History of the Russian Revolution

History of the Russian Revolution

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by Leon Trotsky

The definitive account of the Russian Revolution, by Leon Trotsky, its leader and key historian.

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The definitive account of the Russian Revolution, by Leon Trotsky, its leader and key historian.

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Table of Contents

A Note About the Author     ix
Preface     xv
The Overthrow of Tsarism
Peculiarities of Russia's Development     3
Tsarist Russia in the War     13
The Proletariat and the Peasantry     26
The Tsar and the Tsarina     40
The Idea of a Palace Revolution     49
The Death Agony of the Monarchy     59
Five Days     75
Who Led the February Insurrection?     100
The Paradox of the February Revolution     112
The New Power     131
Dual Power     149
The Executive Committee     156
The Army and the War     179
The Ruling Group and the War     195
The Bolsheviks and Lenin     206
Rearming the Party     227
The April Days     240
The First Coalition     259
The Offensive     269
The Peasantry     282
Shifts in the Masses     296
The Congress of Soviets and the June Demonstration     316
Conclusion     330
Chronological Table for Volume One
Appendix I     333
Appendix II     338
Appendix III     343
The AttemptedCounterrevolution
Introduction to Volumes Two and Three     350
The July Days: Preparation and Beginning     357
The July Days: Culmination and Rout     378
Could the Bolsheviks Have Seized the Power?     401
The Month of the Great Slander     418
The Counterrevolution Lifts Its Head     439
Kerensky and Kornilov     456
The State Conference in Moscow     474
Kerensky's Plot     491
Kornilov's Insurrection     506
The Bourgeoisie Measures Strength with the Democracy     520
The Masses Under Attack     540
The Rising Tide     559
The Bolsheviks and the Soviets     580
The Last Coalition     594
The Triumph of the Soviets
The Peasantry Before October     617
The Problem of Nationalities     641
Withdrawal from the Pre-Parliament and Struggle for the Congress of Soviets     662
The Military Revolutionary Committee     681
Lenin Summons to Insurrection     708
The Art of Insurrection     740
The Conquest of the Capital     764
The Capture of the Winter Palace     793
The October Insurrection     819
The Congress of the Soviet Dictatorship     838
Conclusion     869
Some Legends of the Bureaucracy     875
Socialism in a Separate Country     890
Historic References on the Theory of "Permanent Revolution"     914
Chronological Table     920
A Short List of Principal Persons     925
A Short List of Principal Places     930
A Brief Glossary of Unfamiliar Terms     932
A List of Parties and Political Groups     935
Index     938

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