Hidden Things (Faded Photographs #2)

Hidden Things (Faded Photographs #2)

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by Andrea Boeshaar

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Kylie had her life all planned out—with marriage to Matthew and a happily-ever-after in their sleepy Wisconsin hometown. But when she opens a wedding invitation and a decades-old faded photograph falls out, she uncovers a side of her mother Kylie never suspected. As she digs into the past, Kylie uncovers a whole world of hidden surprises, including grandparents


Kylie had her life all planned out—with marriage to Matthew and a happily-ever-after in their sleepy Wisconsin hometown. But when she opens a wedding invitation and a decades-old faded photograph falls out, she uncovers a side of her mother Kylie never suspected. As she digs into the past, Kylie uncovers a whole world of hidden surprises, including grandparents she never knew existed. Suddenly, Kylie faces a choice between two worlds...and doesn't feel she fits in either. As the past changes, so does her whole foundation of security. Will Kylie learn who she really is and where she fits in God's plan?

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Faded Photographs Series
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Hidden Things (Faded Photographs #2) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hidden Things, the second in the Faded Photographs series, is an awesome read. This book pulls at your heartstrings and keeps you turning pages!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hidden surprises await you in Andrea Boeshaar's delightful novel, HIDDEN THINGS. The characters tug at your heart as they discover truths about themselves and their relationship with God. You will want to journey with them on their path of discovery. Perhaps it will nudge into a journey of your own.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hidden Things, the sequel to Broken Things, by author Andrea Boeshaar, is a heart-warming tale of a young girl whose world is turned upside down when she discovers that her mother may have lied to her. A faded photograph sends her on a journey to uncover the truth of the past. Will her journey lead her back to the man who claims to love her? Or is that an allusion as well? Hidden Things is a delightful tale filled with rich, believable characters, and a story that will keep you turning pages until the end. Some of the characters in Broken Things make an appearance here. A third book in the series is due out in May 2004. I look forward to meeting up with many of these characters again. Andrea Boeshaar has done a wonderful job of weaving an enchanting tale. You won¿t be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Soon after her mother¿s death, Kylie Rollins has the shock of her life when she discovers that the loving couple who raised her were not her biological parents. Things get worse when Kylie¿s fiancé deceives her and a lifelong friend betrays her, leaving Kylie no alternative but to escape her rural home town for a while to sort out all the lies. On her soul-searching odyssey, she meets new friends, unknown family, and a Savior who is Truth personified. In her latest novel, Hidden Things, Andrea Boeshaar has done it again: written an engaging, exciting, and enchanting story with many unexpected turns and surprises. Every character is drawn from real life. Even the new-found, doting grandparents are not stereotypes but, rather, like living, breathing people we all know, with charming foibles and interesting quirks. Imaginative descriptions of settings are pleasantly minimal, just enough to ¿put you there.¿ True-to-life descriptions of spiritual struggles, sorrows, and triumphs draw the reader along on the journey. It is as though a good friend is relating to you the story of her life. And at the end, we are left with . . . Ah! But that would be telling. I highly recommend this excellent novel, Hidden Things.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kylie Rollins thought her world was in order. She was engaged to a wonderful man and had been raised in a loving family environment. When she discovers all is not as it seems, her world is rocked. Can Kylie forgive her fiancee's indiscretion? When she learns the truth of her birth, can she forgive the now deceased parent who kept it from her? As Kylie journeys into the past, her present becomes enriched through the discovery of unknown relatives and friends from her mother's past. More importantly, she discovers a deeper and truer faith that will help her sort through the confusing truths she unravels and heal from her fiancee's betrayal. Andrea Boeshaar has delivered an engaging story in this page-turner. Through her expert use of dialogue and character development, the reader becomes one with the characters as they weave their way through hurtful pasts to find peace in the present.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After receiving a faded photograph, Kylie Rollins sets out on a quest for the truth. Still reeling from the sudden death of her mother, Kylie now learns that the life her mother led - the things Kylie had always believed - are nothing but lies. Her journey takes her away from a fiance who betrayed her with her best friend to finding new friends and grandparents she never knew existed. But most importantly, she learns about herself and who SHE is, and comes to a clear realization of God's redeeming love and grace. Hidden Things really touched my heart and I can't wait for Precious Things, the third in the Faded Photographs series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When Kylie receives a faded photograph and also suffers a heartbreaking betrayal, her peaceful existence is shattered. She reacts by journeying into the past. As she searches for answers, she unlocks more than her mother's secrets. She also discovers herself, true romance, and God. In HIDDEN THINGS, Andrea Boeshaar's touching story, real characters march across the pages and entertain the reader with surprising twists and turns. They left me begging for more. I can't wait for PRECIOUS THINGS!