Hi-Grade Ganja Anthems, Vol. 3

Hi-Grade Ganja Anthems, Vol. 3


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  1. Lick the Chalice  - Guinney Pepper
  2. Legalize It  -  Bushman
  3. Ganja Smoke In the Air  -  Ziggi
  4. Come Around  - Collie Buddz
  5. No Cocaine  -  Slightly Stoopid
  6. Plant Up the Herbs  -  Morgan Heritage
  7. Sensi  -  Gyptian
  8. Herbs Promotion  - Tarrus Riley
  9. Free Up the Herbs  -  Sizzla
  10. One Cup a Day  - Lukie D
  11. Coconut Shell  - Queen Ifrica
  12. Spliff Tail  - Busy Signal
  13. Acres  -  Capleton
  14. The Plane Land  - Richie Spice
  15. Real Story  -  Alborosie
  16. Herb Fi Bun  - Daddy Rings
  17. Bubbling Telephone (Chalice)  - Charlie Chaplin
  18. Free That Little Tree  - Junior Reid

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Junior Reid   Producer
Patrick Barrett   Producer
Augustus "Gussie" Clarke   Producer
B. Collins   Composer
Dean Fraser   Producer
Donovan Germain   Producer
Clifton Dillon   Producer
M. Doughty   Composer
Henry "Junjo" Lawes   Producer
Shane Brown   Producer
Slightly Stoopid   Producer
A. Thomas   Composer
S. Brown   Composer
Colin Harper   Producer
B. Fletcher   Composer
Tarrus Riley   Producer
C. Marshall   Composer
Alberto D'Ascola   Producer
Danger Zone   Producer
H. Lawes   Composer
R. Stephens   Composer
A. Palmer   Composer
V. Morgan   Composer
C. Harper   Composer
K. McGregor   Composer
D. Drummond   Composer
O. Riley   Composer
C. Edwards   Composer
E. Warren   Composer
R. Bennett   Composer
R. Gordon   Composer
M. Heritage   Composer
B. Hammond   Composer
R. Bonner   Composer
C. Dillon-EL   Composer
C. Bailey   Composer
Curtis Lynch   Producer
W. Edwards   Composer
M. Kennedy   Composer
D. Manning   Composer
Kemar "DJ Flava" McGregor   Producer
Rowan Johnson   Producer
Ray Stephen   Producer

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