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High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women

High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women

4.2 5
by Delilah Devlin (Editor), Maya Banks (Foreword by)

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Heroes inspire lustful fascination. Worthy of High Octane Hero status, kickass iconic heroes enter danger zones in the name of duty, honor, country, and even love. These rugged men conjure images of hard, chiselled bodies, laser-sharp gazes and stark, camouflaged features.

Get ready for high-octane, smoldering-hot adventures, featuring these “super


Heroes inspire lustful fascination. Worthy of High Octane Hero status, kickass iconic heroes enter danger zones in the name of duty, honor, country, and even love. These rugged men conjure images of hard, chiselled bodies, laser-sharp gazes and stark, camouflaged features.

Get ready for high-octane, smoldering-hot adventures, featuring these “super alpha” heroes and the strong women who wage heated battles for their hearts. In “Beseiged,” a special forces soldier rescues his lover from an embassy takeover. In “The Star,” an American Air Force pilot and a grieving British woman find solace in each other’s arms. A sexy SWAT team leader saves a rookie during a bungled undercover assignment in “Renegade.” And get ready for an undercover cop who flexes more than his “Big Guns.” Set in war-torn regions of the world and in your own neighborhoods, High Octane Heroes delivers passion, danger and heart.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Devlin (Smokin' Hot Firemen) assembles a passable erotic anthology of stories about men in uniform—including soldiers, cops, paramedics, and special agents—and the women who love, desire, and ogle them. Alice Janell's "As You Were" and Sidney Bristol's "Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan" showcase strong, confident women who more than match up to their male counterparts, and who show that having a thing for heroes doesn't preclude being a bit of a badass yourself. Some stories, like Sharon Hamilton's "SEAL Destiny," are even brave enough to portray a hero with a weakness for a particular woman in his life. Unfortunately, Brindle Chase's "Renegade" and others put their testosterone-soaked heores in opposition to fluff-brained women in need of rescue. Devlin does deliver on her promise of serious alpha males who are ready to swoop in and save the day, steal a few hearts, and set fire to the sheets. (Oct.)
From the Publisher
"i love men in uniform and was excited to see a whole anthology full of stories based on them. HIGH OCTANE HEROES: EROTIC ROMANCE FOR WOMEN edited by Delilah Devlin is a great anthology that will pull readers in with its hot and sexy characters. This book gives readers fifteen different stories. There are so many men to choose from in these stories from cops and firefighters to prison guards and all that comes in between. Each story has its merits making it hard for me to choose just one favorite out of so many. Each story gives readers an alpha male that shows us why woman and men are so drawn to them. I loved these hot and fast paced stories."
–Fresh Fiction

"Another lovely title from Cleis Press. This erotic romance anthology is dedicated to a love of the red-blooded male, the “super-alpha,” the guy who dominates any situation, who’s usually in uniform, who faces danger, dodges speeding bullets, arrests the bad guy, rescues the damsel, and gets said damsel in the end."
San Francisco Book Review

"Serious alpha males who are ready to swoop in and save the day, steal a few hearts, and set fire to the sheets."
Publishers Weekly

"High Octane Heroes will satisfy the reader who craves the romantic idea of that 'super alpha' man.'"
Erotica Readers and Writers Association

"The delightful combination of various writing styles that focus on different aspects of what makes an alpha male so romantic and heroic provide vivid examples of the various factors which mold these complex men who are driven to serve and protect."
Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

"This is a great read and a fantastic way to while away a few hours dreaming of hunks and heroes and sexy situations. Do yourself a favour and get this book. You won’t regret it!"
Manic Readers

"Turn on the air, grab a cold drink and relax as you do some real hero worship."
Reviews by Amos Lassen

"If you like hot this is sizzling [...] This added some pizzazz to my libido and that is always welcome in my loving relationship with my husband!"
Networking Witches

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Cleis Press
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SEAL Destiny by Sharon Hamilton:

