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History and Memory

History and Memory

by Jacques Le Goff, Elizabeth Claman, Stephen Rendall

ISBN-10: 0231075901

ISBN-13: 9780231075909

Pub. Date: 11/19/1992

Publisher: Perseus (for Columbia University Press)

— Gerald Prince, University of Pennsylvania


— Gerald Prince, University of Pennsylvania

Product Details

Perseus (for Columbia University Press)
Publication date:
European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism Series
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

Table of Contents

PrefacePAST/PRESENTThe distinction between past and present in psychologyThe distinction between past and present in light of linguisticsThe distinction between past and present in primitive thoughtGeneral reflections on the distinction between past and present in historical consciousnessThe evolution of the relation between past and present in European thought from ancient Greece to the nineteenth centuryThe ghost of the past, the history of the present, and the fascination with the future in the twentieth centuryANTIQUE (ANCIENT)/MODERNAn ambiguous Western pairingIn this pair the modern is the main problemThe ambiguity of the antique (ancient): Greco-Roman antiquity and other antiquitiesThe Modern and its copetitors: Modern and New, Modern and ProgressAntique (ancient)/modern and history: Quarrels between Ancients and Moderns in preindustrial Europe from the sixth to the eighteenth centuriesAntique (ancient)/modern and history: Modernism, modernization, modernity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuriesDomains that reveal modernismThe historical conditions of the recognition of modernismThe ambiguity of the modernMEMORYEthnic MemoryThe Rise of Memory: From Orality to Writing, from Prehistory to AntiquityMemory in the Middle Ages: Western EuropeThe Progress of Written and Figured Memory from the Renaissance to the PresentContemporary Revolutions in MemoryConclusion: The Stake of MemoryHISTORYParadoxes and Ambiguities of HistoryIs History a science of the past, or is it true that "there is only contemporary history"? Knowledge and power: Objectivity and the manipulation of the pastThe singular and the universal: Generalizations and regularities in historyThe Historical Mentality: Men and the PastPhilosophies of HistoryHistory as a Science: The Historian's CraftHistory TodayEndnotesBibliographyAbout the AuthorIndex

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