Holding up Half the Sky: Womens Voices from Around the World, Vol. 1

Holding up Half the Sky: Womens Voices from Around the World, Vol. 1


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As a compilation of Pan-African works, this compilation from Shanachie is amazingly thorough. Nearly all of the regions and musical styles of Africa are represented (as opposed to the usual style of just West African griot songs, or South African vocals, or Kenyan melodies, or soukous, etc.). The Mahotella Queens begin the album…  See more details below


As a compilation of Pan-African works, this compilation from Shanachie is amazingly thorough. Nearly all of the regions and musical styles of Africa are represented (as opposed to the usual style of just West African griot songs, or South African vocals, or Kenyan melodies, or soukous, etc.). The Mahotella Queens begin the album with a stunning display of the South African township style. They're followed by pop-funkster Angelique Kidjo on "Batonga." Senegalese mbalax singer Kine Lam is next, and then the powerful singer Aicha Kone from the Ivory Coast. Mbira master Stella Chiweshe contributes a work of skill on "Ndindereri," and Kinshasan M'Bilia Bel follows with a work from Rochereau. Ami Koita, a Manding singer, then appears to give tribute to a Guinean businessman. Mauritanian Malouma follows with a romantic song vaguely in the style of Umm Kalthum. One of the few "world divas" (along with Susana Baca and Ofra Haza), Miriam Makeba provides a piece of smooth African soul in "Ngewundini" and the Lijadu Sisters add in a piece of Afrobeat on "Orere Elegjigbo." Kenyan Malika furnishes a work of tarabu from the Arab/Swahili tradition. Next comes Tshala Muana from Zaire and Netsanet Mellesse from Ethiopia, both of whom use their own arrangements for works of current pop music from their homes. Finally, South African blues and jazz queen Dorothy Masuka provides a reworking of a former hit of her own, "Hapo Zamani." Overall, there are enough styles here with enough production to make any vague fan of African vocal work into a true believer. The process of making such a compilation can be trying for producers, but moreover can be trying for listeners. This collection, however, is stunningly well put together, showcasing only the best of the various genres of African female music, and forcing the listener to pay heed.

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Disc 1

  1. Amabhongo
  2. Batonga
  3. Souma Sagnone
  4. Kanawa
  5. Ndinderere
  6. Faux Pas
  7. Gomba
  8. Ya Habibi  - Malouma Mint Maideh
  9. Mgewundini
  10. Orere Elejigbo
  11. Sibure Nambo  -  Malika
  12. Tshibola
  13. Yelew Wekesa
  14. Hapo Zamani

Disc 2

  1. Eirigh Suas a Stóirin (Rise up My Love)
  2. The Tinkerman's Daughter
  3. The Streets of Derry
  4. The Rambling Irishman
  5. The Water Is Wide
  6. Fill Iu O
  7. Isle of St. Helena  - General Humbert
  8. Storm in My Heart
  9. She Is Like the Swallow
  10. Maggie
  11. 12th of July (Lament for the Children)
  12. The Green Wood Laddie
  13. Peata Beag (Little Pet)
  14. Wild Roving No More  -  Kentigern
  15. Mi le M' Uilinn

Disc 3

  1. Stepping out of Babylon
  2. Black Woman
  3. Uptown Top Ranking
  4. One Draw
  5. Jah Mysterious Works
  6. Many Are Called
  7. International Style
  8. Babylon Must Fall
  9. Ina Jah Jah Children
  10. Narrow Minded Man
  11. It Dread out Deh
  12. Teach the Youth
  13. Children of the Ghetto
  14. Look After Your Structure
  15. Structure Dub

Disc 4

  1. The Broken Zither (Introduction)
  2. Neend Koyi
  3. Love Tune
  4. Lorloran/Salang
  5. Kunjan Sabuki  -  Nenes
  6. Ona
  7. Naschat Cinta
  8. Lhasa Pumo
  9. Tonggeret
  10. Tanola Nomads  - Sainkho Namtchylak
  11. Lam Klon: Wai Khru
  12. Darlaashkyn
  13. Kyar Chi Yan
  14. Kyema Mimin

