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Hit List

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by Darcia Helle

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Sanity is not something you lose, like your car keys or that elusive sock in the dryer. That's what Ian believed before his mother stepped over the edge from sane to crazy. No one is able to give Ian a reasonable explanation. Corinne suffers from severe memory loss, odd behavior, and paranoid delusions. Or at least Ian had been told they were delusions. After all, who


Sanity is not something you lose, like your car keys or that elusive sock in the dryer. That's what Ian believed before his mother stepped over the edge from sane to crazy. No one is able to give Ian a reasonable explanation. Corinne suffers from severe memory loss, odd behavior, and paranoid delusions. Or at least Ian had been told they were delusions. After all, who would be hiding outside watching his mother? And why?

Ian hires private investigator Lucianna Martel to retrace the events of his mother's last sane day. During Lucianna's investigation, she and Ian learn that Corinne may not be so crazy after all.

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Darcia Helle has a head full of characters demanding their stories be told. Originally from Massachusetts, she now writes in the sunshine of Florida. Darcia and her husband live in a home ruled by spoiled animals.

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Hit List 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
SvetlanaKovalkovaMcKenna More than 1 year ago
Like everybody else, I have my favorite detective novel authors: Dan Brown, Anne Stuart, Robert B. Parker (only his first 10-12 books or so), Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke, David Baldacci, Christine Feehan and a few others. Those among you familiar with these authors can appreciate the mastery with which they craft their books. Most of the books written by them would get 10 out of 10 from me. When I started reading "Hit List" by Darcia Helle, I quickly realized that this book is placing very high on my list. While no one can come close to Agatha Christie, James Lee Burke and Conan Doyle, she was standing tall right next to Robert Crais, Michael Connolly, Anne Stuart, Christine Feehan and Robert B. Parker. It was definitely better than "Silver Falls", the last book by Anne Stuart, and right behind her famous Ice Series. Better than everything Parker wrote in the last seven years, and holding its own against Baldacci, Connelly and Sandra Brown. The story is so well written, and it keeps you guessing until the very end. The characters are literary marvels, no clichés here. Dialogue is authentic, pace is great, there are little smart observations on life scattered throughout the text that make you think you and the author are old pals trading remarks about life over coffee. My favorite part of it all is the plot: A woman living alone one day goes crazy! The parts of the book that we see out of her head are the best! Her grown son moves in to help take care of her. He resents it somewhat, it is hard to see mom reduced to a drooling idiot, but then it strikes him: What if she is not crazy? What if someone is really out to get her, watching her, planning revenge? He hires a private investigator Lucianna to find out... the story skyrockets from there. It is a great read, very well put together, full of unexpected twists and turns. I see bestseller stamped all over this one!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to the author on such a stunning beginning of her writing career.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by this author and she is definitely on my author list. This is a fast pace book. What would you do if your vibrant funny mother lost her memory when by the time you came home from work and at times she doesn't even remember you. Her son Sam is worried about his mom so he hires a private investigator to find out what happened on the day his mother lost her memory. The investigator has a good rapport with his mother and takes the case. While she is investigating this case she has problems of her own when an old boyfriend will not leave her alone. In comes her Uncle Vinnie who is the type of person that cleans up problems but keep in mind he is retired from the police department. Throw in a little organized crime and someone that is shooting to kill with now warning.
Athena002 More than 1 year ago
The author does an excellent job with the development of the character Corrine, but I would have enjoyed the other characters more if they were more fully developed. Ian and Lucianna have great chemistry and the relationship between Ian and Corrine is touching. Although it starts slow, the book picks up toward the end. The author explains the mysteries, but everything comes together too fast for me…it felt choppy and incomplete. “Hit List” is the November book-of-the-month for our Psychological Thriller group. Although, this was a good read, I don’t consider it a psychological thriller, but rather, a romantic mystery. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, but needs to be edited.
MariaSavva_Author More than 1 year ago
I'm already a fan of Darcia Helle's books, and 'Hit List' was just as good as the others I've read. I love the author's style of writing; the dark humour, the suspenseful plots and the unexpected twists and turns. 'Hit List' is a dark and gritty tale but it is not a depressing read. A tale dealing with the subjects of mafia style gangs, child prostitution and mental illness could easily become a disturbing read, but Helle manages to balance the story charmingly with the inclusion of a romantic side plot, and a host of entertaining characters. The end result is that 'Hit List' reads like a masterfully crafted psychological thriller interspersed with a healthy dose of romance and comedy. It's a study into the psychology of crime. What makes someone kill? How far would one person go to get revenge? The story begins when Corinne McCormick, an ordinary middle aged woman with no history of mental illness, suddenly loses her mind. She begins to act very strangely, as if she is suffering a nervous breakdown. Her son, Ian, refuses to believe that she could just go crazy overnight. He is determined to find out if there is something more sinister going on. He needs to find a reason why his mother has suddenly lost her sanity. He hires a private investigator and that's when things start to take a very dramatic turn. This story will keep you hooked and entertained. Despite the dark themes contained in the book, the use of violence is expertly restrained. There is no gratuitous violence in this book. The violent scenes are definitely terrifying, but crafted in a way that is realistic but not obscene. Many bestselling crime authors could learn a thing or two from Ms. Helle as to how to construct such scenes. Helle has found just the right balance. If you like mysteries, thrillers, or crime fiction, you will love this book. Highly recommended.
bookloverSJ More than 1 year ago
I loved this book with its blockbuster premise. What do you do if your sane mother one day loses her mind? Ian hires a beautiful investigator to look into his mother's disturbing behavior. I was reluctant to put the book down, wanting to know where the story was going. Darcia Helle takes readers down a road of twists, turns and dark family secrets. The story also has a sweet romance. I didn't figure out where the plot was going, yet all the clues were there. What is the hit list and why are people being targeted? Do they deserve it? Read this book to find out the answers - you won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TxBelle More than 1 year ago
"They were outside today. I saw them. I saw them. I saw them outside today." Corinne McCormick mumbles insanity such as this from her huddled place underneath the table, unable to break free even with the help of her son Ian and her psychiatrist, Dr. Endicott. Something in her panic, and the inability of Dr. Endicott to cure her, brings Ian to the illogical but desperate conclusion to hire a P.I. and see if there is truth to his mother's ramblings. Are "they" out there, watching her? Enter Lucianna Martel, owner of Martel Investigations, which is run with the help of her ex-cop uncle Vinnie. She and Ian embark on a trail of twists, misinformation and kidnapping while, one by one, people surrounding the mystery wind up dead from a professional hit. A family secret, so horrible and so debauched, has created a monster seeking revenge, a monster who is drawing closer and closer. Can Ian and Lu save Corinne's life before the killing continues? This fast-paced page turner will be hard to put down. The fact that a love story weaves its way through the plot only makes it even more interesting. Kudos to Ms. Helle for a job well done!