Hide and Seek Moon: The Moon Phases

Hide and Seek Moon: The Moon Phases

by Robin Koontz, Chris Davidson

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In graphic novel format, text and illustrations describe the eight phases of the moon.


In graphic novel format, text and illustrations describe the eight phases of the moon.

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Children's Literature - Pat Trattles
As part of the "First Graphics" series from Capstone Press, Koontz has made a perfect moon landing with this little volume. The strength of the book is in its presentation. Written for the early elementary student it makes the scientific explanation of the lunar cycle accessible to even the most reluctant reader by utilizing a graphic novel, or comic book format. The stars of the show are an unnamed boy and girl who observe the moon as it changes shape while circling the earth. Koontz does not skip on utilizing all the scientific terms, such as waxing, waning, crescent and gibbous, but combining the scientific text with dialog and Davidson's simple, yet fun full-color illustrations makes them easily understood by the reader. For example, when speaking of the waxing crescent moon the boy holds up a banana and compares it to the moon shape. During the full moon phase the children compare it to a pie, make silly shadows in the moonlight, and howl at the moon like werewolves. During the new moon phase, when the moon seems to disappear from the sky, the boy comments that it is easier to catch fireflies when the moon is new. Back matter includes a glossary, comprehensive index, and suggestions for further reading, both in print and on the Internet using facthound.com. It all adds up to a delightful package which complements the science curriculum and will be a welcome addition to early elementary classroom and library collections. Reviewer: Pat Trattles

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Capstone Press
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First Graphics: Nature Cycles Series
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5.70(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)
GN540L (what's this?)
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6 - 9 Years

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