Hitdossier 60's, Vol. 2

Hitdossier 60's, Vol. 2


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Br Music Holland


Disc 1

  1. Kites
  2. If I Promise
  3. Man in a Shop
  4. Without Feeling, Without Mind
  5. Sleep Sleep Sleep
  6. Rice is Nice
  7. Going My Way
  8. We Will Be There After Tea
  9. I'll Wear a Silly Grin
  10. Alone Again Or
  11. Like To Get To Know You
  12. Snowflakes on Amsterdam
  13. Captain of Your Ship
  14. I See No Reason Why
  15. Big City Lights
  16. Hush Not a Word To Mary
  17. King Coresus
  18. Ciao Baby
  19. Waiting For You
  20. Love in Copenhagen
  21. This World Is My World
  22. Jerusalem en or (Yerusahlaim)
  23. Girl Don't Make Me Wait
  24. Somebody's Taken Maria Away

Disc 2

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Roly
  3. Willows Harp
  4. April Fool
  5. Somewhere Where the Rainbow Ends
  6. These Eyes
  7. Let Me Tell Ya
  8. The Game
  9. What's Good About Goodbye My Love
  10. Monday To Friday
  11. Big Ship
  12. Fly Me To the Earth
  13. Murdock 9 196182
  14. Jack and Jill
  15. Maria Isabel
  16. I Can't See Nobody
  17. Take Me In Your Arms
  18. Keem O Sabe
  19. Muziek Uit "Floris"
  20. So Good Together
  21. Tracy
  22. Jack in the Box
  23. Good Morning
  24. Midnight Cowboy

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Jerry Reed   Composer
Bob Dorough   Producer
Randy Bachman   Composer
Len Barry   Producer
Burton Cummings   Composer
Raymond Froggatt   Composer
Robin Gibb   Composer
Mike Vernon   Producer
Norrie Paramor   Producer
Mike Leander   Producer
Andy Kim   Composer
Barry Gibb   Composer,Producer
John Barry   Producer
Steve Barri   Producer
Jeff Barry   Composer,Producer
Mike Berry   Producer
Wayne Bickerton   Producer
Bruce Botnick   Producer
Tony Colton   Producer
Maurice Gibb   Composer
Hal Hackaday   Composer
Tony Hiller   Producer
Bill Jerome   Producer
Steve Jerome   Producer
Terry Kennedy   Producer
Arthur Lee   Producer
Paul Leka   Composer,Producer
David MacKay   Producer
Tat Meager   Composer
Gordon Mills   Producer
David Paramor   Producer
Jack Richardson   Producer
Steve Rowland   Producer
Stuart Scharf   Producer
Paul Vance   Producer
Tony Vos   Producer
Fred Haayen   Producer
Hans van Hemert   Producer
Michael Aldred   Producer
John Franz   Producer
Lee Pockriss   Composer,Producer
Spencer Davis   Producer
Tony Macaulay   Producer
Bert Vanbreda   Liner Notes
Naomi Shemer   Composer
Peter Koelewijn   Producer
Ad Bouman   Producer
Harry Rijnbergen   Composer
Ray Smith   Producer
W. Campbell   Composer
Shelley Pinz   Composer
Mike Smith   Producer
H. van Eijck   Composer
Mike D'Abo   Composer
P. Vance   Composer
S. English   Composer
C. Andrews   Composer
A. Hammond   Composer
F. Weller   Composer
Dave Dee   Producer
Pockriss   Composer
Van Holmen   Composer
Waddington   Composer
Greenaway   Composer
L. Moreno   Composer
J. Moreno   Composer
B. Pritchard   Composer
Bert Schouten   Producer
Chiel Montagne   Producer
Lars Samuelsson   Producer
Klaas Leyen   Producer
Julius Stefaro   Composer
Jean-Pierre Magnier   Producer
Jack Verdonck   Producer
Thema Glazen Stad   Composer

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