Hidden Credit Repair Secrets

Hidden Credit Repair Secrets

4.6 11
by Mark Clayborne
Step-by-step dispute plan included: Credit repair strategies they don't want you to know. How To Increase Your Credit Score and Repair Your Credit With The Number 1 Book In The Country. 155 Positive Reviews Can't be Wrong. "The most complete credit repair book I ever read. This book will teach you how to increase your credit score. - Sam Park". What if you had the


Step-by-step dispute plan included: Credit repair strategies they don't want you to know. How To Increase Your Credit Score and Repair Your Credit With The Number 1 Book In The Country. 155 Positive Reviews Can't be Wrong. "The most complete credit repair book I ever read. This book will teach you how to increase your credit score. - Sam Park". What if you had the knowledge in the palm of your hand that could help you improve your credit report and as a result, you may qualify for the following: Your dream house, Your dream car, That new apartment, Your dream job, Start a new business, Increase your credit score and get into that new home or car.
If you had this knowledge, would you use it to start living the life you want? What if you knew a handful of strategies that will allow you to do the following: Avoid embarrassing moments when applying for credit. Sleep at night because of no more abusive collection calls. Spend what you want at the mall and your favorite restaurants because you saved due to settlements. Avoid frustration and family fights due to money. Open your mail freely because you know it's not a bill collector or a lawsuit. Take control of your credit in the comfort of your home. If you knew these strategies, would you take action to get inaccurate, misleading and questionable items off of your credit report?
What if I showed you the same techniques and strategies credit repair companies and consultants use to challenge inaccurate and questionable items for their clients.? Would you take action? What if this book could give you the following: An easy step-by-step 6 letter campaign that will allow you to challenge any inaccurate, unverifiable and questionable information on your credit report? Over 15 sample letters ready to go. Easy to read and easy to follow chapters detailing credit repair information. Easy to understand, actionable steps that could save you money. Up-to-date and relevant information that match the economic conditions.
What if you had more tools that would allow you to change your credit situation, would you act? What if you had these tools: Step-by-step game plan for rebuilding your credit. A comprehensive understanding of how to remove inaccurate, unverifiable and questionable judgments, collections and charge-offs. Easy to follow strategies on how to stop debt collectors in their tracks. Step-by-step instructions on how to raise your credit score. Step-by-step process to settling your debts even when the collector does not want to settle. Easy to read material that could read in one day. Clear instructions on what to do if the credit bureaus refuse to remove inaccurate, unverifiable and questionable information. Techniques on how to increase your credit score. If you had all of the tools listed above, would you take action? If the answer is yes, start repairing your credit today by clicking the add to cart button.

Editorial Reviews

D. Lafferty
Ever since I got out of college, I have been working hard to alleviate my credit debt. I've read a lot of books on repairing my credit but they all taught as if my debt was already paid off. This book was a great guide for someone like myself who wants to repair my credit rating while still being in debt. The author gives detailed plans for eliminating bad marks on my credit score and ways to more quickly pay down my debt. This book is a must buy for anyone who is looking to repair their credit
Troy Bonar
This book is a must read if you have been trying to get your credit score higher! I was struggling to raise my credit, and after using the "12 step dispute plan" that is in this book I was able to eliminate 3 negative items. This book was very informative, I am no longer going to be a victim of the credit score system. Highly recommended, easy to follow steps. Well worth it. Banks, credit cards, and others want you to have a bad credit score so they can charge you higher interest rates. Now I am
Prettylink Prettyline
After giong through some difficult financial trouble, my Uncle ( who always is buying me self-help books ) mailed me a copy of this book. Very reluctant to read it due to all the other 'quick fix' books out there. After my boyfriend convinced me, I started skimming through the book, only to find myself slowing down and actually paying attention. (mostly when I got to the part about getting collection agencies off my butt) This book was very easy for me to understand. I'm not really technical abo
Sparky52984 Sparky
Okay, for starters, let's be honest. When you hear that someone is offering you a sure proof method to "repair your credit in 30 days" you are a little bit skeptical; and you should be. There are countless swindlers out there looking to make a quick buck of your financial hardships. Luckily, there are few honest people in the world looking to truly help you improve your life financially. If you are like me, in this economy, you need all the help you can get.

Mark Clayborne is one such
Rebja Rebja
I have seen a lot of products and sales garb about the credit subject but this book really is truly useful, having gained a large debt in the last few years and even being behind with our mortgage we really needed help but have been bitten by Financial advisors before so we tried this.

And what a revelation!! We could actually sort it all out ourselves using the information here. It was easy for my husband and I to read the book and apply the strategies.
We used the debt settlemen

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Meet the Author

After suffering from a poor credit report for years, Mark Clayborne went on a mission to study everything he could on restoring his credit. Concluding the extensive research, he repaired his credit report. Because of this newfound tested credit repair knowledge, he wants to share this information with the world and as a result, HIDDEN CREDIT REPAIR SECRETS was created. Mark is the CEO of Self-Credit Repair Learning Center and creator of Self-Credit Repair Dispute Software and Client Dispute Manager a Professional Credit Repair Software. He is also a Certified Credit Consultant and a Diamond Expert Author at Ezinearticles, with over 110 articles written in the area of credit repair. He also has a successful radio show titled "Who Else Wants Better Credit," which airs on Blog Talk Radio. He was also featured in Las Vegas Review Journal. Mark educates his customers through articles, videos, and his blog. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. He also holds a paralegal diploma. Mark also offers Affordable and Professional Credit repair Service at Self-Credit Repair Learning Center.

