A History of Chinese Civilization / Edition 2

A History of Chinese Civilization / Edition 2

by Jacques Gernet

A revised and updated version of Gernet's masterful survey of the history and culture of China.See more details below


A revised and updated version of Gernet's masterful survey of the history and culture of China.

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New Edition
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List of plates; List of maps; List of tables; List of figures; Acknowledgements; Translator's preface; Introduction; Part I. From the Archaic Monarchy to the Centralized State: 1. The archaic monarchy; 2. The age of the principalities; 3. The formation of the centralized state; 4. The heritage of antiquity; Part II. Rise, evolution, and decline of the first centralized state: 5. The conquering empire; 6. Causes and consequences of the expansion; 7. The rise of the gentry and the crisis in political institutions; 8. The civilization of the Han age; Part III. The Middle Ages: 9. Barbarians and aristocrats; 10. Medieval civilization; Part IV. From the Middle Ages to Modern Times: 11. The aristocratic empire; 12. The transition to the Mandarin empire; 13. From the opening-up to the world to the return to the sources of the classical tradition; Part V. The Chinese 'Renaissance': 14. The new world; 15. The civilization of the Chinese 'renaissance'; Part VI. From the Sinicized Empires to the Mongol Occupation: 16. The sinicized empires; 17. The Mongol invasion and occupation; Part VII. The Reign of the Autocrats and Eunuchs: 18. Reconstruction and expansion; 19. Political, social, and economic changes; 20. The beginnings of modern China and the crisis of the end of the Ming dynasty; 21. Intellectual life in the Ming age; Part VIII. Authoritarian Paternalism: 22. The conquest and the foundation of the Manchu regime; 23. The enlightened despots; 24. Intellectual life from the middle of the seventeenth century to the end of the eighteenth century; Part IX. From Decline to Takeover: 25. The great recession; 26. The social explosion and its consequences; 27. The failure of modernization and the advance of foreign intrusion; 28. Intellectual currents in the nineteenth century; Part X. China Crucified: 29. The disintegration of the traditional economy and society; 30. Political developments in the first half of the twentieth century; 31. Philosophical and literary developments; Part XI. A New Chapter in Chinese History: The People's Republic of China; Chronological tables; Bibliography; Index.

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