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bothy Band   Track Performer
Clannad   Track Performer
Jackie Daly   Accordion
Seamus Egan   Whistle (Instrument),tin whistle
Archie Fisher   Guitar
Cilla Fisher   Vocals,Track Performer
Dolores Keane   Vocals,Track Performer
Maighread Ní Dhomnaill   Vocals,Track Performer
Steeleye Span   Track Performer
Mad Professor   Track Performer
Rita Marley   Track Performer
Judy Mowatt   Track Performer
Sister Carol   Track Performer
Idjah Hadidjah   Track Performer
Lijadu Sisters   Track Performer
Mahotella Queens   Track Performer
Miriam Makeba   Track Performer
Najma   Track Performer
Mary Black   Vocals,Track Performer
Tommy Smith   Soprano Saxophone
Ron Shaw   Cello
Cathal McConnell   Whistle (Instrument)
M'Bilia Bel   Track Performer
Dorothy Masuka   Track Performer
Tshala Muana   Track Performer
Euis Komariah   Track Performer
Danann   Track Performer
Frankie Gavin   Fiddle
General Humbert   Track Performer
Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill   Harmonium,Vocals,Clavinet,Track Performer
Paddy Keenan   Pipe,Chant
Niamh Parsons   Vocals,Track Performer
I-Threes   Track Performer
Netsanet Mellesse   Track Performer
Nasida Ria   Track Performer
Voice Squad   Vocals
Kine Lam   Track Performer
Aicha Kone   Track Performer
Michael Aharon   Piano,Cello
John Anthony   Percussion
Shani Benjamin   Track Performer
Chris Birkett   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Accordion,Conga,Drums,Keyboards,Marimbas,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Kalimba,Shaker,cowbell
Karan Casey   Vocals,Track Performer
Gerry Cullen   Vocals
Dhaima   Track Performer
John Doyle   Guitar
Hortense Ellis   Track Performer
Alec Finn   Guitar
Liam Genockey   Percussion,Drums
Kevin Glackin   Fiddle
Marcia Griffiths   Track Performer
Tim Harries   Bass,Keyboards
Angélique Kidjo   Track Performer
Talitha MacKenzie   Track Performer
Karen Matheson   Vocals,Track Performer
Fran McPhail   Vocals
Maura O'Connell   Vocals,Track Performer
Donald Shaw   Piano
Liu Sola   Track Performer
Nadine Sutherland   Track Performer
Steve Tibbetts   Track Performer
Gay Woods   Vocals,Track Performer
Cathie Ryan   Vocals,Track Performer
Bimbo Acock   Saxophone
Malika   Track Performer
Ami Koita   Track Performer
Dervish   Track Performer
Cathy Jordan   Vocals,Track Performer,Bodhran
Liam Kelly   Flute,Background Vocals
Brian McDonagh   Mandolin
Shane Mitchell   Accordion
Joy White   Track Performer
Choying Drolma   Track Performer
Yungchen Lhamo   Track Performer
Phil Callery   Vocals
Chawiwan Damnoen   Track Performer
Malouma   Track Performer
Nenes   Track Performer
Shay Kavanagh   Bouzouki,Guitar
Gary Coupland   Keyboards
John Donegan   Mandolin,Harmonium
Aidysmaa Kandan   Track Performer
Arthur Keating   French Horn
Barbara Paige   Track Performer
Marcia Aitken   Track Performer
Althea & Donna   Track Performer
Yulduz   Track Performer
Sylvia Barnes   Track Performer
Sainkho Namtchylak   Track Performer
Peter Knight   Violin
Brian Miller   Guitar
Bob Johnson   Electric Guitar
Michael Holmes   Bouzouki

Technical Credits

Bothy Band   Arranger
Jackie Daly   Arranger
Seamus Egan   Producer
Dolores Keane   Arranger
Dónal Lunny   Producer
Maighread Ní Dhomnaill   Arranger
Steeleye Span   Arranger,Producer
Mad Professor   Producer
Rita Marley   Producer
Judy Mowatt   Producer
Tabu Ley Rochereau   Producer
Bill Laswell   Producer
Richard Evans   Producer
Lenny MacDowell   Producer,Contributor
Joe Gibbs   Producer
Tshala Muana   Producer
Danann   Producer
Frankie Gavin   Arranger
General Humbert   Arranger
John Faulkner   Arranger
Rick Heizman   Producer
Kine Lam   Producer
Aston Barrett   Producer
Colin Bass   Producer
Chris Birkett   Laud
Andrew Boland   Arranger,Producer
Ciaran Brennan   Arranger,Producer
Paul Brennan   Producer
Lloyd Campbell   Producer
Mataya Clifford-Chewaluza   Producer
Grub Cooper   Producer
Lou Deprijck   Producer
Mícheál Ó Domhnaill   Producer
Noel Duggan   Producer
John Etchells   Producer
Francis Falceto   Producer
Alec Finn   Arranger
John Gahagan   Producer
Joe Galdo   Producer
Edward Haber   Liner Notes
Hoshikawa Kyoji   Producer
Scott Ian   Producer
Roger King   Producer
Talitha MacKenzie   Arranger
Johnny McDonagh   Producer
Robin Morton   Producer
Maura O'Connell   Arranger
Mike Pilot   Producer
Dougie Pincock   Producer
S.E. Pottinger   Producer
Nicky Ryan   Producer
Donald Shaw   Producer
Ricky Walters   Producer
Hyman Wright   Producer
Hector Zazou   Producer
Yulduz Usmanova   Producer
Alexander Bapa   Producer
Randall Grass   Executive Producer
Roger Steffens   Liner Notes
Percy Chin   Producer
Errol T.   Producer
Dervish   Arranger
Brian McDonagh   Producer
Joan Pelosi   Art Direction
Jim McGuire   Producer
Jim Barnes   Producer
Clive Chin   Producer
Marks Mankwane   Producer
H.Mudrikah Zain   Producer
Anthony "Sangie" Davis   Producer
Philemon Hou   Producer
Alan Shelly   Producer
Artie Trezise   Producer
Barbara Paige   Producer
Taylor Barnes   Illustrations,Paintings
Shizuru Ohtaka   Producer
Mighty Two   Producer
Kentigern   Arranger
Laolu Akins   Producer
Odion Iruoje   Producer
Samir Naman   Producer
Sandy Stanage   Producer

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