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Hidden Credit Repair Secrets 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book should be a 10. When picking up this book, and following what Mark word and incite and applying it and if i didnt see it for myself in 3 months i saw results that almost floored me. Thanls again Mark
RockinRob1 More than 1 year ago
Mark takes you deep below the surface of the confusing world of credit bureaus to show you how to protect your credit and restore it if broken. This should be a must read for anyone turning 18 yrs old. Fantastic! Thanks Mark!!
ChicagoSlim More than 1 year ago
As a former bill collector I can tell you that everything in this book is legit and true and will indeed work. I was really shocked after I read this book because it really does show you a lot of the credit repair secrets that only the insiders know about out until now. It gives you the exact 12 step dispute plan with it to make things even easier for you. I even learned a few things that I didn't know and I thought I was an expert on this topic. Truly an invaluable resource for repairing your credit and I would highly recommend it. I'm sure that once you read it that you'll agree with me too!
NicoleLeon More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be very helpful and much needed in this economic recession. I have been searching for better ways to improve my credit and the author focused on educating the reader on what credit reports are and the best ways to handle them. The author discussed the bad types of information that could be on a credit report along with how that information gets on the credit report and how to get that information off a credit report. The author talked about negative debts and the Federal Statute of Limitations on those debts such as bankruptcies, child support, foreclosures, tax liens, collections, late payments and more. I learned more than I thought I would with this book and this is a book that I plan to use regularly.
plappen More than 1 year ago
With the present-day tough economy, it is more important than ever for people to be familiar with their credit score, and how to improve it if needed. This book gives some simple ways to do it. The first thing to do is to get a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus, and read it thoroughly. If there are any mistakes, and there probably are, it is up to you to write to the credit bureau, and ask for its removal. It could be something small, like an incorrect home address, or something much bigger, like a bill that you can prove has been paid in full, which is still listed as Collection. Addresses and sample letters are included in the book. The credit bureau is required to respond within 30 days. They will either send a revised credit report, with the offending item changed or removed, or they are supposed to investigate and verify that the item is legitimate, and, therefore, stays in your report. Don't be afraid to send a second, third, fourth or fifth letter (all the way up to a twelfth letter) if you don't get the answer you wish. Document everything, and send all letters Receipt Requested. If you have to sue the credit bureau, a paper trail is a very good thing. For those whose credit is totally gone, and need to start over, or for students building credit for the first time, get a copy of your credit report and do any required cleaning up of it.Then you should apply for a secured or student credit card. They have low limits, and require a deposit as collateral, so the bank will get their money if you don't pay. Be sure to pay off the bill each month, in full, to show that you are reliable. Retail store cards are another possibility for those who want to build their credit. It will take at least two years of solid credit history before you can apply for a Visa or Mastercard. If you feel that bankruptcy is a real possibility, talk to your creditors. Ask if they have some sort of monthly payment plan. Ask if they will accept a payment of, for example, 30 cents on the dollar in exchange for removing the item from your credit report. Document everything, to show that you are trying to get the bill paid. There are several things you can do to raise a low credit score. Pay your bills on time. Pay down your credit card debt so that it is no more than 30% of your credit limit. Keeping old cards active, and using them once or twice a year, is better for your credit score than closing them. Don't apply for a store credit card just to get the discount. This book is written in a question-and-answer format, so it is very easy to read. For anyone considering bankruptcy, or using one of those credit repair services, read this book first. It will be a huge help, and could make your financial woes a lot less painful. Highly recommended.
djv More than 1 year ago
Are you feeling the pain of bad credit? It doesn¿t take much to put you against the ropes, but it doesn¿t also doesn¿t take much to set things right. Just follow the steps in Mark Clayborne¿s credit repair bible and you¿ll see improvements right away. My best advice is to read the book before you get into trouble and implement Mark¿s strategies for building a strong credit rating right from the start. This starts with student credit and builds through the various life stages, including divorce, remarriage and death. I recommend that everyone read this book!
stephcjh More than 1 year ago
I am very pleased with the information provided in this book. I got in a financial bind and ruined my credit. I absolutely hated it. I was able to repair my credit after following the steps provided in this book though and I am very happy about that. I was afraid that it was going to cost me alot of money to fix it and take years to do it but after buying this book, my credit was back on track in no time and it did not cost me an arm and a leg to do so. This book is very easy to follow and very easy to understand. You will have your credit back on track in no time, just like I do. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PalmTREEint More than 1 year ago
I need help with my credit so a friend of mine recommended Hidden Credit Repair Secrets. I must say that this book gives you what you need to start repairing your credit. I think the 12 step dispute plan was the best because it was already put together for you. Due to my busy schedule at work, I started using the 12 step dispute plan, and I now see results.
KoalaReader More than 1 year ago
This book was a good and easy read. It was full of great credit repair methods and techniques. The best so far, and I have read a lot of credit repair books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do not waste your money on this book.