Hillbilly Boogie [Box Set]
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Hillbilly Boogie [Box Set]

This has to be the most comprehensive, glorious, and flat-out ass-kicking country (hillbilly) boogie collection ever assembled. While it's true that the U.K.'s Proper label is controversial with some other reissue labels for their elaborate, budget-priced collections (in their boxes you get four well-mastered CDs and a full booklet complete with exhaustive liner notes


This has to be the most comprehensive, glorious, and flat-out ass-kicking country (hillbilly) boogie collection ever assembled. While it's true that the U.K.'s Proper label is controversial with some other reissue labels for their elaborate, budget-priced collections (in their boxes you get four well-mastered CDs and a full booklet complete with exhaustive liner notes and deluxe photos for less than $35 American), what cannot be debated is their quality both in terms of packaging and compilation research. On these four discs are 100 tracks of nothing but hillbilly boogie jams that cut across time periods, subgenres, labels, and styles to present the only truly accurate representation of this period in the development of country music and rock & roll available. The four discs are arranged thematically, which was the only way to present this much material in any organized fashion, with the boogie woogie represented regionally, instrumentally, and in terms of name recognition (tunes named after people) and tracks that charted. Along with name artists such as Chet Atkins, whose "Boogie Man Boogie" was one of his first vocal performances, Bill Haley, Merle Travis, Arthur Smith, Tennessee Ernie Ford, the Maddox Brothers & Rose, the Delmore Brothers, and Tillman Franks & His Rainbow Boys (featuring Faron Young on vocals), there are untold surprises not only in the most obscure titles, but in the uncovered treasures by talent no one would ever associate with the medium. Two of these are rare boogie tracks by Hawkshaw Hawkins ("Doghouse Boogie") and Cowboy Copas ("Hangman Boogie"). The pair died together in a plane crash and was never associated with the boogie. Another surprise is the inclusion of Hank Snow's "Rhumba Boogie"; in both style and arrangment it is one of the most radical songs he ever recorded. Most revelatory, however, is the track "Zeb's Mountain Boogie" by Brad Brady, who is actually legendary country producer Owen Bradley & His Tennesseans. This song by Bradley, who was synonymous with the slick, silky sound that made Patsy Cline a household name, is a raw, woolly, and greasy boogie jam that is one of the sweatiest in the set. Billy Haley's tracks are with the Saddlemen, his pre-Comets band, but they rock harder than "Rock Around the Clock." Also, in Tillman Franks listeners hear the alter ego of none other than Webb Pierce. With the Ernie Ford, Haley, and Arthur Smith cuts, listeners have the true underpinnings of the savage kind of rockabilly made infamous by Gene Vincent, Sonny Burgess, and Johnny Burnette. It's out of control, nearly off the rails eight-bar boogie that features the pedal steel and electric guitar more prominently than the piano -- which is also a key fissure in the music that early rock & roll split off from. There are also forms here such as the Cajun boogie of Harry Choates and the jazzed-out Western swing pursuits by Jim Boyd, with the prominent piano in a dual role with the pedal steel, and Spade Cooley, Jerry Irby, and Curley Rash. This collection is the crossroads where the old barrelhouse music of the early 20th century met the Southern blues met the swing bands and flipped itself over into hot rod rock & roll. Hillbilly Boogie is indispensable for anyone interested in American roots music in general or in the development of country and rock & roll in particular. Let it rock, boogie man boogie, or just go home.

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Disc 1

  1. Travelling Boogie
  2. Freight Train Boogie
  3. Streamliner Boogie
  4. Pan American Boogie
  5. Louisiana Boogie
  6. Tennessee Boogie
  7. Tennessee Boogie
  8. Georgia Boogie
  9. Texas Boogie
  10. Mississippi Boogie
  11. Oakie Boogie
  12. Dixieland Boogie
  13. Kentucky Waltz Boogie
  14. Mobile Boogie
  15. Colorado Boogie
  16. Fort Worth Boogie
  17. Waxachachie Boogie Woogie Dishwasher Boy
  18. Del Rio Boogie
  19. Downtown Boogie
  20. Out of Town Boogie
  21. North Pole Boogie
  22. Three-Way Boogie
  23. Smokey Mountain Boogie
  24. Humble Road Boogie
  25. Peach Tree Street Boogie

Disc 2

  1. I've Got the Boogie Blues
  2. Pretty Baby Boogie
  3. Slick Chick Boogie
  4. Mother-In-Law Boogie
  5. Mean Mama Boogie
  6. Jesse James Boogie
  7. Old MacDonald Boogie
  8. Baby Buggie Boogie
  9. George's Playhouse Boogie
  10. Long Tom Boogie
  11. Jack & Jill Boogie
  12. Boogie Woogie Lou
  13. Zeb's Mountain Boogie
  14. Boogie Woogie Blues
  15. Rip Ramsey Boogie
  16. Richey Boogie
  17. Porky's Boogie Woogie on Strings
  18. T. Texas Boogie
  19. Paper Boy Boogie
  20. Cowboy Boogie
  21. Lost John Boogie
  22. Merle's Boogie Woogie
  23. Bennie Hess Boogie
  24. G.I. Boogie
  25. Hal Billy Boogie

