The Hidden

The Hidden

by Richard Sala

An original tale of terror from comics’ master of suspense —his first color book from Fantagraphics.
Is this the end of the world? How did it happen? Why did it happen? There is one man who knows...
Take a walk with the dazed survivors of a mysterious worldwide catastrophe. They are bound for a place, somewhere in the desert, where a terrible truth


An original tale of terror from comics’ master of suspense —his first color book from Fantagraphics.
Is this the end of the world? How did it happen? Why did it happen? There is one man who knows...
Take a walk with the dazed survivors of a mysterious worldwide catastrophe. They are bound for a place, somewhere in the desert, where a terrible truth awaits them.
Richard Sala's books are "deliriously entertaining" (Rue Morgue Magazine), "cinematic and cheerfully over-the-top" (The New York Times Book Review), containing "brilliantly atmospheric art, full of shadows and spikes." (Booklist)
"To read a Richard Sala comic is an experience both jarring and fun. Good for a rainy day or a stormy night." –Publishers Weekly

Editorial Reviews

“Post-apocalyptic stories tend to be grim, but The Hidden is very dark indeed.... The book feels like a modern-day gothic horror. The survivors are metaphors for humanity, with a heroic few battling an onslaught of monsters, human or otherwise.... Sala’s illustration is compelling... 4 stars [out of 5]”
Eleanor Goodman - Bizarre
“In this deliciously gothic graphic novel, …[w]hat unfolds is a Frankenstein-style nightmare told through scrawled speech bubbles, where reality, memories and dream states combine. The mental and physical landscapes are harsh and expressionist, and there's a twist in the tale…”
“’Gothic humor’ sounds like an oxymoron. That’s probably why so few comics creators — Charles Addams, Edward Gorey — have pulled it off. You can now add Richard Sala to that short list.”
Joseph McCabe - FEARnet
“Sala's unique brand of creepy quirk combines Edward Gorey, Chester Gould, and Charles Adams with his own unclassifiable magic. The Hidden, from Fantagraphics Books, is his most ambitious work — an intimate apocalypse.”
Johnny Bacardi - Popdose
“It helps if you can illustrate your fever dreams as well as Sala can… [The Hidden] is beautiful to look at, and as usual, he gives us memorable grotesques and lovely girls in equal measure…. His best since he wrapped up Evil Eye a few years ago.”
Casey Burchby - SF Weekly
“Richard Sala's new full color graphic novel, The Hidden, fuses two classic horror tropes — the story of Frankenstein's monster, and the ever-popular zombie apocalypse — into a new form that is surprisingly free of cliché and enriched with a strange sensitivity...”
The Onion
“At a time when many alternative comics seem to be impulsively created page by page, Sala’s epic, tightly woven narrative is especially commendable.”
Rob McMonigal - Panel Patter
“...[E]asily... one of my favorite horror comics and one of my contenders for my Best of 2011 list.... There is an excellent story of slow-building despair to be found in its pages, with gorgeous depictions and coloring and a horror story that shocks, surprises, and entertains.”
David Berry - National Post
“The Hidden feels like a Poe short story, but Richard Sala actually reaches further back into gothic literature for information, filtering Frankenstein through a zombie apocalypse. Just like Poe, the fun here is all in the telling, and Sala’s campfire-ghost-story illustration is blunt enough to be cynically hilarious and cruelly gory, often at the same time. The allegory is the same as from Shelley’s original, but like the best gothic writing, the fun comes from putting the pieces — all the pieces — together at the end.”
Noel Murray - The A.V. Club
“The Hidden isn’t just an entertaining riff on well-worn horror concepts. Taking his cues from Mary Shelley, Sala explores human vanity and arrogance as a way of showing how everything can go so wrong so fast.”
Win Wiacek - Now Read This!
“Clever, compelling and staggeringly engaging, this fabulous full-colour hardback is a wonderfully nostalgic escape hatch back to those days when unruly children scared themselves silly under the bedcovers at night…”
R.J. Ryan - Comics Bulletin
“Undisputable fact: a new full-length Richard Sala book is a literary and comics event that makes you sit up and take notice…. This book is a magic trick, the kind you'll want to share with friends because you can hardly believe what you've witnessed when it's all done.”
Alternative Press
