Home for the Holidays: Festive Baking with Whole Grains

Home for the Holidays: Festive Baking with Whole Grains

by Ken Haedrich

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The main points of this friendly holiday cookbook are the use of whole grains and the practice of baking as a family experience. Together these elements imbue the holiday with character and remind us that ``the simple things in life are some of the best things.'' Like many bakers, Haedrich ( Country Baking ) begins his holiday season with Thanksgiving, focusing on filling the Thanksgiving breadbasket with hearty fare such as whole wheat Parker House rolls and three-grain biscuits. Recipes for other holiday traditions follow: cranberry scones (for Christmas Day breakfast); rose water almond nuggets to mail to friends or leave for Santa; apple butter maple pie for the dessert table. A favored spice is cardamon; many doughs are yeast-based (Haedrich presents sidebars for readers unfamiliar with these). Menus and gift suggestions are helpful; recipe instructions are clear, if talky. Introductions are chatty and sentimental: the liberal use of the adjectives ``little'' and ``special'' and sentences interrupted by exclamation points may grate on some sensibilities. Still, for the baker tired of white-flour holiday recipes, this is an excellent choice. (Oct.)
Barbara Jacobs
Yeast shy? Fruitcake-phobic? Whole wheat avoider? Remedies for these baking situations are contained in Haedrich's newest oven-proved collection. It may be difficult, at first, to accept such recipes as whole wheat parker house rolls or whole wheat rugelach, but, with a bit of persuasion and concessions to health, bakers will find other treats to fashion among the more than 125 provided here--baked pumpkin donuts, romano cheese and basil crackers, and lemon-lime pudding cake, for instance. Eighteen menus, pantry foodstuffs, and baking gift ideas (along with some genuine New Hampshire warmth) round out the collection.

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