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High Pressure the Executioner: Hammer-Axe Six!

High Pressure the Executioner: Hammer-Axe Six!

by Robert Davis

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In central Africa, all seems well in the House of Ra, until a top Warlord finds his three daughters beheaded. Queen Ramala and three of her children have barely escaped a kidnapping by Warlords who believe the cunning Queen is the murderer. The Queen's cousin, Tara, has not been so lucky. Kidnapped by Warlords, her life now hangs in the balance. But all is not lost


In central Africa, all seems well in the House of Ra, until a top Warlord finds his three daughters beheaded. Queen Ramala and three of her children have barely escaped a kidnapping by Warlords who believe the cunning Queen is the murderer. The Queen's cousin, Tara, has not been so lucky. Kidnapped by Warlords, her life now hangs in the balance. But all is not lost as the Queen's six children and their cousin prepare to spring into action. La, Dan, Shaya, Don, Ram, Danaaa, and Yin have just transformed into the Hammer-Axe Six.

Danaaa, a child prodigy and the youngest of the six children, takes her inherited fighting skills to outstanding levels. Danaaa is not exactly street-smart, but she is an expert at protocol. Because of her uncanny ability to swing an ax with lightning-fast accuracy, Danaaa becomes known as High Pressure Executioner-and it is not long before her siblings take advantage of her skills in order to gain power.

In this fantasy novel, as the Hammer-Axe Six begin their quest to find Tara and seek retribution for the murders, Danaaa embarks on a dangerous path that leads to the realization that sometimes even her trusty ax cannot save her from evil.

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By Robert Davis

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Robert Davis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-5631-3

Chapter One

The House of Ra was a large territory in the beautifully lush grasslands of central Africa, ruled by Queen Ramala, the Hayee Hellcat. One of her top Warlords, the Hayee, Ray found all three of his daughters, dead, early the next day, after a party held the night, before. His daughters were found, strewn across the road, a short distance from their family's compound.

All three were beheaded and had stab wounds on their torsos from machetes. No one knew who killed them. When the bodies were found several Warlords in the House of Ra reasoned it must have been the Hayee Hellcat, Ramala, or one of her two Hellcat cousins the Hayee, Tara and the Hayee, Wana.

The Warlords assumed Queen Ramala killed Shamika and her sisters, because of the sexual relationship between Ramala's King, Dan the Destroyer and Shamika. After several warnings from her Queen, to stop, Shamika continued having sex with the King. Most everyone thought that cost Shamika her life.

In retaliation, rebelling Warlords kidnapped Ramala's close cousin the Hayee Hellcat, Tara and her children. Their guards attempted to capture the Queen and her children. They failed. Queen Ramala's three daughters were the Ra, Ramala who was known as La, or the Number One Princess. The Ra, Ramashaya was called Shaya. The Ra, Danaaa was mostly called Baby by her siblings, was called High Pressure by Ramala, because of her non-stop aggressiveness.

Danaaa, with her extra ordinary sense of smell, combined with her uncanny hearing, detected guards sneaking through the palace attempting to ambush them. Danaaa alerted her sisters in time for them to get their axes and defend themselves, until their brothers and cousin arrived.

Queen Ramala's sons the Ra, Dan, the Ra, Don and the Ra, Ram arrived at their sister's room after thwarting an attempt by guards to capture them, also. Queen Ramala's six children, three sets of twins, a boy and girl in each set, and their cousin Yin would soon be known by all as the Hammer-Axe Six, even though there were seven of them.

All of the children raced through the halls, until they met their mother and father. They all moved to the entrance, where they saw rebelling Warlords and guards at the bottom steps of the palace. Queen Ramala's face was full of arrogant anger as she looked out at the guards. Before she could do, or say anything, Ramala's Warlord and cousin, Bantu, walked ahead of the guards. He looked at Ramala and said "We have Tara and her children." Shock and concern replaced the arrogant look on Ramala's face. Ramala angrily asked "Where is she?"

