Hip Hop, Freestyle & R&B Platinum Classics

Hip Hop, Freestyle & R&B Platinum Classics


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Disc 1

  1. Kung Fu Fighting  - Cee Lo Green
  2. Party (Up In Here)  -  DMX
  3. Ice Ice Baby  - Vanilla Ice
  4. White Lines  -  Furious Five
  5. It Takes Two  - Rob Base
  6. Wild Wild West  - Kool Moe Dee
  7. Gangsta's Paradise  -  Coolio
  8. Roxanne's Revenge  - Roxanne Shanté
  9. Let's Get Married  -  Jagged Edge
  10. I Got a Man  - Positive K
  11. Why You Treat Me So Bad  -  Club Nouveau
  12. No Diggity  -  Blackstreet
  13. My Prerogative  - Bobby Brown
  14. Oh Sheila  -  Ready for the World
  15. This Is How We Do It  - Montell Jordan
  16. Supersonic  -  J.J. Fad
  17. The Roof Is On Fire  -  Dynamic Three

Disc 2

  1. Mentirosa  - Mellow Man Ace
  2. I Got It Made  - Special Ed
  3. Back in the Day  - Ahmad Lewis
  4. Knockin' Boots  -  Candyman
  5. Treat 'Em Right  - Chubb Rock
  6. Wild Thing  -  Tone-Loc
  7. Sunshine  - Lil' Flip
  8. Freak Like Me  - Adina Howard
  9. Just a Friend  - Biz Markie
  10. Don't Stop The Rock  -  Freestyle
  11. Ruff Ryders' Anthem  -  DMX
  12. The Breaks  - Kurtis Blow
  13. I Wonder If I Take You Home  -  Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
  14. I'll Do 4 U  - Father MC
  15. Cutie Pie  -  One Way
  16. Jam On It  -  Newcleus

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Queen   Composer
Bill Withers   Composer
Bloodrock   Composer
George Clinton   Composer
B. Collins   Composer
R. Miller   Composer
David Paich   Composer
R. Simpson   Composer
B. Smith   Composer
D. Foster   Composer
Brandon Casey   Composer
Brian Casey   Composer
A. Smith   Composer
P. Jones   Composer
M. Young   Composer
R. Wylie   Composer
R. Van Winkle   Composer
M. Lu'Ree   Composer
L. Shante   Composer
D. Branch   Composer
E. Hamilton   Composer
K. Nazel   Composer
D. Roberson   Composer
C. Hannibal   Composer
A. Gonzales   Composer
R. Walters   Composer
G. Charles   Composer
E. Archer   Composer
L. George   Composer
J. Meadows   Composer
T. Dudley   Composer
H. Clarke   Composer
C. Bedeau   Composer
A. Lewis   Composer
P. George   Composer
A. Hudson   Composer
O. Pierce   Composer
R. Fusari   Composer
W. Stewart   Composer
W. Clarke   Composer
M. Cenac   Composer
U. Reyes   Composer
M. Jordan   Composer
M. Glover   Composer
G. Wigfall   Composer
G. Valentine   Composer
G. Baker   Composer
E. Simmons   Composer
G. Hudson   Composer
F. Shaheed   Composer
D. Birks   Composer
D. Rasheed   Composer
J. Gonzales   Composer
J. Dupri   Composer
L. Sanders   Composer
J. Burns   Composer
B. George   Composer
B. Fowler   Composer
T. Riley   Composer
T. McElroy   Composer
T. Butler   Composer

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