A History of Russian Theatre

A History of Russian Theatre

by Robert Leach, Victor Borovsky

A comprehensive history of Russian theatre, written by an international team of experts.See more details below


A comprehensive history of Russian theatre, written by an international team of experts.

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List of illustrations; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Russian theatre in world theatre Robert Leach; Russian theatre in Russian culture Victor Borovsky; 1. The origins of the Russian theatre Catriona Kelly; 2. The organisation of the Russian theatre, 1645–1763 Victor Borovsky; 3. The emergence of the Russian theatre, 1763–1800 Victor Borovsky; 4. Writers and repertoires, 1800–1850 A. D. P. Briggs; 5. Actors and acting, 1820–1850 Anatoly Altschuller; 6. Popular, provincial and amateur theatres, 1820–1900 Catriona Kelly; 7. Realism in the Russian theatre, 1850–1882 Cynthia Marsh; 8. Aleksandr Ostrovsky - dramatist and director Kate Sealey Rahman; 9. The Russian Imperial Ballet Andy Adamson; 10. Russian opera John Warrack; 11. Imperial and private theatres, 1882–1905 Arkady Ostrovsky; 12. Stanislavsky and the Moscow Art Theatre, 1898–1938 Jean Benedetti; 13. The Silver Age, 1905–1917 Spencer Golub; 14. Revolutionary theatre, 1917–1930 Robert Leach; 15. The Theatre and Socialist Realism, 1929–1953 Inna Solovyova; 16. The 'thaw' and after, 1953–1986 Birgit Beumers; 17. Russian theatre in the post-communist era Anatoly Smeliansky; 18. Russian theatre and Western theatres Robert Leach; Select bibliography; Index.

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