Bantu smiled and quickly said "I'm not going to say, just yet. However, she is having breakfast with some of our cousins. No harm has come to them. Just be careful not to make rash decisions that could affect everyone." Before Ramala could respond, everyone heard someone yell "Wait!" the crowd parted and Ramala saw her cousin the Hayee Hellcat, Wana.

Wana who was in charge of all Warlords and security of the House of Ra just arrived at Ramala's palace with the Butcher girls Ma and Syn, Jara. The Butcher girls were two of Ramala's top Executioners, called the Butchers. They were the only two Butchers in the main city, besides King Dan, who was also a Butcher. Butchers were killers who killed top rate killers and everyone less than that, on orders from their Queen.

Wana and the Butcher girls walked and stood on the palace stairs facing Ramala. Wana said "Allow me." Ramala gave a slight nod. Wana then turned to Bantu and asked "What's the meaning of this?" Bantu said "Ray's daughters have been killed." Ramala yelled "This is why you try and kill me and my family?!!" Wana warned "La!" Bantu face looked slightly confused when he said "That wasn't part of the plan!" Ramala quickly said "It looks like rebellion to me!" Wana turned to Ramala and said "La, I'm handling this!"

Ramala arrogantly raised her head, looking down her nose at Bantu, but said nothing. Wana turned back to Bantu. Bantu looked concerned when he said in a low voice to Wana "No one's planning on harming Tara and her children. However, we have a situation on our hands! We need help on this!" Bantu looked up at Ramala after saying that. Wana knew her cousin, Queen Ramala, would start taking heads once she knew Tara was out of harm's way.

Wana looked Bantu in his eyes and said "You let me handle La. Get these guards away from the palace. Stop this madness and let me investigate. I will find out what happened and bring the culprits to justice! I promise!" Bantu lowered his head to Wana and then to Ramala. He ordered all of the guards to leave. Wana watched until they were gone. She then walked up the palace stars. When Wana got to Ramala, she said "La, they have Tara. You let me handle this. Don't do anything, until you hear from me! Is that clear?!" Ramala stared at Wana for a moment and then said "Don't order me! Find Tara and bring her to safety. I won't do anything, until then." Wana, with concern and frustration in her voice, said "I'm just saying!" Wana looked at her nieces and nephews, before turning and leaving.

Shamika's killing was strange, because, in this day and age, killing was how you made a reputation for yourself. You wanted people to know you did it. In this case, someone didn't. That made this a murder mystery!

After conceding she would wait, until Wana finished her investigation, Queen Ramala ushered her children back into the palace. The Butcher girls, the Hayee, Ali, who was La's Warlord and La's Special guard, along with the Warlords, Elite Guards and regular guards that were loyal to Ramala made sure the Queen's palace was secured from the outside. No one except messengers could get close enough to mount another attack on the palace.

Once back into the palace, Ramala and her children walked to the room where they always had their first day's meal. The attacks that happened earlier in this day and the meeting with the Warlords put time past the first training session. Ramala was trying to make this day as less stressful on her children as possible, while trying to figure out how to get Tara to safety. First day's meal would help bring some normality to this day.

It was a silent walk through the halls of the palace. Somehow, things were different and everyone could tell. They all had the strange feeling of being compromised, finding themselves alert and on guard. They used to be relaxed, felling safe in their home, the palace.

In the eating hall, everyone took their seats at the large round wooden table. Queen Ramala looked around the table at each of her children and Yin. She could see the shock of what happened on their faces. Their shock was starting to give way to anger. Ramala could see their emotions transforming before her eyes.

Queen Ramala said "All of you listen to me. Don't let this day's events control your emotions and anger you. What happened this day was nothing. Some days will make this one seem pleasant. Keep your wits about you. That's how you deal with what's happened today."

Don curiously looked at Ramala and said "Mommy, what are wits?" Ramala said "It's what allows you to think and make the best decisions possible." Don had a curious look on his face as he was doing his best to place that firmly in his memory, knowing that his mother would expect him to remember.

Breakfast was served. None of the children said a word. They ate their food making little eye contact with each other. When they did look at each other, it was with measured anger.

After breakfast, Ramala said very little while her children sat and digested their food. A little later, it was time for training. Ramala told her children to go to their next training session. She watched as they all got up and left.