Disc 3

  1. Boogie Man Boogie
  2. Boogie Woogie
  3. Boog-Boog Boogie
  4. Super Boogie Woogie
  5. Boogie Woogie in the Village
  6. Doin' the Boogie Woogie
  7. Hillbilly Boogie
  8. Boogie Barn Dance
  9. Dream Band Boogie
  10. Hayride Boogie
  11. Boogie Woogie on a Saturday Night
  12. Country Boogie
  13. Hillbilly Boogie
  14. Green Tree Boogie
  15. No Shoes Boogie
  16. Shufflin' Shoes Boogie
  17. Juke Box Boogie
  18. Juke Box Boogie
  19. Boogie Woogie Baby
  20. Boogie Woogie Gal
  21. Cornbread Boogie
  22. Catfish Boogie
  23. Goatburger Boogie
  24. Sundown Boogie
  25. Alarm Clock Boogie

Disc 4

  1. Crazy About the Boogie
  2. Crazy Boogie
  3. Crazy Baby Boogie
  4. Guitar Boogie
  5. Mandolin Boogie
  6. Joe's Mandolin Boogie
  7. Piano Pete's Boogie
  8. Banjo Boogie
  9. Be Bop Boogie
  10. Real Hot Boogie
  11. Red Hot Boogie
  12. Hula Boogie
  13. Shotgun Boogie
  14. Hod Rod Shotgun Boogie No. 2
  15. Doghouse Boogie
  16. Dirty Boogie
  17. Snake Dance Boogie
  18. Rhumba Boogie
  19. Hadacol Boogie
  20. Playboy Boogie
  21. Hesitation Boogie
  22. New Broom Boogie
  23. Hangman Boogie
  24. Mule Boogie
  25. I'm Too Old to Boogie Anymore

