A History of Western Society Since 1300 / Edition 10

A History of Western Society Since 1300 / Edition 10

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by John P. McKay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler, Clare Haru Crowston

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ISBN-10: 0312638272

ISBN-13: 9780312638276

Pub. Date: 10/13/2010

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

The gold standard for AP European history, A History of Western Society, Ninth Edition remains unsurpassed in its integration of everyday life in the broad sweep of Western history. The enduring appeal of social history is strengthened in the new edition with fresh scholarship and global perspectives added by new authors Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks and Clare Haru


The gold standard for AP European history, A History of Western Society, Ninth Edition remains unsurpassed in its integration of everyday life in the broad sweep of Western history. The enduring appeal of social history is strengthened in the new edition with fresh scholarship and global perspectives added by new authors Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks and Clare Haru Crowston. Compelling writing rich with details about daily life helps students identify with peoples of the past, while the authors' sustained attention to cultural, economic, political, and diplomatic history ensures a balanced, integrated narrative. A close fit with the College Board’s course description, the new edition includes engaging special features and a series of Document-Based Questions (DBQs) that help students develop their historical analysis skills and prepare for the AP exam.

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Table of Contents

The Crisis of the Later Middle Ages, 1300-1450
Prelude to Disaster The Black Death Mapping the Past: MapP 12.1 The Course of the Black Death in Fourteenth-Century Europe The Hundred Years' War Challenges to the Church Individuals in Society: Jan Hus Economic and Social Change Listening to the Past: Christine de Pizan

European Society in the Age of the Renaissance, 1350-1550
Economic and Political Developments Intellectual Change Mapping the Past: Map 13.2 The Growth of Printing in Europe Art and the Artist Individuals in Society: Leonardo da Vinci Social Hierarchies Politics and the State in the Renaissance (ca 1450-1521)
Listening to the Past: An Age of Gold

Reformations and Religious Wars, 1500-1600
The Early Reformation Images in Society: Art in the Reformation The Reformation and German Politics The Spread of the Protestant Reformation The Catholic Reformation Mapping the Past: Map 14.2 Religious Divisions in Europe Individuals in Society: Teresa of Ávila Religious Violence Listening to the Past: Martin Luther, On Christian Liberty

European Exploration and Conquest, 1450-1650
World Contacts Before Columbus The European Voyages of Discovery Mapping the Past: Map 15.2 Overseas Exploration and Conquest, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Europe and the World After Columbus Individuals in Society: Juan de Pareja Changing Attitudes and Beliefs Listening to the Past: Columbus Describes His First Voyage

Absolutism and Constitutionalism in Western Europe, ca 1589-1715
Seventeenth-Century Crisis and Rebuilding Absolutism in France and Spain Mapping the Past: Map 16.2 Europe in 1715
The Culture of Absolutism Constitutionalism Individuals in Society: Glückel of Hameln Listening to the Past: The Court at Versailles

Absolutism in Central and Eastern Europe to 1740
Warfare and Social Change in Central and Eastern Europe The Rise of Austria and Prussia Images in Society: Absolutist Palace Building The Development of Russia and the Ottoman Empire Mapping the Past: Map 17.3 The Expansion of Russia to 1725
Individuals in Society: Hürrem Listening to the Past: A Foreign Traveller in Russia

Toward a New Worldview, 1540-1789
The Scientific Revolution The Enlightenment The Enlightenment and Absolutism Mapping the Past: Map 18.1 The Partition of Poland and Russia's Expansion, 1772-1795
Individuals in Society: Moses Mendelssohn and the Jewish Enlightenment Listening to the Past: Voltaire on Religion

The Expansion of Europe in the Eighteenth Century
Agriculture and the Land The Beginning of the Population Explosion Cottage Industry and Urban Guilds Mapping the Past: Map 19.1 Industry and Population in Eighteenth-Century Europe Building the World Economy Images in Society: London: The Remaking of a Great City Individuals in Society: Olaudah Equiano Listening to the Past: The Debate over the Guilds

The Changing Life of the People
Marriage and the Family Children and Education Mapping the Past: Map 20.1 Literacy in France on the Eve of the French Revolution Food, Medicine, and New Consumption Habits Individuals in Society: Madame du Coudray, the Nation's Midwife Religion and Popular Culture Listening to the Past: A Day in the Life of Paris