Special Operator Chief Luke Paulsen had that dream again.
Her red lips pressed like tiny pillows against his cool mouth. Though he was buried in his Afghan dugout bunk, he could feel the delicate vibration of her moan as her lust for him whispered things. Unmentionable things. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t recall her words. He could only remember the heat washing over him as she breathed life into him. Again. Like she did every night.
A sharp crack of gunfire forced him to open his eyes. He caught a glimpse of Carson’s scared face in profile just before the young Marine got the round in the chest that exited out between his shoulder blades. In a graceful dance performed all too often, Carson fell into his arms, and Luke watched the youngster’s life bleed out onto the sandy pit and all over his boots. He held Carson’s clear blue gaze, and, without saying a word, told him he’d see him again one day. The boy’s eyes remained open and fixed after his soul had departed. Luke became witness to the young Marine’s passage from his arms into the arms of death.
A split second later, Luke remembered who he was and why he was here. A day’s ride by donkey from anywhere. He lifted the tiny mirror on a wire, the sun to his back.
Still clutching the body of the lifeless Marine, he followed the trajectory of the round that had killed his young apprentice and caught the glint of dark blue steel disappearing into a blackened doorway. Laying the Marine down gently, he picked up his H&K MP5, counted to five while he clicked the safety once. Before he saw the barrel of the insurgent’s rifle again, he fired off several rounds that landed exactly ten inches above the protuberance and saw the red spray of a kill.
Was it wrong that the color of the spray reminded him of her crimson lips? That he died a thousand little deaths with each of her kisses?
His dreams were stealing his present.
• *
A week later, SOC Luke watched the sun pour itself into the horizon on one of San Diego’s white sand beaches. The afterglow felt good. So did the blush on his face from the three beers he’d finished. He usually drank with the rest of his SEAL Team III. But this last DT, Dissociative Tour, in Afghanistan had given him a cadre of young Marines eager to prove themselves, along with Carson, the medic-in-training.
But Carson had drawn a different card and would be taking the short flight home. Luke raised his long-necked IPA to the sunset and toasted the man.
“To all the young hearts you won’t break,” he whispered to the soothing waves and the sunset.
It was a damned shame. He thought Carson would have made an excellent doctor.
Luke heard laughter as two lovelies in shorts ran past him to splash in the surf. Slender tanned legs kicked droplets of white foam into the air. He loved watching the girls’ carefree spirit, just being goofy and lacking an ounce of self-consciousness. He couldn’t help but smile.
The dark haired one with the cutoff inside-out sweatshirt that showed her muscled midriff stopped and turned to face Luke. Her brown eyes were wide set. Her thin nose lead to full lips that were stained bright red. She licked those lips and pushed her chocolate brown hair from her forehead, exposing a delicious ridge of little lines on an otherwise smooth and flawless forehead. With a tiny angle she tilted her head to the side and waved in that embarrassed way her mother must have told her never to do. Especially to a strange sailor sitting alone on the beach with empty beer bottles at his feet.
Luke waved back, using the same three middle fingers she used, sending his communication off with a shy smile. He imitated the angle of her head and felt the dangerous curiosity and wonder of their chance meeting.
He wanted her in the worst way.
The blonde was pulling her friend, pleading, but she wasn’t having any of it. Luke’s unspoken message had touched her, and those golden tethers of his thoughts drew her to him, just as if he had special powers. It was lovely when that happened. He could almost believe in the supernatural, like those paranormal guys his sister read about in her romance novels.
The exquisite young thing with the well-defined legs came to within striking distance. If he wanted to, and hell yes he wanted to in the worst way, he could reach out and bring her to his arms and he could tell she wouldn’t resist. But it would be so much better if he showed a little restraint.
Those who wait? What was that saying?
No matter. Luke felt the confusing enchantment like vamps did in those books. It was a pleasant fantasy. Let her have her way with him. Yes. He could tell she felt she had a date with destiny.
I can be your destiny for one night, darlin’.
She disposed of her friend with a sharp command and, alone now, stepped closer to Luke. “You look like you could use some company,” she said as she swung her upper torso from side to side.
Her feet had implanted themselves in the sand, and he watched her pink nail polish peek out between the grains.
Lady, you have lovely toes.
But, she’d asked a question that needed an answer. “That depends,” he murmured, stunned at the joy it gave him let his eyes walk slowly up her body, every lovely inch, heightened by the knowledge that she let him. He watched the tops of her breasts quiver under the thin cotton blouse. He’d learned to assess subtle changes in body language and heart rate. He noticed the blush in her cheeks and the red blotches on her chest just below the delicate V of the top of her breastbone. His gaze roamed over her quivering chest again, and he smiled. He couldn’t wait to hear her response.
“Depends on what?” she asked.
Her brown eyes mirrored truths he wasn’t sure he’d divulge to himself.
“If it’s complicated,” he said. “I like uncomplicated.” He was telling her something he was trying to convince himself he believed.
She took in a sudden brief inhale. Her gaze quickly diverted to the ocean, giving him a full pure look at her upper torso, every curve and valley, until he thought perhaps he could even taste her skin. What Luke saw in profile was a strong, handsome woman with a body made for hard loving, who was unafraid.
Then she turned back and faced him fully. Her body dropped to her knees in front of him, so quickly he thought perhaps she’d gotten suddenly ill. “I don’t do uncomplicated,” she whispered. “I like it complicated and rich. I like entangled. I like feeling everything and being sorely missed when I’m gone.”
She didn’t physically touch him, but she had mated with a part of his body that rarely was visited.
His soul.