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chet Atkins   Guitar,Vocals
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Tennessee Ernie Ford   Vocals
Hawkshaw Hawkins   Guitar,Vocals
Hank Snow   Guitar,Vocals
Merle Travis   Guitar,Vocals
Faron Young   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Haley   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Sonny Smith   Bass,Rhythm Guitar
Hardrock Gunter   Guitar,Vocals
Roy Hall   Piano
Zeb Turner   Guitar,Vocals
Noel Boggs   Steel Guitar
Jimmy Day   Steel Guitar
Jack Guthrie   Vocals
Don Helms   Steel Guitar
Grady Martin   Guitar
Wade Ray   Fiddle
Cliffie Stone   Bass
Billy Strange   Guitar
Speedy West   Steel Guitar
Joey Castle   Fiddle
Johnny Bond   Guitar,Vocals
Cowboy Copas   Vocals
T. Texas Tyler   Guitar
Charline Arthur   Guitar,Vocals
Anita Carter   Bass
Shot Jackson   Steel Guitar
Spade Cooley   Fiddle
Dexter   Guitar,Vocals
Don Reno   Rhythm Guitar
Robert Armstrong   Piano
Jesse Ashlock   Fiddle
Owen Bradley   Piano
Don Brewer   Drums
Billy Briggs   Steel Guitar,Vocals
Billy Byrd   Steel Guitar
J.R. Chatwell   Fiddle
Terry Cox   Piano
Bud Duncan   Steel Guitar
Charlie Harris   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Roy Harte   Drums
Jesse Tiny Kennedy   Steel Guitar
Bill Mack   Guitar,Vocals
Cal Maddox   Rhythm Guitar
Don Maddox   Fiddle
Fred Maddox   Bass,Vocals
Henry Maddox   Mandolin,Vocal Harmony
Rose Maddox   Vocals
Alan Meyers   Electric Guitar
Bob Morgan   Bass
Ernie Newton   Bass
Webb Pierce   Vocals
Joey Ramone   Bass
Wayne Raney   Harmonica,Vocals
Herb Remington   Steel Guitar
Ralph Smith   Accordion
Billy Stewart   Bass
Stricklin   Piano
Tommy Vaden   Fiddle
Stanley Walker   Guitar
Mark Wheeler   Electric Guitar
Curley Williams   Fiddle
Muddy Berry   Drums
Hezzie Bryant   Bass
Danny Cedrone   Guitar
Pedro DePaul   Accordion
Johnny Grande   Piano
Bobby Lane   Rhythm Guitar
Marshall Lytle   Bass
Earl Joaquin Murphey   Steel Guitar
Dale Potter   Fiddle
John Weis   Guitar
Billy Williamson   Steel Guitar
J.D. Standlee   Steel Guitar
Sam Baker   Piano
Jack Shook   Guitar
Paul Blunt   Piano
Harold Hensley   Fiddle
Eddie Kirk   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jimmie Widener   Rhythm Guitar
Floyd Armstrong   Guitar,Vocals
Lloyd Armstrong   Mandolin,Vocals
Tex Atchison   Fiddle
Johnny Barfield   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Cole   Guitar
Vic Davis   Piano
Alton Delmore   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Rabon Delmore   Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Bert Dodson   Bass
Tillman Franks   Bass
Lonnie Glosson   Harmonica,Vocals
Hopkins   Guitar
Jerry Irby   Guitar,Vocals
Roy Lanham   Electric Guitar
Roy Lear   Bass
Bill Nettles   Mandolin,Vocals
Sam Nichols   Guitar
Johnny Pearson   Rhythm Guitar
Joe Pope   Piano,Vocals
Rip Ramsey   Bass
Buddy Ray   Fiddle
Paul Sells   Piano,Accordion
Bob Shivers   Fiddle
Deuce Spriggins   Bass
Mancel Tierney   Piano
Zeke Turner   Guitar,Group Member
Jerry Adler   Harmonica
Louis Innis   Guitar,Group Member
Joseph Hale III Talbot   Steel Guitar
E.A. "Highpockets" Busse   Accordion
Smoky Fields   Fiddle
Joyce "Red" Murrell   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Snow   Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy O'Neal   Vocals
Hyman Hampton "Hamp" Stephens   Electric Guitar
Johnny Cooper   Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Durden   Vocals
Paul Richey   Electric Guitar
Victor Davis   Fiddle
Don Whitney   Steel Guitar,Vocals
Arle Barker   Rhythm Guitar
Albert H. Winter   Piano
Richard Hamilton   Guitar
Billy Williams & Choir   Guitar
Peter Burke   Piano,Vocals
Strickland   Steel Guitar
Roy Starkey   Bass
Barker   Bass
Holly Hollinger   Trumpet
Billy Hughes   Fiddle,Vocals
Bud White   Fiddle,Rhythm Guitar
Hank Caldwell   Bass
Roy Hogsed   Guitar,Vocals
Hal Smith   Bass
Van Morris   Bass,Vocals
Arthur Smith Trio   Banjo,Guitar
Ted Hodges   Fiddle
Jess Williams   Bass,Rhythm Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Jo Ella Wright   Piano
Jimmy Bryant Singers   Guitar
Jesse Williams   Bass
Bob Scaltrito   Guitar
Walt McCoy   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Corky Carpenter   Vocals
Tommy Bishop   Fiddle
Frankie Brumbalough   Fiddle,Vocals
Dick Dyson   Guitar
Wes Holly   Vocals
Charlie Aiello   Drums
George Weldon Allard   Bass,Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Jiggs Arendell   Steel Guitar
Buddy Attaway   Guitar
Leodie Jackson   Steel Guitar
Alan H. Barker   Bass
Ossie J. Godson   Piano
Norman C. Baker   Fiddle
Norman E. Baker   Fiddle
Ace Ball   Rhythm Guitar
Joe Baumgardner   Mandolin
Ernest Milton Beasley   Mandolin,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Marvin Richard "Dickie" Jones   Fiddle
Jim Boyd   Vocals
Ralph Mayo   Fiddle
Madge Suttee   Piano

Technical Credits

Harry Choates   Composer
Chet Atkins   Composer
Bill Boyd   Composer
Tennessee Ernie Ford   Composer
Hank Snow   Composer
Merle Travis   Composer
Bill Haley   Composer
Hardrock Gunter   Composer
Zeb Turner   Composer
Cliffie Stone   Composer
Johnny Bond   Composer
Charline Arthur   Composer
Spade Cooley   Composer
Dexter   Composer
Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith   Composer
Billy Briggs   Composer
Charlie Harris   Composer
Bill Mack   Composer
Webb Pierce   Composer
Wayne Raney   Composer
Jim Scott   Composer
Hal Smith   Composer
Curley Williams   Composer
Red Turner   Composer
John Weis   Composer
Floyd Armstrong   Composer
Alton Delmore   Composer
Rabon Delmore   Composer
Jerry Irby   Composer
Bill Nettles   Composer
Joe Pope   Composer
Rip Ramsey   Composer
Jesse Rogers   Composer
Mancel Tierney   Composer
Zeke Turner   Composer
Joaquin Murphy   Composer
Adam Komorowski   Annotation,Proof Reading
W.S. Stevenson   Composer
Herbert M. Paige   Composer
Tommy Durden   Composer
Irving Taylor   Composer
Wally Fowler   Composer
Albert H. Winter   Composer
Billy Hughes   Composer
Johnny Tyler   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Maston   Composer
Walt McCoy   Composer
George Bamby   Composer
Wes Holly   Composer
Joe Baumgardner   Composer
Jean Davidson   Composer
Hubert Friar   Composer
Tommy Trent   Composer

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