History Lessons: How Textbooks from Around the World Portray U.S. History

History Lessons: How Textbooks from Around the World Portray U.S. History

by Dana Lindaman, Kyle Roy Ward

The widely contrasting approaches to U.S. history that can be found in the textbooks of other nations.See more details below


The widely contrasting approaches to U.S. history that can be found in the textbooks of other nations.

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Table of Contents

Pt. IThe new world and a new American nation
1Viking exploration : Norway, Canada3
2Columbus : Cuba, Caribbean6
3British exploration : Great Britain, Canada13
4Puritans : Great Britain17
5French and Indian War : Great Britain, Caribbean, Canada21
6Government in colonial America : Great Britain29
7The American Revolution : Great Britain, France, Canada, Caribbean, Germany33
Pt. IIWestward expansion
8The War of 1812 : Great Britain, Canada, Caribbean51
9The Monroe Doctrine : Great Britain, Brazil, Caribbean, Mexico, France57
10Manifest destiny : Canada, Mexico, Brazil65
11Texas and the Mexican-American wars : Mexico72
12Slavery : Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Great Britain, Mexico79
13The Civil War : Canada, Great Britain, Mexico92
14Immigration : Japan, Canada, Norway, Ireland, Italy101
Pt. IIIA world power
15Opening of Japan : Japan109
16The Spanish-American War : Spain, Philippines, Cuba, Caribbean111
17Philippine-American War : Philippines123
18Boxer Rebellion : China (Hong Kong), Japan, Great Britain127
19U.S. interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean : Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Caribbean133
Pt. IVWorld War I
20Causes of World War I : France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain149
21The Great War : France, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany158
22Aftermath of the war : Germany, France, Nigeria, Great Britain168
23Invasion of Russia : Japan, Great Britain175
24The Treaty of Versailles : Germany, Japan, Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy177
Pt. VThe Great Depression and World War II
25The Great Depression : Russia, France, Caribbean193
26World War II : Europe : Great Britain, Germany, Russia202
27D-Day and the liberation of Europe : Great Britain, Canada, France, Italy214
28Resistance : France, Italy, Germany222
29World War II : Pacific theater : Philippines, Japan228
30The atomic bomb : Japan, Philippines, Canada, Great Britain, Italy238
Pt. VIThe Cold War
31The origins of the Cold War : Canada, Russia, Great Britain247
32The United Nations : Great Britain, Russia, Canada256
33The Cuban revolution : Cuba261
34Korean War : North Korea, South Korea, Great Britain, Russia, Canada, Japan265
35NATO : Great Britain, Russia, Canada278
36McCarthyism : Canada, France281
37Suez Canal : Great Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia285
38The Cuban missile crisis : Cuba, Russia, Canada, Caribbean297
39The Pueblo incident : North Korea307
40The Vietnam War : France, Vietnam, Canada310
41The end of the Cold War : France, Russia, Canada318
Pt. VIIModern times
42The hostage crisis in Iran : Iran325
43Nicaragua in the 1980s : Nicaragua, Canada329
44Apartheid : Zimbabwe333
45Free trade : Canada, Mexico, Japan336
46U.S.-Philippine relations : Philippines342
47Cuban-American relations : Cuba345
48The Middle East : Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France, Israel, Syria347
49Nuclear weapons in North Korea : North Korea372
50A new world order : France376

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