“Richard Sala's latest graphic novel is an allegory weaving together post-apocalyptic chaos, class structure, ye olde Frankenstein analogies and a big-picture morality issue. We'll leave it to readers to determine if The Hidden is spooky escapist fare or politically polarizing commentary, but we can't deny that the characters (including the mutants) are plausible and the illustration is positively inviting.”
Greg McElhatton - Read About Comics
“...[W]hat Sala does well, he does very well indeed. There’s quite a lot to love in The Hidden, with some scenes in particular that will stick with the reader for a long time.”
Hayley Campbell - The Comics Journal
“The Hidden is ridiculously good, silly fun... and Richard Sala’s absurd humour bleeds through the lot like red ink on a crisp white collar.... It is, to hammer it home with a bloody mallet, an absolute demented joy.”
John Seven - North Adams Transcript
“Graphic novelist Richard Sala cures the zombie apocalypse malaise with a new book that takes the basic set-up of those tales and turns it into an artsy, comical, downright weird exercise in terror that brings together several slices of the horror genre... into something modern and surprising. …The Hidden [is] a modernist horror tale that acts like the zombies it evokes, cannibalizing the genres from which it sprang and spewing out something new from those entrails.”
Jenna Brager - Los Angeles Review of Books
“Sala’s new book, The Hidden, does not wholly depart from the campy fascination with the morbid that marks his previous work, but is even darker in tone, despite the vibrant watercolor work. The visual markers of Sala’s humor are present — the affected font, the twisted faces — but there is arguably something more serious and disturbing at play here.”
Stephen L. Holland
“This is Sala’s second book in colour, rich in red and orange, but it’s the first, I believe, to dispense with all hope and humour — apart from the man with the Marty Feldman eyes. He’s taken the Edward out of Gorey and the tongue from his cheek, replacing it there with shovels, hatchets and stakes!”
Dan Nadel - The Comics Journal
“...I have to pay homage to Richard Sala’s incredible and overlooked book, The Hidden ... Sala’s kind of a pro himself, turning out at least a book a year (much like another visionary, Gilbert Hernandez), and this twist on Frankenstein reads, not unlike that gothic romance, as an allegory for artistic ambition gone wrong....”
Carol Borden - The Cultural Gutter
“The world is ending in madness and blood, as a bearded man flees to the countryside. But what does he know about the end and why is it mostly nubile young women who are being killed? Another tale of mayhem, mystery and mad science from Richard Sala.”
Tim Mitchell - Titans Terrors & Toys
“I can't recommend Sala's books enough, and The Hidden is one of his best works to date. Be sure to pick up a copy if you're looking for something more than global plagues and cannibalistic zombies in your world-­ending entertainment.”
John Mueller - ComicImpact
“Imagine your unease if all the ghouls and ghosts of the Halloweens of your forgotten youth were suddenly made real, ... Oh, and don’t bother running to the neighbor’s because the monsters have stopped there first. That’s what reading The Hidden is like and that’s ... what makes of Sala’s best works period.”
Andrew Wheeler - The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler
“...I should warn you: this book is dark and bleak even for Sala, and that's dark indeed. There are still hints of his mordant humor, and his precise lines and color washes are as ghoulishly appropriate as always, ­­ but The Hidden out­-Salas any of the prior Sala books... an unlikely and impressive thing.”
Tim Reinert - Four Colours & the Truth
“...[P]robably the best pure horror comic I read this year... Sala’s expressionist art style might not be the most obvious choice for telling blood­curdling horror stories, but its innocent cartoony quality somehow makes a perfect (and terrible) fit with the horrible, almost nihilistic story that Sala is telling.”
I'm Reading Comeeks
“The art is gruesome and absolutely the best, ...[and] everything lends itself to the gothic and disturbing feel of the book.And theending! The ending!!! ...[It] sends an absolute chill down your spine.For fans of creepy stories, Emily Carroll and just weird but awesome art.”

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Meet the Author

Richard Sala grew up in Chicago and now spends his time in Berkeley, CA. His graphic novels include Mad Night, Peculia, Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires, Maniac Killer Strikes Again!, The Ghastly Ones, The Chuckling Whatsit, Cat Burglar Black, Delphine, and The Hidden.

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