The Revolution in Politics, 1775-1815
Background to Revolution Revolution in Metropole and Colony, 1789-1791
World War and Republican France, 1791-1799
The Napoleonic Era, 1799-1815
Individuals in Society: Toussaint L'Ouverture Mapping the Past: Map 21.2 Napoleonic Europe in 1810
Listening to the Past: Revolution and Women's Rights

The Revolution in Energy and Industry (ca 1780-1860)
The Industrial Revolution in Britain Industrialization in Continental Europe Mapping the Past: Map 22.3 Continental Industrialization, ca 1850
Relations Between Capital and Labor Individuals in Society: The Strutt Family Listening to the Past: The Testimony of Young Mine Workers

Ideologies and Upheavals, 1815-1850
Mapping the Past: Map 23.1 Europe in 1815
The Peace Settlement Radical Ideas and Early Socialism The Romantic Movement Reforms and Revolutions The Revolutions of 1848
Individuals in Society: Jules Michelet Listening to the Past: Speaking for the Czech Nation

Life in the Emerging Urban Society in the Nineteenth Century
Taming the City Mapping the Past: Map 24.1 European Cities of 100,000 or More, 1800 and 1900
Rich and Poor and Those in Between Images in Society: Class and Gender Boundaries in Women's Fashion, 1850-1914
The Changing Family Individuals in Society: Franziska Tiburtius Science and Thought Listening to the Past: Middle-Class Youth and Sexuality

The Age of Nationalism, 1850-1914
Napoleon III in France Nation Building in Italy and Germany Mapping the Past: Map 25.2 The Unification of Germany, 1866-1871
Nation Building in the United States The Modernization of Russia and the Ottoman Empire The Responsive National State, 1871-1914
Marxism and the Socialist Movement Individuals in Society: Theodor Herzl Listening to the Past: The Making of a Socialist

The West and the World, 1815-1914
Industrialization and the World Economy The Great Migration Western Imperialism, 1880-1914
Mapping the Past: Map 26.2 The Partition of Africa Individuals in Society: Cecil Rhodes Responding to Western Imperialism

Listening to the Past: A British Woman in India

The Great Break: War and Revolution, 1914-1919
The First World War The Home Front Individuals in Society: Vera Brittain The Russian Revolution The Peace Settlement Mapping the Past: Map 27.4 Shattered Empires and Territorial Changes After World War I Listening to the Past: Arab Political Aspirations in 1919

The Age of Anxiety (ca 1900-1940)
Uncertainty in Modern Thought Modern Art and Music Images in Society: Pablo Picasso and Modern Art Movies and Radio The Search for Peace and Political Stability Individuals in Society: Gustav Stresemann The Great Depression, 1929-1939
Mapping the Past: Map 28.1 The Great Depression in the United States, Britain, and Europe Listening to the Past: Life on the Dole in Great Britain

Dictatorships and the Second World War, 1919-1945
Authoritarian States Stalin's Soviet Union Mussolini and Fascism in Italy Hitler and Nazism in Germany The Second World War Mapping the Past: Map 29.2 World War II in Europe Individuals in Society: Primo Levi Listening to the Past: Stalin Justifies the Five-Year Plan

Cold War Conflicts and Social Transformations, 1945-1985
The Division of Europe The Western Renaissance, 1945-1968
Mapping the Past: Map 30.2 European Alliance Systems, 1949-1989
Soviet Eastern Europe, 1945-1968
Postwar Social Transformations, 1945-1968
Conflict and Challenge in the Late Cold War, 1968-1985
Individuals in Society: Margaret Thatcher Listening to the Past: A Feminist Critique of Marriage

Revolution, Rebuilding, and New Challenges: 1985 to the Present
The Decline of Communism in Eastern Europe The Revolutions of 1989
Building a New Europe in the 1990s Mapping the Past: Map 31.3 Contemporary Europe New Challenges in the Twenty-first Century The West and the Islamic World Individuals in Society: Tariq Ramadan The Future in Perspective Listening to the Past: The French Riots: Will They Change Anything?

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