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Holding Your Family Together: 5 Simple Steps to Help Bring Your Family Closer to God and Each Other

Holding Your Family Together: 5 Simple Steps to Help Bring Your Family Closer to God and Each Other

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by Richard Melheim

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Imagine a home where every person feels loved, valued and heard. Imagine a family that seeks God’s wisdom, will and Word together. Imagine an intimate, affectionate community where every night is an experience of caring, sharing, comfort and peace.

You can make this beautiful picture a reality in your home. But it won’t happen by accident, you need a


Imagine a home where every person feels loved, valued and heard. Imagine a family that seeks God’s wisdom, will and Word together. Imagine an intimate, affectionate community where every night is an experience of caring, sharing, comfort and peace.

You can make this beautiful picture a reality in your home. But it won’t happen by accident, you need a plan! Holding Your Family Together is a workable, powerful plan based on a simple nightly routine: Share, Read, Talk, Pray, Bless. This is the FAITH5, and it has transformed families around the world. No matter your child’s age or your family’s unique situation, the FAITH5 can work for you. Inside you’ll find everything you need to get your family into a nightly habit that will open your hearts to each other and to God.

Does this sound like an impossible dream? It’s not, and you can start . . . tonight.

The Faith 5
1. Sharing highs and lows of the day
2. Reading a key verse of scripture from Sunday’s preaching/teaching
3. Talking about how the highs and lows relate to the Scripture and asking “What is God saying to my situation?”
4. Praying for one another’s highs and lows
5. Blessing one another before turning out the lights on the day

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

I don’t have a wife yet, and certainly no babies—but when I one day have a family, I’d love to try this! It seems like superglue, holding families together.
- Janakan Arulkumarasan, Founder and CEO, Onoko International, Hong Kong

Rich Melheim is a dynamic and brilliant analyst and communicator who opens hearts and minds of children, families and everyone he meets to greater truth, wisdom and understanding. I recommend Rich and his writings for all who want to understand life better and grow in wisdom, knowledge and discernment.
- Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder and CEO, www.movieguide.org, Hollywood, California

The FAITH5 methods and materials, when implemented to the way they are designed in the family, go a long way to solving the problem of biblical literacy. Rich honors me by being my friend.
- Dr. Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus, Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania

These are some of the most exciting and effective models I’ve seen to connect the Church, the home and the gospel. I strongly recommend the use of this every-night-in-every-home material.
- Dr. Bill Easum, President, 21st Century Strategies, Inc., www.effectivechurch.com, Corpus Christi, Texas

A beautifully warm and engaging book full of hope, wisdom and experience. A must-read for anyone with a love or concern for young people and family.
- Peter Eckermann, Vetamorphus Coordinator SA, Elev8 Youth Ltd., O’Halloran Hill, South Australia

This book offers Christian parents an inspired plan to build spiritual truth and health into the lives of children. Dr. Rich offers practical ways to bless your children, draw them close to God, and counteract a culture that robs kids of the security you long to provide.
- Lana Ensrud, Former Executive Director, Life Coaches for Kids®, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Dr. Rich Melheim’s beautifully crafted book motivates, guides, teaches and challenges us to create and maintain positive, nurturing relationships with our children. By integrating FAITH5 into our day-to-day routines, our family relationships will grow with resilience and be a true blessing and valuable investment for our children’s lives and future generations.
- Karen Felker, Clinical Placement Coordinator in Higher Education, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

In Holding Your Family Together, Rich Melheim shares the distilled wisdom of a thousand conversations filtered through a life lived at the edge of eternity. Rich’s brilliance is apparent in his art, his musical composition, his speaking, his writing and his careful listening. He offers a simple and practical pattern for creating relationships with your children that you will never regret. The genius of FAITH5 is flawless. Here is the secret for assuring that your faith will pass from generation to generation. Following these steps daily will implant values and affections that will endure forever.
- Dr. Carl George, Founder, MetaChurch and Consulting for Growth, Inc., Taylors, South Carolina

