Hiker Mike: Adventures Farther Afield

Hiker Mike: Adventures Farther Afield

by Mike Kirby

A sequel to Hiker Mike's Best Hikes -- a guide to hikes in and around Toronto -- this volume goes further afield in southern Ontario, as far as Algonquin Park and Temagami; further still to the Adirondacks, Bahamas, and BC, and as far afield as Everest.
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A sequel to Hiker Mike's Best Hikes -- a guide to hikes in and around Toronto -- this volume goes further afield in southern Ontario, as far as Algonquin Park and Temagami; further still to the Adirondacks, Bahamas, and BC, and as far afield as Everest.

Editorial Reviews

Wilderness Journal - Boris Swidersky
A valuable hiking resource and fun to read. Hiker Mike's humor, positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm for hiking fill every page.
Toronto Sun - Diane Slawych
Characteristic humor and down-to-earth style... widely varied hikes that are accessible to every skill level.

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Chapter 1: How It All Began: The "Begin Already" Overview

This book was originally to have been called 25 One-Day Hikes and One 25-Day Hike, describing my adventures here in the Megacity on a variety of contrasting park, ravine and water-front trails, leading up to, and preparing for, my 25-day journey from Kathmandu, Nepal, to the Base Camp of Mount Everest at 18,000 feet. This is where climbers from all over the world begin their ascent on the now somewhat sullied and badly abused flanks of the Earth Mother herself, Chomo Lungma.

But the damnable project got away on me. What had begun as a daily journal of my climbing trek from the lowland terraces of rice and potato fields in the Terai Lowlands, up through the pine and rhododendron forests of the Himalayan Foothills, into the Solo Khumbu Valley (home of the one-time nomad Sherpa nation), and thereby achieving the high Himalaya, by way of the Khumbu Glacier and the Icefall, turned into a rather large amount of information, judging by the length of this sentence, that simply would not fit into the back half of the proposed Farther Afield book. And so the Everest journey must wait to see the inside of the bookstore travel section until a later date, and now we can return to the project at hand.

Here, inside, you will find a few dozen fat Megacity warm-up hikes, varying in length and degree of difficulty, that will prepare us to then get the hell out of town to exotic hiking locales in "strands afar remote," beginning with an Algonquin -- Adirondack Adventure section, wherein we will explore not only the guts of the wilderness interiors, but also the Frontenac Trail that connects the two. Bet you didn't know that anAlgonquin-to-Adirondack Trail was being developed, did you? Well, now you do and you're finding out about it not too long after me. So welcome to the ever-changing, brave new world of hiking.

Farther Afield also contains numerous Q-and-A's from Hiker Mike's pen pals from around the world, in which we will be informed about hiking trails and outdoor gear, and will hear tall tales and reminiscences by good people who took the time to shoot me cyber notes from all over North America. We'll also take a trip down memory trail to Temagami Red Pine Ridge, overlooking the mystical White Bear Old Growth Forest.

Then, moving well out of Ontario, we will wing our way west to Vancouver, where we will hike the Coast Mountains around the city, starting, and almost ending, with the bastard hike, the Grouse Grind, in which Hiker Mike attempts the impossible under the influence of half a joint of Island bud. It's just one of a half dozen or so spectacular psychedelic hikes from Cypress Bowl past Squamish's "The Chief" and on up the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler's Black Tusk and the glacier lake, Garibaldi. We will finish our epic journey with a week's worth of restful and recuperative hiking on the amazing out island of Bahama's Great Exuma, where taximan Kermit Rolle and the naked hermit Hanno will show us the ocean, jungles and beaches of the world's most beautiful coral island in the Gulf Stream. Be there or be a wussy, baby!

I will make sure that you will enjoy following in the Hiker's footsteps, if you decide to go yourself, by giving specific directions on how to find the people and places that actually exist and helped me on my way, as they will you. I will make mention of guest houses, state parks, campsites, restaurants, brothels, and most important, directions to the trailheads that are waiting for you, that is, if you decide to rise up off your big, fat, lazy and ever-expanding butt. Or you may carry on doing what you're doing and read my expedition accounts during the commercial breaks of that National Geographic special that you're watching for exercise. Either way, you'll be getting out there and exploring the Big Blue Ball we call Earth, even if you only dream of one day hitting that Comeback Trail to Fitness. Just imagine your-self with both feet firmly planted in a pair of light hiking boots, map and compass in hand and that familiar old escapist grin breaking out all over your face.

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