Hip Himalayans

Hip Himalayans

by Katherine Hengel, Bob Doucet

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Children's Literature - Summer Whiting
Did you know Himalayan cats are very social creatures? Or that these cats are sometimes called Himmies? Some will grow to be fifteen pounds! Himalayans need to be brushed once a day. Facial features, body basics, health and care—-everything you would ever need to know about this particular breed can be found right here. It addresses what necessities you would need in order to make this breed happy, how to go about keeping a litter box clean, and a short quiz at the end of the book. Did you know that tomatoes, garlic, and grapes could make a Himalayan very sick? This book would make an excellent learning tool for a young person who is about to acquire a Himalayan. It even has a short checklist that would help the reader to decide if this cat would be the right fit. The stunning photographs help illustrate just why this breed is so popular. This book will surely engage emerging readers and make a wonderful addition to a home or school library. Reviewer: Summer Whiting
School Library Journal
Gr 1-4–Purebred feline characteristics and needs are covered clearly and in reasonable detail in chapters including “Facial Features,” “Body Basics,” “Coat & Color,” and “Health & Care.” For instance, in Abyssinians, four different colors of fur are illustrated and Himalayans recommends cleaning the cat’s eyes as they can get watery. Each title contains a “Vet’s Checklist.” The “All About Me” sections feature preferences from the cat’s perspective–Mack the Maine Coon states, for example, that he dislikes being bored. Chapters also cover “Litters & Kittens” and buying and living with a given breed. A checklist is included to help determine a good match between breed and owner. “Some Things You’ll Need” illustrates required items such as food, a litter box, and toys. These books have a contemporary design. The placement of the text and the eye-catching photos varies from page to page. Supplements include fact boxes, quizzes, and a cartoon illustration with history on the breed.

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ABDO Publishing Company
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Cat Craze Series
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9.40(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.30(d)
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7 - 9 Years

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