There is a desperate need today for tools to help families regroup at the end of the day so God’s design for the family is not compromised. Holding Your Family Together is a simple tool that parents can use to celebrate the ups and the downs, stay connected and shape their children to walk in the way of the Lord. This book is a must-read for every family who wants to maintain the bond of love and leave a legacy that is never forgotten in the hearts of their children.
- Dr. Paul R. Gupta, President, HBI Global Partners, Chennai, India

Reader alert! When you plunge into this book you’ll laugh out loud, cry sentimentally and unabashedly, and marvel at the new insights you gain. Get ready to read this all in one sitting—it’s that good! Rich Melheim has woven his personal bibliography, the stories of many others, deep biblical and theological insight, and the latest in brain science into a compelling case for living the spiritual practices he calls FAITH5. Doing these practices will be good for you, your family, your kids, your marriage and your physical and spiritual life.
- Dr. Paul Hill, Executive Director, Vibrant Faith Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rich’s love and concern for wholesome families is evident in his writings. I highly recommend this book.
- Reverend C. D. Jebasingh, Founder and President, Galilean International, Mumbai, India

What a beautiful and utterly compelling book! But it is much more than just another great read; it is a powerful tool for all who are looking for the right routines to create and maintain happy, godly families. Rich Melheim’s creative abilities, as well as his fresh insight into science and his solid foundation in the Word of God, will change the way you raise your children one prayer at a time, one care at a time, and one night at a time.
- Stephan Joubert, Extraordinary Professor in Contemporary Ecclesiology, University of the Free State, South Africa, Research Fellow, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The West meets the East in Rich. Rich also makes everyone he meets feel spiritually and emotionally rich (uplifted), just as his name. It was such an honor and pleasure to be his advisor and friend. I can’t wait to introduce this Rich-ness and FAITH5 to Asia!
- Dr. B. J. Jun Director of International Affairs, Asian Center for Theological Studies and Missions (ACTS), Seoul, Korea

In Holding Your Family Together, Rich has brought together Word and service, congregation and family, content and experience, and peer and adult mentorship. This is a pedagogical strategy that is faithful to the gospel and highly effective in making disciples and preparing them for their vocations in the world.
- Dr. Roland Martinson, Academic Dean, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

Back in home in Africa, I recall how the toll of the family bell woke us up at 6:00 AM and gathered us at 9:00 PM daily to talk, sing and pray together. As I look back, I acknowledge how this routine positively impacted my life. I am convinced that much of the dysfunction plaguing our world would be history if every home imbibed the spirit of FAITH5. This may very well be the way to heal our world and make it a better place for all of the human race. Thank you, Rich, for this invaluable family resource.
- Olukayode Olubunmi, Founder and CEO, Okayhouse Film, Television and Records, Los Angeles, CA and Lagos, Nigeria

This book contains simple, easy-to-follow and quick routines that every parent must put into practice each day. These routines will have a lasting impact on their children and the future generation while instilling godly values in them.
- David Peters, CEO, Cephas Media Group, Mumbai, India

I simply have never seen a book like this. I was blown away by it. Northwood Church will definitely promote this among our families. Everyone talks about “discipling” your family, but Rich takes it a step further and provides a tool with which we can do that. Every family seeking to follow Jesus should read this and implement it. I’m a soon to-be-first-time grandfather—my kids will read this!
- Bob Roberts, Jr., Senior Pastor, Northwood Church, Keller, Texas, Author, Bold as Love; Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World; and Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World

There are books that make good airplane books. There are books that are bedside books and coffee table books. Then there are those rare books that belong on the kitchen counter or in the family room, within easy reach for constant consultation and inspiration. Rich Melheim has written such a book.
- Dr. Leonard Sweet, Bestselling Author and Professor, Drew University (George Fox University), Chief Contributor, sermons.com, Orcas Island, Washington

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Meet the Author

Rich Melheim is the founder and initiating force behind Faith Inkubators, a Christian education think tank. He founded and serves as CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Faith Inkubators, the Faith Inkubators Foundation and the Preschool Incubators Project, dedicated to creating “access to excellence” in early learning through the arts. Rich is an ordained Lutheran pastor and has invested his ministry in creating Christian education systems that pull parents into the core of family ministry in the home.

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