sophie Challis   Contributor
Helen Chapelle   Contributor
Darren Charles   Company Manager
Maria Charles   Contributor
Margie Connell   Company Manager
Jay Cook   Contributor
Christopher Cornwall   Contributor
Jake Court   Contributor
Victoria Craig   Contributor
Matthew Crandon   Contributor
Carly Cunningham   Contributor
Christina Cuttell   Contributor
Lindsey Danvers   Company Manager
Adam Deacon   Contributor
Verity Jane Dearsley   Contributor
Ronnie DelBarrio   Company Manager
Norma Dunbar   Contributor
Peter Durkin   Contributor
Carlton Edwards   Music Direction
Ann Emery   Contributor
Natalie Everett   Company Manager
Holly Ann Fitness   Contributor
Nolan Frederick   Company Manager
Frances Fry   Company Manager
Keeley Gamble   Contributor
Geoff Garratt   Company Manager
Kharis George   Contributor
Tricia George   Contributor
Sean Ghazi   Company Manager
Jack Gunn   Contributor
Emily Hagger   Contributor
Jamie Hall   Contributor
Sam Hallam   Contributor
Kate Harbour   Company Manager
Trevor Harrold   Contributor
Thelma Holt   Contributor
Dawn Hope   Company Manager
Rachel Hudson   Contributor
Marvin Humes   Contributor
Sam Hunter   Production Stage Manager
Jonathan Hurdle   Contributor
Simon Hurdle   Contributor
Miki Jablowska   Assistant Management
Ben Jenings   Contributor
Anita Joannou   Contributor
Ashley Kingsbury   Contributor
Adam Kizilbash   Contributor
Deirdre Laird   Contributor
Tal Landsman   Contributor
Stephanie Leonidas   Contributor
James Leyser   Contributor
Nick Lidster   Sound Coordinator
Elizabeth Power   Contributor
Matthew Lockwood   Contributor
Martin Matthias May   Company Manager
Scott McGivern   Contributor
Duncan McVicar   Company Manager
Thomas Mears   Contributor
Desi Miller   Contributor
Gregory Miltenburg   Contributor
Chris Molloy   Contributor
Renée Montemayor   Company Manager
Sam Morris   Contributor
Kerri Murphy   Company Manager
Carl Nawagamuwa   Contributor
Marilena Nicolaou   Company Manager
Terel Nugent   Contributor
Rebecca Parker   Company Manager
Kimberley Partridge   Company Manager
Mark Pawsey   Assistant Management
Sam Perez   Contributor
William Perrie   Contributor
Anthony Poore   Contributor
Victoria Pummintr   Contributor
Tracy Ranson   Stage Manager,Assistant Management
Thomas Redman   Contributor
Barbara Rhodes   Contributor
Joanna Rhodes   Contributor
Peter Roberts   Technical Administration
Christian Roe   Contributor
Daniel Rymer   Company Manager
Rebecca Sabin   Contributor
Kate Salberg   Company Manager
Tino Sanchez   Contributor,Company Manager
Lia Saville   Contributor
Robert Sena   Company Manager
Mark Shayle   Stage Manager
Craig Shenton   Contributor
Luke Sheppard   Contributor
Tommi Sliiden   Company Manager
Daniel Smith   Contributor
Ben Smyth   Contributor
Rachel Spry   Company Manager
Anton Stephans   Company Manager
Rikki Stone   Contributor
Mark Stoyle   Contributor
Tony Timberlake   Company Manager
Steven Timmons   Contributor
Steven John Tokaya   Company Manager
John Trindle   Contributor
Emma Tunmore   Company Manager
Zoe Tyler   Company Manager
Owen Visser   Contributor
Josie Walker   Company Manager
Bryn Walters   Company Manager
Heather Ward   Contributor
Bronson Webb   Contributor
Paula Wilcox   Contributor
Olivia Winstone   Contributor
Ashley Zhangazha   Contributor
Channon Zhangazha   Contributor
Russ Abbot   Contributor
Kathryn Evans   Contributor
Imelda de los Reyes   Company Manager

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