Meet the Author

Delilah Devlin is a rising star in the world of erotica and romance . Her published print titles include ICowboy Lust, Into the Darkness, Seduced by Darkness, Darkness Captured, Down in Texas and Texas Men. Her short stories are featured in Zane’s Purple Panties, Lesbian Cowboys, Girl Crush, Fairy Tale Lust, Lesbian Lust, Carnal Machines and Passion. She is published by Avon, Kensington, Atria/Strebor, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Berkley, and Cleis Press. Maya Banks lives with her husband, three children and assortment of pets. When she's not writing, she can be found hunting, fishing or playing poker. She lives in Buna, TX.

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High Octane Heroes: Erotic Romance for Women 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Delilah Devlin has again brought together a talented group of authors depicting a varied group of men (and a few women) who risk their lives for love. Like most anthologies, some of the stories were more satisfying than others but each was creative with characters that jumped off the page. There was a nice flow from one story to the next where nothing felt repetitive with heat levels that offered something for everyone. None of the stories got too kinky though so those that like their romances warm instead of scorching will find themselves satisfied. While each story had a definitive conclusion, some offered a clear HEA whereas others offered a HFN. Some felt a bit rushed (Painted by Leah Ridgewood) while others had surprising depth (The Star by Tahira Iqbal). The one theme that was incorporated throughout was the dominant nature of the men. A sense of protectiveness and surety radiated off of each hero that will make any reader swoon. When it came to to-die-for heroes I especially fell for Matt in Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan by Sidney Bristol. He put his life on the line to save the woman he's been infatuated with since his teens. To make his rescue of her even more difficult is the fact that he's missing a hand and lost his prosthesis while racing to reach her. His disability was dealt with in a realistic and tasteful way with his feelings of inadequacy believably addressed. As a disabled person myself I greatly appreciate an unconventional hero and wish this story could've been expanded upon. From start to finish this anthology made for an entertaining read. I discovered some new authors and was again reminded of other tried-and-true author's talents. There was a little something for every kind of reader and I look forward to Ms. Devlin's next anthology.
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Overall there was a nice variety of occupations and scenarios. What I really love about the Cleis Press anthologies, so far, is not only the number of stories you get but also the quality writing and editing. It's great that not all stories are pure fluff. Some have more story content and/or character development than others which is usually hard to pull off in a few pages, but there is something for everyone. I've had this book for a while and I read it twice, in its entirety before I wrote this review. I am hooked, and I intend to read any and all anthologies from the Erotic Romance for Women line in the future. Stand out stories to me were: #2 Five-Alarm Fire by Sabrina York #6 Pumping Iron by Christine D’Abo #9 Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan by Sidney Bristol #11 Natural Appetites by Adele Dubois If you want to read my more detailed review of each story, you can find it on my blog. I'm relatively sure I've kept it spoiler free. Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.
TheStephanieLoves More than 1 year ago
