Home Field

Home Field

by David Spohn

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This vivid episode succinctly conveys the love between a father and a son. Matt awakens his father early Saturday morning so they can play baseball together in a nearby field. Dad is patient and enthusiastic, and Matt enjoys just being with him as much as he relishes the game itself. Eventually Matt ``can tell Dad is tired and has almost had enough. But Dad picks up the ball, then pulls down his cap. `One more hit,' he says.'' It's a home run, and the victorious lad joyously rounds the bases (two bare patches of land and a maple tree): this conclusion is a winner in more ways than one. In a narrative both tender and spirited, Spohn reminds readers that families come in all different colors and sizes, portraying Matt as African American and his father as Caucasian. Spohn's trademark artistic style--black dots suggesting a kind of pointillism--conveys warmth without frills, while the book's streamlined design reinforces its deceptive simplicity. Ages 5-up. (Apr.)
Carolyn Phelan
Early on Saturday morning, Matt and his dad share breakfast, then head outside for a game of baseball. Dad pitches, and Matt hits again and again, once flying out to right (the tomato plants) and finally hitting a homer into deep center field (the barn wall). As he rounds the bases, Matt imagines the roar of the crowd (the startled barn swallows circling overhead). Simple, clean, and pleasing in design, this small-size picture book features white-bordered illustrations done in the pastel accented with the black stippling that distinguishes Spohn's illustrations; here it works a bit better for delineating forms than for shading. Some may notice, others may not, that Matt is black and his father is white. A quiet book that will appeal to parents and kids who've played on their own fields of dreams.

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