High-Tech Terror

High-Tech Terror

by Michael Anthony Steele

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Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern is a fearless test pilot. He wears a ring that provides him with the power that both protects him and takes him on journeys through space. He receives a message that his help is needed on the planet Dalnore. He wonders what could be happening, since this planet is home to a quiet agrarian society. It appears that the machines in this society have gone berserk. Is there some great force making blenders turn on bakers, fans chase people out of their homes and hover cars drop from the sky? Who is behind this disaster and why? The answer is no great surprise nor is the reason for the attack on this peaceful planet. Hal has a mighty struggle ahead of him. Will he succeed to see another day? The five chapters are full of action and on pages that contain only text, certain words are printed in a special font and color to break up what would be large sections of text. For example, on one spread, a reader would find "Craaaack!" in big red letters, "Bzzzt!" in big blue letters, "Thwack!" in big orange letters and "Boom!" in big yellow letters. Full page illustrations appear in every chapter. The closing spread provides many details about the evil genius behind the attack and this is followed by brief biographies of the author and illustrators, a glossary, discussion questions and writing prompts. A book that may have appeal to reluctant male readers. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot

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