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrea Boeshaar¿s newest page-turner in the Faded Photographs Series picks right up where BROKEN THINGS left off. Still grieving over the loss of her mother, Kylie Rollins is catapulted into a quest for answers about her true heritage and identity. In her journey for understanding, she encounters serious trouble with her fiancé, makes new friends, and discovers family members she never knew existed. In the midst of it all, she encounters a personal relationship she never dreamed possible with her Lord. I admired Kylie¿s tenacity to press on for the truth regardless of the pain it might bring her. I enjoyed her newfound friendship with Marilee and their unexpected road trip. And you¿ve got to love a sequel that includes your favorite characters from the previous book, weaving them into new story lines and adventures. The author expertly delivers a refreshing mix of these rich characters, a fast-paced drama, and whole host of surprising plot twists to make HIDDEN THINGS a must-read. She leaves us wanting more!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrea Boeshaar has done it again! HIDDEN THINGS, the second book in the 'Faded Photographs Series' is fantastic! Mrs. Boeshaar's skillful writing let me clearly imagine the old faded photograph that led Kylie Rollins on a journey into the past where surprises and twists await the reader. Beloved characters from the first book, BROKEN THINGS, are woven into the story giving the reader satisfaction in learning how their lives continue to unfold. HIDDEN THINGS is a heart-warming, page-turning book and I can't wait to read the third book, PRECIOUS THINGS!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I hadn't even finished the first page of Hidden Things before I was hooked. The characters are so well written that they jump off the page and come alive. I laughed and cried along with Kylie Rollins on her journey to find out just what the faded photograph meant and traveled with her on her spiritual journey. The dirty dishes piled up in the sink and the laundry overflowed the basket, but I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for May and the release of Precious Things.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having already read Andrea's Broken Things I could hardly wait to read the second installment in the triology called the 'Faded Photograph Series.' I wasn't disappointed. Not only were many of the familiar characters from Broken Things back, but I got to dig deep into the heart and soul of Kylie Rollins. Kylie's 'perfect' life is turned upside down when she receives a faded photograph in the mail. Little did she realize it would be the beginning of the most important journey of her life. The journey to learn who she really is and most importantly to a personal relationship with God. Along the way she questions her relationship with her fiance and grapples with picking her entire life up and moving it from Wisconsin to South Carolina. As always, Andrea draws the reader in and makes you feel as though you know each character in a personal way. I live in the Chicago area where much of the story takes place and I fully expect to meet Allie Littenberg on the street one of these days. Get this book. You won't be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hidden Things by Andrea Boeshaar takes the reader on a tumultuous journey with Kylie Robbins to discover her identity. The small town librarian opens a letter, and her life is changed forever with one faded photo. This adult child must struggle to understand the past and things hidden by her mother. Only God¿s grace can repair Kylie¿s life. As a sequel to Broken Things, once again we meet the familiar faces of Allie Littenburg and Jack Callaghan who help Kylie on her journey to understanding and faith. This novel is a must read for followers in the Faded Photographs series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After reading Broken Things by Andrea Boeshaar, I was anxious to read this new book. It is a continuation of her Faded Photographs Series. The reader quickly loves Andera's characters. They experience the type of things that all of us struggle with. It increased my faith to read about how Kylie learned to trust the Lord and understand how to follow God's will in her life. Kylie had hard decisions to make. She fought feelings of betrayal from many people. Sometimes, she didn't react the right way, but the end of the book was satisfying. I can hardly wait for the third book in this series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kylie has everything going for her, with her good job at the library, her engagement to Matt, good friends and church, until she receives a faded photograph and the lies begin to unfold. How can she unravel the uncertainties surrounding her past, her fiancé and her newly discovered grandparents? She accepts Jesus and suddenly everything is meaningful and all things hidden become clear. Will Matt fit into this new picture?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kylie receives an old photograph revealing her mother¿s secret past. Searching for answers, Kylie¿s identity unravels as she learns her life has been based on half-truths and secrets. The journey leads her to discovery of the greatest truth of all. Hidden Things, the second novel in Ms. Boeshaar¿s Faded Photographs Series, is a satisfying follow-up to Broken Things. Readers will eagerly anticipate the release of Precious Things, third in the series, in May 2004.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An old photograph, a few questions and Kylie Rollins' life disintigrates. Against Matt's objections, Kylie digs deeper into the past her deceased mother had kept hidden. Kylie's probing takes her from her hometown of Basil Creek, WI to Chicago, on to South Carolina and into her Heavenly Father's embrace. She allows Him to work through the wreakage that is now her life and make something new. But will that new life include Matt and her hometown? Kylie, Matt, Marilee, Allie, TJ and others make it difficult to put 'Hidden Things' down and sad to part with at book's end.