Historical Atlas of Crystallography / Edition 1

Historical Atlas of Crystallography / Edition 1

by J. Lima-de-Faria

ISBN-10: 079230649X

ISBN-13: 9780792306498

Pub. Date: 05/31/1990

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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1. Time-Maps as a Cultural Tool, J. Lima-de-Faria

2. Time Maps of Crystallography, J. Lima-de-Faria

3. Brief History of Geometrical Crystallography, Marjorie Senechal

4. Brief History of Physical Crystallography, W.A. Wooster

5. Brief History of Chemical Crystallography. I: Inorganic Compounds, P.B. Moore

6. Brief History of Chemical Crystallography. II: Organic Compounds, Jenny P. Glusker

7. Brief History of Crystal Structure Determination, M.J. Buerger

8. Title pages of Important Works on Crystallography, J. Lima-de-Faria

9. The Domain of Crystallography, Helen D. Megaw

10. Bibliography on the history of Crystallography, J. Lima-de-Faria

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Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, PO Box 17, 3300AA Dordrecht, Holland.

All rights reserved Copyright © International Union of Crystallography.

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