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High Way from Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightenment

High Way from Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightenment

5.0 5
by Moonstone Star White
Winner of 8 national book awards, High Way From Hell offers the next step in the evolution of global consciousness. With her uncanny way of weaving together ideas in ways that awaken experiential recognition, Moonstone Star White beckons you to journey inward and discover your secret source of power.

With a vision both intimately personal and


Winner of 8 national book awards, High Way From Hell offers the next step in the evolution of global consciousness. With her uncanny way of weaving together ideas in ways that awaken experiential recognition, Moonstone Star White beckons you to journey inward and discover your secret source of power.

With a vision both intimately personal and significantly global, High Way From Hell outlines the blueprint for greater happiness you were born with. It is right there within you, in front of you and all around, waiting for you. It is a revelation, yet so obvious you may wonder why we all haven't noticed it staring us in the face.

High Way From Hell unblocks the floodgates to sharper intuition. This life-changing read transforms toxic emotion into ashes that fertilize the soil of new growth. It plants seeds that ground us in the compassionate awareness of individual differences, and empowers by giving us courage to shine the light of authenticity.

High Way From Hell is both poetic and reassuring, yet it does so by challenging the foundations of our assumptions. One thing is for certain. You will not look at the world in quite the same way after reading it.

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High Way from Hell: Using Emotion to Fan the Fire of Enlightenment 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Wagner More than 1 year ago
Moonstone and I belong to a common internet site. Both of us having recently published a book, we agreed to review each other's book. Both of our writings are so completely different. Moonstone writes to the adult and I write to the child. My mind is more simplistic which is good when writing a child's book.

After receiving her book, I never realized how powerful her writing was. I have never dissected my thinking as she has done with her writing. Her thinking has depth and is very intuitive comparing the difference between feelings and emotions and how one often equates the two being the same without intention. It often has to do with judgments that we have created within our own mind. The mind is a powerful organ that as Moonstone states "orchestrates intentions, structures beliefs and keeps track of judgments."

I found so much of myself in her writing although I do not agree with all of her viewpoints. One viewpoint I truly agree with is holding on to judgments that have been directed by the mind. This can and will cause a person to become imprisoned firmly in time and if uncomfortable only perpetuates one's discomfort.

Moonstone gives you tools to help to be able to bring happiness in your life by empowering yourself to become involved with living in the present, not the future or the past.

I feel that this book offers the reader to find meaningful ways to find enrichment in our lives. She does this so open and honestly by using herself, her life, her emotions as illustrations to work through the process of becoming in tuned with our own self which elicits understanding of who we are.

This is not a quick and easy book to read for it goes in depth addressing our human nature and how to grow in a positive and meaningful way.

Moonstone brings out one point that I totally agree with her on. When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. Another words, when you make judgments about others while blaming them for uncomfortable circumstances that affect you, one can find themselves looking into a reflection pool only seeing their own weaknesses thus clarifying their own lack of self-esteem.

This book does not offer an immediate solution to your thinking and how you perceive life. This book takes effort and full concentration and often requires you to re-read what you just got done reading.

Obviously Moonstone is a deep thinker and she wants us to become in touch with our own souls and learn to love who we really are. Our body is the temple of our soul and our mind is the gatekeeper. Moonstone wants us to become in contact with our spiritual growth and to become cognizant of our own potentials and capabilities.