As You Were by Alice Janell: Medic Laura and alpha-male soldier Tony set their passion on fire after a close emergency call. Explicit, but too abrupt and lacking in tension for my tastes. Five-Alarm Fire by Sabrina York: When Luke is set up with good girl Trish by his nosy but well-meaning neighbor, he tells himself he'll go through with the date just to keep her from prying in his love life again. What he finds, however, is that Trish isn't as good of a good girl as he initially thought. Cheesy storyline, but ultimately very hot and intense. Renegade by Brindle Chase: Kara's undercover assignment goes awry, but thankfully sexy SWAT leader Michael "Renegade" Delaney comes to the rescue... and he intends to do more to her than save her life. Loved the deadly steeliness in Michael's character, but the story was just "meh." Painted by Leah Ridgewood: Feisty Latina Rosalia is sick of her rich, white-boy playboy of a neighbor, Justin, but when he touches her in places she'd forgotten were tender, she opens her eyes up to his heroic qualities (he IS a paramedic, after all) and their obvious chemistry. Really well written with an elaborate storyline, but the sex is mediocre. Besieged by Elle James: Special Forces officer Max is ready to settle, but Kate—who just happens to be the Ambassador's daughter—isn't hinting at wanting anything more than the purely carnal arrangement they have going now. A grand act of heroism will determine his fate, as it just might save Kate's life... that is, if he succeeds. Sweepingly romantic and intense in its elongated sex scene, this one is satisfying, but unmistakably corny. Pumping Iron by Christine D'Abo: Lila, who's just now recovering from an accident, has always had fantasies about her intimidatingly gorgeous physical trainer, Kyle. When she finally, in an act of vulnerability, confesses her attraction to him, the dominant ex-UMF player in him makes certain to work her body like it's never been worked before. SUPER hot, kinky, and vivid in its detail and sex—loved this one! Diving Deep by Jenny Lyn: Katie has the seemingly perfect arrangement with super sexy Navy SEAL Jake: an intense fling whenever he's home every few months, and nothing more to it that would tie her down. But when she starts developing something more than lust for him, she realizes she can't do it anymore, and is surprised to discover Jake has been considering this even harder than she has. If you like a cheery tone and happily-ever-afters, you'll adore this story; it has the perfect balance between a well formulated plot and explosive sex. Heated Negotiations by Macy Man: When Donovan of the Special Response Team comes face-to-face with Paige—with whom he is yet to tie up loose ends—a stormy encounter ensues. The spontaneous sex is reeeeaallly hot but the progression of the story is kind of confusing. Once Upon a Time in Mukdahan by Sidney Bristol: Emery is saved from hostage-holding traffickers in Mukdahan by the man she's in love with, SEAL Matt, but unfortunately he's just the kind of man who pushes those who love him away. When both of them are stuck in turmoil and their survival status is unstable, secrets are spilled, and a love neither knew capable, blooms. Big Guns by Michael Bracken: Big, brutish Special Agent Howie is THE man of our unnamed narrator's naughty fantasies. When, on her bartending gig, she finds herself in the middle of his undercover assignment, he not only saves her life, but also teaches her exactly what fantasies are made of. I liked the sensuality of this story, and how it leaves a lot to the imagination. Natural Appetites by Adele Dubois: Mickey's kind act of courage earns him an onslaught of admiration from the community he's saved from major grief, including Amanda, a beautiful chef at an organic restaurant. Indebted by his heroism, Amanda makes it her mission to seduce him with her all-natural cooking, but it turns out she doesn't even need the food to capture this smitten paramedic's heart. The cheesiness goes overboard here, especially with the insta-love, but I found the backstory promising and the love scenes hot and sensual. SEAL Destiny by Sharon Hamilton: Special Operator Chief Luke finds the woman of his dreams in a pretty young thing whose eye he manages to catch at the beach. What he wants to be a sizzling one-night stand turns into something more complicated when he realizes the extent of his feelings for her. This one is REALLY hot—a scorching quickie. Mountain Man by Tamsin Flowers: Stranded during a mission, Mountain Rescuer Jake must wait for the next helicopter to arrive with the unassuming Melody in tow. As they spend the night together, they get the chance to get really close; the position of their encounter makes this one a hot read. The Star by Tahira Iqbal: Still in mourning over her brother's death, Estella is startled when approached by her late sibling's best military comrade—not only because he seems to be grieving just as much as she is, but also due to the electricity she feels at his every touch. The sorrowful tone is lyrical; Iqbal's style is gorgeous! The sex is kind of abrupt, with very little building tension, but I found this one romantic and sexy nonetheless. Pitch Black by Delilah Devlin: Danny is the ultimate primal male—"tempered by combat, forged in tragic loss"—and when he wants something, he gets it. What he currently wants is for his girlfriend Jenna to transfer to a less risky field in the guard, but she insists she doesn't need his safekeeping. But considering she's working in a male-dominated concentration, she needs to bend a little, and Danny will be sure to convince her of that. As always, Delilah Devlin doesn't disappoint. The sex is hot, the story is real, and the style keeps you reading—a perfect 10! Pros: Really, really well selected stories with variety and substance // I pretty much liked all the stories, which rarely happens for me with anthologies // Alpha-heroes! Need I say more? Cons: Some storylines are confusing // Some flat sex scenes Verdict: Every story in Devlin's latest erotic romance anthology has a mind—and man—of its own. These exhilarating, heated shorts—some with danger and adrenaline, others with tenderness and emotional chaos—are quick to warm hearts and indulge lustful cravings. High-Octane Heroes is overall a phenomenal anthology about every woman's greatest fantasy: a guy who'll go to the wall for his heroine every single time. Rating: 8 out of 10 hearts (4 stars): An engaging read; highly recommended. Source: Complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (thank you, Cleis!).
Judy-Ree More than 1 year ago
The High Octane Heroes Anthology edited by Delilah Devlin, features a foreward by Maya Banks and is the work of 15 different authors.  Since each story is between 8 to 16 pages long, each one is but a brief glimpse into the character's world. Each one was a complete story, even though there were several that I would love to see expanded on in future novels. The stories run the gamut of Firefighter, Police Officer, Military Servicemen, Prison Guard, EMT, Search and Rescue and even a Personal Trainer. Whether in uniform or out, these are men who know how to take charge of a situation.  Some of the stories have women needing to be rescued, others the women are going toe to toe with their man, but in every one, the Alpha Male is present and ready to assume command.   Some of these stories were hotter and steamier than others, but they are well written and showcased the Alpha male to his advantage.  This anthology would work well as either a great beach read or a long winter's night cuddle up read.  Make sure to check it out and you may just find a new author or two to enjoy. I am going with 4 stars on Goodreads.
QuixoticOrchid More than 1 year ago
I'm a writer so I understand how important these reviews are. I try to be as detailed as possible on what I like, what I didn't. But sometimes mere words don't accurately express what needs to be said. To describe the pleasure I had reading this book, I can only hug it close to my chest and follow with a long, deep sigh.