The children were walking through the halls when Danaaa, who was the youngest of Ramala's children, couldn't understand why guards weren't acting according to protocol. It irritated her that they weren't. At eight years old, protocol and rules were the only things that made this crazy world understandable to Danaaa. In a nastier tone than normal, Danaaa angrily yelled "Guards shouldn't to be in the palace, when first day comes! Everyone knows that!" The other children said nothing. After two more steps, Danaaa yelled "Guards shouldn't come in our room, when they think we're sleeping! Everybody knows that, too!"

This time all of the children looked at Danaaa with angry annoyed looks on their faces. After another two steps, Danaaa yelled "And they shouldn't to try and kill us! That's not what happens according to protocol!"

La quickly turned around, faced Danaaa and said in an angry, measured tone "Don't you think we already know that, Baby!?!" When La said that, the rest of the children, stopped, turned and looked at Danaaa. Danaaa stared at La and yelled "It's Jinn Eco!" While staring at Danaaa, La yelled "Alright, Jenny Co, calm down! We'll deal with this, later!" Danaaa sometimes called herself Jinn-Eco. To everyone it sounded like Danaaa was saying Jenny-Co.

Danaaa took a quick hop and was face to face with La. Both girls looked at each other. La was very close to taking her frustrations out on Danaaa. If Danaaa kept annoying her, that's what La was going to do.

Danaaa's eyes were angry and her lip hung crooked on one side. Danaaa poked out her chest and slowly yelled "Use your wits that Mommy was talking about, earlier and make a plan! Make a plan so everybody knows never to come in here when they're not suppose to! Make a plan, or there's going to be big trouble here and now!"

La and Danaaa locked eyes for only a second longer, before La turned, looked at Dan and then at everyone else. Even though La didn't like the way Danaaa said it, she knew Danaaa was right. La knew they had to do something. She said "Everybody, follow me!"

The Ra children hustled down the long winding halls of the palace, until they came to one of the courtyards. They looked around, and then made a circle. La started talking. Dan joined in and added to the plan. Soon La and Dan had a complete plan. Danaaa was excited because Dan and La were using their wits.

The Ra children moved to an exit on the far end of the palace. As they were making their way out of the palace, Ali, a few Elite guard and most of their Special guard, met them. La and Dan stared at Ali. They wondered how Ali and the others knew where to find them.

Ali was La's Warlord. He was a tall, dark brown skinned, powerfully built man whose legs were longer than his torso. His muscles were chiseled, without being bulky. It was his job to protect La. Ali and his guards always guarded the exits, when La was in the palace. Ali looked at each member of the Hammer-Axe Six, before looking at La. Ali lowered his head and said "How can we help."

The Hammer-Axe Six consisted of Ramala's six Children and their cousin Yin. La was oldest and Hammer-Axe One, also known as Warlord Cut Faster. La's Butcher name was the Chop Era, Mesocyclone. La had the muscular body of a gymnast, but she wasn't short. She had medium brown skin and her eyes were golden brown. Her hair was jet black and always in a ponytail that came down to just below her calf. Her ponytail had a round metal ball on the end of it that was the size of a grapefruit. Her ruling cape that hung to her ankles covered her ponytail. La was extremely arrogant, cunning and smart. She wanted to control everything and everyone around her. She had a hot temper that could manifest itself at anytime.

Her twin brother Dan was Hammer-Axe Two, Warlord Faster Cut. He was the Butcher, Dan the Destroyer, the Chopper-Ra. Dan was tall, wiry, but very muscular. Dan's hair, skin and eyes were identical to his twin sister. His braided hair was in a ponytail and cut shoulder length. Dan was grounded, even-tempered and very smart. Dan loved to display his fighting skills.

Shaya was Hammer-Axe Three, the Pretty Girl, A Chop A. She was the Butcher Angry-Ax. Shaya was a very beautiful girl. Her brown skin was a shade darker than La's. Her eyes were that same golden brown. Shaya's ponytail reached down to her calf, with a metal ball on the end. Shaya was slightly thicker, shorter, than but just as muscular as La. She was, smart, but shy and submissive. She also liked things that were pleasing to her eyes. She was a pretty girl who liked pampering.

