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Higher Education and Democracy: Essays on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Higher Education and Democracy: Essays on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

by John Saltmarsh, Edward Zlotkowski

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ISBN-10: 143990037X

ISBN-13: 9781439900376

Pub. Date: 01/28/2011

Publisher: Temple University Press

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Temple University Press
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction Putting into Practice the Civic Purposes of Higher Education John Saltmarsh Edward Zlotkowski 1

Section I General Need

Introduction R. Eugene Rice 9

1 Social Crises and the Faculty Response Edward Zlotkowski 13

2 The Civic Promise of Service-Learning John Saltmarsh 28

Section II Antecedents

Introduction Keith Morton 35

3 Education for Critical Citizenship: John Dewey's Contribution to the Pedagogy of Community Service-Learning John Saltmarsh 41

4 Addams, Dewey, and Day: The Emergence of Community Service in American Culture John Saltmarsh Keith Morton 55

Section III Service-Learning Pedagogy

Introduction Donna Killian Duffy 75

5 Does Service-Learning Have a Future? Edward Zlotkowski 79

6 Pedagogy and Engagement Edward Zlotkowski 95

7 Academic and Civic Engagement Edward Zlotkowski 120

Section IV Service-Learning in the Curriculum: The First Year

Introduction John N. Gardner 131

8 Service-Learning and the First-Year Student Edward Zlotkowski 137

9 Service-Learning and the Introductory Course: Lessons from across the Disciplines Edward Zlotkowski 154

10 Getting Serious about Service: Civic Engagement and the First-Year Experience Edward Zlotkowski 169

Section V Service-Learning in the Curriculum: The Disciplines

Introduction KerryAnn O'Meara 183

11 Mapping New Terrain: The American Association for Higher Education's Series on Service-Learning in the Academic Disciplines Edward Zlotkowski 187

12 The Disciplines and the Public Good Edward Zlotkowski 201

13 Opportunity for All: Linking Service-Learning and Business Education Edward Zlotkowski 218

14 Emerson's Prophecy John Saltmarsh 238

Section VI Engaged Departments

Introduction Kevin Kecskes 251

15 The Engaged Department in the Context of Academic Change Edward Zlotkowski John Saltmarsh 257

16 Characteristics of an Engaged Department: Design and Assessment John Saltmarsh Sherril Gelmon 266

Section VII The Engaged Campus

Introduction Barbara A. Holland 281

17 Indicators of Engagement John Saltmarsh Edward Zlotkowski Elizabeth L. Hollander 285

18 Minority-Serving Institutions as Models Edward Zlotkowski 303

19 Community Colleges as Models Edward Zlotkowski Donna Killian Duffy Robert Franco 311

20 A New University with a Soul John Saltmarsh 318

Section VIII Over a Decade Later

Introduction Ira Harkavy 323

21 Students as Colleagues: Enlarging the Circle of Service-Learning Leadership Edward Zlotkowski Nicholas Longo James Williams 329

22 Engagement and Epistemology John Saltmarsh 342

Conclusion Looking Back, Looking Ahead: A Dialogue John Saltmarsh Edward Zlotkowski 354

References 367

Contributors 389

Index 391

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