A History of Women's Writing in Russia

A History of Women's Writing in Russia

by Adele Marie Barker

A comprehensive account of the lives and works of Russia's women writers.See more details below


A comprehensive account of the lives and works of Russia's women writers.

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Introduction Adele Barker and Jehanne M Gheith; 1. Women's image in Russian medieval literature Rosalind McKenzie; 2. Sappho, Corinna and Niobe: genres and personae in Russian women's writing, 1760–1820 Catriona Kelly; 3. The inexperienced muse: Russian women and poetry in the first half of the nineteenth century Judith Vowles; 4. Women of the 1830s and 1850s: alternative periods Jehanne Gheith; 5. 'A particle of ourself': pre-Revolutionary autobiography by Russian women writers Mary Zirin; 6. The women of Russian Montparnasse, Paris, 1920–1940 Catherine Ciepiela; 7. Women in Russian symbolism: beyond the albegra of love Jenifer Presto; 8. The Eastern path of exile: Russian women's writing in China Olga Bakich and Carol Ueland; 9. Realist prose writers, 1881–1929 Rosalind Marsh; 10. Women and gender in post-symbolist poetry and the Stalin era Katherine Hodgson; 11. Writing the female body politic (1945–1985) Beth Holmgren; 12. In their own words: Soviet women writers and the search for self Anna Krylova; 13. Women's poetry since the sixties Stephanie Sandler; 14. The persistence of memory: women's prose since the sixties Adele Barker; 15. Perestroika and post Soviet prose: from dazzle to dispersal Helena Goscilo.

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