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History of the Future: Images of the 21st Century

History of the Future: Images of the 21st Century

by Christophe Canto, Odile Faliu, Francis Cowper (Translator), Patrick Hamm (Editor)

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Since the 19th century, artists and writers have used their talents to envision what life might be like in the year 2000. This oversized, illustrated history celebrates their creative imaginations. The overarching idea conveyed by most visionaries was that science and technology would help bring about Utopia on Earth--something that is no longer expected to happen as predicted, if ever. The authors explore seven subtopics: the development of the field of future history; the way 19th-century writers like Jules Verne viewed the advent of the 21st century; depictions of an ordinary day in the year 2000; technology as humankind's salvation; the urbanization of all humanity; dystopia as an alternative future; and how humanity might come to populate the universe. Notes, works cited, and a list of illustrations complete the volume. The lack of an index is unfortunate but should not deter potential buyers. The illustrations alone will entice sf fans from high school level on up. Recommended.-- Gary D. Barber, SUNY at Fredonia Lib.

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