History of the Future [Deluxe Edition]

History of the Future [Deluxe Edition]

by The Orb

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Release Date:
Universal Uk


Disc 1

  1. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ult
  2. Little Fluffy Clouds
  3. Perpetual Dawn
  4. Blue Room
  5. Assassin
  6. Oxbow Lakes
  7. Asylum
  8. Toxygene
  9. Once More
  10. Ghostdancing

Disc 2

  1. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ult
  2. Little Fluffy Clouds
  3. Perpetual Dawn
  4. Blue Room
  5. Majestic
  6. Close Encounters
  7. Assassin
  8. Toxygene
  9. Once More

Disc 3

  1. Towers of Dub
  2. Little Fluffy Clouds
  3. Blue Room
  4. Star 6 & 7 8 9
  5. Valley
  6. Assassin

Disc 4

  1. Little Fluffy Clouds
  2. Perpetual Dawn
  3. Oxbow Lakes
  4. Pomme Fritz
  5. Toxygene
  6. Asylum
  7. Once More
  8. Blue Room
  9. Toxygene
  10. Little Fluffy Clouds
  11. Perpetual Dawn

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Orb   Primary Artist
Jah Wobble   Bass
John Peel   Voiceover
Shola   Vocals
Nina Walsh   Guitar,Vocals
Jeffrey Nelson   Vocals
Ben Bowers   fender rhodes
Aki Omori   Vocals
Simon Philips   Bass Guitar

Technical Credits

Mad Professor   Composer,Producer
Johnny Osbourne   Composer
Steve Hillage   Composer,Producer
Orb   Producer,Remixing
Minnie Riperton   Composer
Steve Reich   Composer
Coldcut   Remixing
Youth   Producer,Remixing
Jimmy Cauty   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Remixing
Andy Falconer   Engineer
Miquette Giraudy   Composer
Tom Green   Composer
Trevor Horn   Composer
Andrew Hughes   Composer
Greg Hunter   Engineer
Jah Wobble   Composer
Jagz Kooner   Remixing
Eddie Manasseh   Producer
Alex Paterson   Producer,Engineer,Remixing
Richard Rudolph   Composer
Thrash   Engineer
Kris Weston   Engineer,Remixing
Andrew Weatherall   Remixing
Bruce Woolley   Composer
Nick Burton   Artwork
Simon Darlow   Composer
Thomas Fehlmann   Composer,Producer
Tom Thiel   Composer
Stuart McMillan   Remixing
Orde Meikle   Remixing
Slam   Remixing
Kris Needs   Writer,Liner Notes,Author
Mark Pritchard   Remixing
Lewis Keogh   Producer,Remixing
Max Loderbauer   Composer
Ben Stokes   Director,Video Producer
Andy Hughes   Producer,Engineer
Ganja Kru   Remixing
Nina Walsh   Composer
Malicious Mike   Visuals
DJ Lewis   Remixing
Ric Blaxill   Video Producer
Jeffrey Nelson   Composer
Dave Meehan   Authoring
Debbie Holley   Video Producer
Martin Glover   Composer
Pamela Ross   Composer
Aki Omori   Composer
Stephen Lipson   Composer
Phil Legonidec   Composer
Shin Yamada   Management
Kristian Anthony Weston   Composer
Eddie Maiden   Composer
John L. Spencer   Video Director
Alex Paterson   Composer,Liner Notes
Tony Green   Composer
Gary Oldknow   Visuals
Lewis Jeffrey Keogh   Composer
Ross March   Management
Hugh Vickers   Composer
Mark Wood   Marketing
Steev Toth   Tour Manager
Simon Makepeace   Accounting
Ian Anderson   Marketing
Duncan Clark   Publicity
Simon Philips   Composer
Arch Dyson   Video Director
Gary Brusn   Remixing
Stanley Appel   Video Producer
Marion Waldorf   Director,Video Producer
L.X. Paterson   Concept

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