Don was Shaya's twin and Hammer-Axe Four, Warlord Ax-Angry, the Chop Chopper and he was the Meat Butcher. Don was wiry, muscular and shorter than Dan. He was identical to his twin sister and had the same golden eyes that all the Ra children, except for Ram. Don was the most handsome of the Ra boys and was attracted to the female body at a young age. Don had a happy go lucky attitude, unless he had to be serious.

Ram was Hammer-Axe Five, the Low Pressure Assassin, and Dirty Degenerate Butcher Eco-Jin. Ram was thicker than his brothers were and almost as tall as them. He had medium brown skin and was muscular, but not chiseled. Ram's eyes were a creepy shade of brownish grey. They had a deepness that made it look like someone, besides Ram, was also looking at you. Ram was quiet and very seldom spoke. He had an uncanny sense of smell and hearing, and was a hunter, killer, of humans. No one ever caught Ram in the act, although his brothers and sisters would catch him cleaning sculls, as if they were trophies. Because he was the Queen's son, Ram was the accepted serial killer in the House of Ra.

Danaaa was the Immaculate Degenerate, Dan Jinn-Eco, the High Pressure Executioner, Hammer-Axe Six! Danaaa was very healthy and thicker than her sisters were. She looked like the perfect mix of her two sisters. Her ponytail reached the ground and she hardly ever wore a metal ball on it. Danaaa had an aggressive attitude and non-stop energy. She was a child prodigy, when it came to fighting techniques. Danaaa was a smart girl, confused by simple things. Still, she was an expert at protocol.

All six were as deadly as described by their names. Even though Yin was part of the Hammer-Axe Six gang, he didn't have a designation. His father was the most ruthless killer of this time. Yin was named after him. Yin's name said spoke for itself. Yin was about the same size as Don. His eyes were dark brown and he had an evil grin like his father when he smiled. Yin had a volatile personality kept in check by his older cousins, La and Dan.

Dan looked at La and smiled. He told Ali how they all could help. After hearing Dan's plan, La stared at him for a moment in amazement that he could come up with something that would enhance their original plan. Dan said "Come on, we have to hurry, before someone figures out what we're doing!" La snapped back into reality.

Ali and the Ra children moved quickly to the dungeon. Shaya hated going to the dungeon. When they walked in the horrendous smell hit her nose. It was dimly lit, dirty and looked like a torture chamber. They passed several cells, with prisoners, before coming to Bo's cell.

Bo was a very dark brown-skinned man. He was medium height and at twenty-three years old was very muscular. For intentionally botching an interview with Ramala to become La's mate, Bo was here. Because of his fighting skills, Young Dan made Bo his Warlord, saving Bo from beheading. Bo had to serve time in the dungeon as punishment.

Ali and the Ra children released Bo and left the dungeon. Now, watched, the Ra made their way through the city. The guards on both sides of the conflict noticed this. Ali and the Ra children moved in front of Warlord Bantu's family compound. Shortly after that, their spies notified the rebelling Warlords, while Wana was notified by hers. Other Warlords started moving towards that area with their guards. If the Ra children did something as irrational as attack Bantu's family, who was one of Wana's biggest and most loyal allies that would be a disaster for the Hellcats. The Warlords knew at the very least, Tara would be dead. They would also capture, or kill all of the Ra children.

Earlier, after the Ra children left for their morning training session, Queen Ramala sat at the same table, in the eating hall, thinking of a way to get Tara back safely. She knew she couldn't just start taking heads. If she did that, Tara and her children might end up dead.

While Ramala was sitting there, bodyguards kept peeking in the doorway to see if she was safe. Each time they did, it startled Ramala slightly and she would stare suspiciously at them trying to read their intentions. She readied herself for attack, until the guards went back on patrol. Ramala realized she'd never reacted this way in her palace, before today. She didn't like not feeling completely safe in her palace.


Excerpted from HIGH PRESSURE THE EXECUTIONER by Robert Davis Copyright © 2012 by Robert Davis. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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