Hodgkin's Disease

Hodgkin's Disease

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by Judith Peacock

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Information presented about Hodgkins Disease is quite sophisticated with understandable explanations. "Hodgkin's disease is a type of cancer know as a lymphoma. Lymphomas are cancers of the lymph system. The lymph system is..." and so forth. The prevalence, staging and treatment of Hodgkins are all covered. Of particular value is a chapter about coping with the disease, followed by "Brian's Story," a positive "real-life" presentation of a high school junior's experience coping with Hodgkin's disease. The 64-page book has an attractive layout, with special information set out in color for emphasis. Chapters are prefaced with overviews that cover a lot of information in bulleted format, enough to help report writers get organized. Some chapters open with a vignette of real-teen experience, in this case, kids talking about their reactions to Hodgkin's disease. Nearly every page contains a picture, At a Glance Facts, Myth vs. Fact, Fast Facts or Did You Know bits of information to support the text. A diagram of the lymphatic system would have added to the learner's comprehension. The end-of-chapter questions are thought-provoking. There is a glossary of key words, an index and reference lists that include books, professional organizations and Internet sites. The book is part of the "Perspectives on Disease and Illness" series. There is no medical consultant listed but some facts are referenced. 2002, LifeMatters/Capstone Press, $23.93. Ages 10 up. Reviewer: Elaine Wick AGES: 10 11 12 13 14 15

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Capstone Press
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Perspectives on Disease and Illness Series
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7.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.40(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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