This book definitely is Holistic and enlightens us on our own Spiritual Growth. I highly recommend this book for people who have the capability to become in touch with their own psyche and have the ability to blend the body, mind and spirit.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Moonstone Star White in 'High Way From Hell' has delivered a clear explanation of what this concept of the great shift in humanity's perspective is all about. So many books that I have read offer general concepts but Moonstone delivers real life examples of how to apply this to daily life. Taken from personal experience and an obvious enlightened perspective, she covers all the basics for accomplishing this change and does it in a way that the person, who has had minimal experience in working with this information, can understand and adopt. Opening herself up to reveal her journey adds to the enjoyment and flow of reading her book. This is an example of clear explanation of a tough concept describing the difference between the mind and the intuition or feelings 'The conscious aspect of mind is the organizer. It is threatened by the chaotic nature of intuition. The mind knows through evaluation of past experience and societal conditioning which it uses to form judgments designed to create an orderly experience of life. What it can't figure out it will rationalize. What it is not prepared to deal with it will store in the recesses of the subconscious. The conscious mind tries to understand everything. Mind's biggest problem with feelings or intuition is that they are disorderly, irrational and often unpredictable. Trying to talk about them does not have the same effect as allowing the feelings as they are.' This is just one example but Moonstone goes on to identify the difference between mind and feelings which for me is crucial in the understanding of the whole concept of awakening. Moonstone tackle all the big aspects of enlightenment and the subtitle really says it all. 'Using emotion to fan the fire of enlightenment' This statement in itself sums up the crux of the message. In 'High Way From Hell' she delivers a clear, concise explanation that can benefit seasoned seekers, but more importantly the person who is just beginning their path to enlightenment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Award winning book that compares favorable with anything offered in its genre today. If you've enjoyed the writings of Wayne Dyer, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Eckart Tolle, and Marianne Moore you'll be dazzled by Moonstone Star White's Highway From Hell. Indeed, few books compare to Highway From Hell for the depth of its exploration of the role of emotion and perception in our lives as a means toward enlightenment. This is one of those books that you will read and re-read for its fresh insights and for its treatment of issues that we all struggle with--some chapter headings: 'Finding your Niche in a World with One Mission', 'Your experience Demonstrates your Truth', 'The Four Aspects of Experience', 'Integrity and Self-Love.' The book is organized into aptly titled chapters which provide an instant reference to your inquiry of interest. 'If the body is the temple of the soul, the mind and emotions are its gatekeepers' begins one eloquent chapter that explains how experience is a catalyst for change and growth. Written in first person, Highway From Hell is an intimate guide to understanding the power of our emotions, and the sometimes elusive empowerment of both self-acceptance and change. As a voracious reader of books about spiritual growth, enlightenment, the power of attraction and realizing one's potential--and as a publisher of a magazine dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and education, I place this book among the top ten books in this genre that I would recommend to anyone. --Publisher, The Light, A Journal of Holistic Health, Spiritual Growth and Metaphysical Growth.
Guest More than 1 year ago
HighWay from Hell' is an incredibly absorbing feast of a book, for those that are fluttering along the perimeter of awareness and hungry for further enlightenment. It's not just another book on spirituality, it's a principle to positively live by, a priceless gift, a masterpiece. It inspires you to think beyond self-limiting beliefs and discover true emotional and spiritual liberation. It's an absolute 'eye-opener' of a read, taking you on an intense journey that will change your life, touch your heart and elucidate your mind. This book is a rich tapestry of a map to insight and realization: you discover the answers that you had been seeking, you just didn't know how to find them. Congratulations Moonstone White on what is a beautiful, articulate, inspirational breath of fresh air within this plethora of books listed under 'spiritual' - HighWay from Hell is for grown-ups, it makes 'The Secret' look like a 5th grade study guide! I loved it and I highly recommend it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was amazed at how this book grabbed my attention right from the first page. By the end of the first chapter I could feel myself beginning to spiral within, to some sort of mysterious inner space that feels both significant and aware. The narrative felt hypnotic to me. I was captivated by it, and yet, it was too much to fathom all in one sitting. I would find myself reading a page or two and then staring off into space as the ideas precipitated into my mind. Little narrative episodes from the author's life peppered throughout the book add spice and reality to sometimes abstract concepts. It's loaded with levels of meaning that seemed to open up more and more as I read through it. This book is no lightweight and there is no fluff, yet it is both engaging and entertaining. This is not just another 'feel good, think all positive thoughts' kind of book. It addresses our very human quality of being emotionally driven and shows us how to use it in a natural way to become more intuitive and grow as a person. The message soothes and assures at the same time as it unsettles and rattles the cage. The experience I had while reading it is both profound and yet difficult to put into words. It's like getting a wake-up call that surprises you because you thought you were already awake. This is a terrific book for anyone who wants to become more intuitive, authentic and self-aware.