History of the War of Independence in Greece Volume 1

History of the War of Independence in Greece Volume 1

by Thomas Keightley

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CHAPTER II. Designs of Russia on GreecePapas-ogloo proceeds to the MoreaMeets little success in ManiBenakhiArrival of a Russian fleet in the MediterraneanRussians land in the MoreaSiege of Coron, and Capture of MistraCapture of Navarino, and Siege of Modon Arrival of the Albanians in the Morea Greeks and Russians defeated at TripolitzaRussians driven out of the MoreaExcesses of the Albanians They are destroyed by Hassan PashaMani reducedAdventures ofAndrootzosAccount of Rhigas. Such as we have described it in the foregoing chapter, was the state of Greece under the Turkish yoke, about the middle of the eighteenth century. Independence had fixed her seat in the various mountain-ranges, the people of the plains were galled by oppression, but advancing in knowledge, the Ottoman empire was becoming every day more feeble, and all men of sagacity were aware that it was verging to its fall. The most formidable foe of the Ottoman power is, beyond question, Russia, before whose might it must, sooner or later, succumb; and the idea of the Russian cabinet seeking to take advantage of the oppressed condition of the Greeks, and their community of religious faith, is so obvious a one, that the conception of it is very generally, though without perhaps much reason, ascribed to Peter the Great. This monarch, however, took no steps to excite disaffection among the Greek subjects of the Porte; but in the reigu of the Empress Elizabeth, a20 DESIGNS OF RUSSIA. Russian emissary appeared among the mountains of Taygetum, to ascertain the strength and the sentiments of the Maniotes who inhabit them, and to hold out a prospect of the aid of Russia when a favourable opportunity should present itself. WhenCatherine II., great in talent and great in crime, had seated herself on...

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