Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

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by Lisa Plumley

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When Rachel loses her Hollywood dream job, a trip home for Christmas seems like a good idea. But she never expects to find a hunk from her past waiting under the mistletoe. . .

Red-hot stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Porter has it all. Well, sort of. Her luxury beach house is actually a loaner from her #1 client. And her cute Tesla Roadster? Well, that's just another

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When Rachel loses her Hollywood dream job, a trip home for Christmas seems like a good idea. But she never expects to find a hunk from her past waiting under the mistletoe. . .

Red-hot stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Porter has it all. Well, sort of. Her luxury beach house is actually a loaner from her #1 client. And her cute Tesla Roadster? Well, that's just another job perk. . .hers to keep, right? But when Rachel catches her #1 client in bed with her boyfriend, she exacts her revenge by tricking her turncoat "frenemy" into committing fashion suicide on the red carpet—and promptly finds herself out of a job. And her house. Her car. Her life. With nowhere to turn, Rachel does the unthinkable: she goes home to Kismet, Michigan.

For Reno Wright, picking up his neighbor's daughter from the airport for a holiday visit sounds like no big deal. But from the moment he spies Rachel in the airport, Reno knows he's in over his head. The girl Reno remembers from high school looks nothing like the glammed-out man-killer who walks off the plane. But for all her attitude, Rachel is really just a small-town girl with a heart too big for Hollywood. The temperature may be freezing, but the heat between Rachel and Reno is burning hot. Reno is falling hard fast. . .but will his holiday romance survive once the calendar turns?

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Editorial Reviews

Romance Reader at Heart
Home for the Holidays is a fun holiday romanceùwho doesn't love a good love story delivered by Santa? Plumley hits all of the right marks in telling a love story, sharing passion and inspiring us to be our best!
Joyfully Reviewed
"Home For The Holidays is a bit of a modern day It's A Wonderful Life. It's romantic and fun and full of heartwarming moments!
Romance Junkies
Home for the Holidays has charm and warmth. Lisa Plumley captures much of the fun of the season, some of the heartache, but also all of the love that makes Christmas so wonderful. Sure, it has a holiday themed title, but this story is guaranteed to make you smile any time of the year.
Romance Reviews Today
Plenty of chuckles are on hand in this entertaining romp by Lisa Plumley. Get ready for the holidays and grab yourself a fun read you won't want to miss!
If you're in the mood for a fun-filled contemporary romance oozing with seasonal charm, appealing characters, and amusing moments, then Home for the Holidays is just what Santa ordered.
The Romance Readers Connection
Home For The Holidays is a perfect way to get your holiday reading underway. Readers will definitely enjoy the tone and pace of this book, in addition to the funny, romantic and light-hearted spirit of the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and suggest that you pick-up a copy too.
Library Journal

When Rachel Porter, the hottest celebrity stylist in Hollywood, catches her current boyfriend sleeping with her best client, she retaliates with a rash, flamboyant move that sabotages her own career and sends her home to tiny Kismet, MI, to lick her wounds and wait until things blow over in Beverly Hills. However, she doesn't count on reconnecting with former NFL star Reno Wright, and she definitely doesn't plan on falling for him, something of a problem since Reno is on a reluctant mission to match her up with his best friend. A delightful secondary romance adds to the fun in this upbeat romp that is touching, hilarious, and lightly dusted with seasonal charm. Plumley lives in Chandler, AZ.

—Kristin Ramsdell

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Zebra Contemporary Romance Series
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4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

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The thing about her life, Rachel Porter realized as she scrambled out of her Malibu beach house with an armload of accessories, a collapsible rolling wardrobe rack, and a mouthful of chalky "French vanilla" protein bar at the unholy hour of 9:30 A.M. on a Saturday, was that it never stopped. Never. Ever.

Take now for instance. Most ordinary people would have been lolling in bed. Or making brunch plans. Or maybe—if they were really ultraambitious—hitting a local coffeehouse for a latte and a copy of the Times. But was she doing any of that? No.

Because she hadn't gotten to the top of her game by lolling, brunching, or reading the newspaper, Rachel reminded herself as she took a swig of Dayquil from the bottle she'd carried outside. She'd gotten there by busting her butt for her "team" (aka, her clients), and she wasn't about to stop now. Not even on a perfectly clear December day like today, when the sky soared overhead in pure Tiffany blue, and the sun sparkled off the Pacific, and even the seagulls sounded kind of nice.

Wintertime in L.A. You had to love it.

But if she didn't get a move on, she was going to lose it. A girl like her lived on borrowed time. In a borrowed house. With a borrowed car parked outside. Technically speaking, most of what she called her own was either on loan from a client or courtesy of a celebrity party goody bag. In fact, her whole life was kind of a loaner. Hers for now. But the way things looked, now was going to last a good, long, fantastic time.

After all, she loved her clients as much as they loved her. She made them look fabulous, and they made her look happy. Er, successful. There was no reason to believe their lovey-dovey relationship wouldn't continue. Besides, she'd earned all those freebies (in a way). Perks were part of the celebrity stylist package. She'd have been an idiot to turn them down (although, naively, she had at first). She might have been a Midwestern girl once, but she was a bona fide California girl now.

Clattering down the drive in her chicest sandals (to the dinging accompaniment of an incoming text message and her spare cell phone's ringtone), Rachel deftly rearranged two handbags and a tangle of silk scarves. She snared the wardrobe rack with her foot, then steered it toward her Tesla Roadster. The wheelie rack sailed to a tidy stop near the passenger side door, allowing her plenty of time to swallow her first bite of protein bar, glance at the text, then answer cell phone numero dos.

It was Jenn, her new assistant. Thank God. She was already on the job. It hadn't been easy to find Jenn—fourteen interviews later—but Rachel desperately needed the help. Ever since styling the cast of Rendezvous for the Emmys, she'd had more work than she could handle. It hadn't been easy to turn over the reins (even a few of them) to someone new, but Jenn's stellar resume and outstanding references had helped make the process easier.

It was only smart, Rachel figured, to get solid verification before committing fully to anything. Or anyone.

"Hi, it's Jenn. I have Tiana on the line for you."

"No! I can't talk to Tiana right now." Rachel felt sure she'd made that clear to Jenn already. She propped the phone on her shoulder, added the scarves and accessories to the pile already on the convertible's passenger seat, then started folding up the wheelie rack. Stuffily and a little hoarsely, Rachel said, "Just tell her I'll call her later, okay? Because—"

"Oh, good. Here she is!" Jenn announced cheerfully.

Silence. Then a faint click. Damn it. Jenn had weaseled already! She'd sold her out. The sounds of surf came over the line, followed by the clink of cutlery and a strident voice.

"Rachel! I've been trying to reach you since Tuesday."

Uh-oh. Tiana Zane—with Alayna Panagakos and Melina Carras—was one-third of the superstar girl group, Goddess. Or at least she had been. When Alayna had gotten "discovered" by the film industry, she'd all but ditched the group to become the latest Hollywood "It" girl. Rachel respected Alayna's ambition—and was grateful that Alayna had brought her along for the ride—but her break with Goddess had left two very problematic side effects.

Namely, Melina and Tiana.

"I know, Tiana." Another shove brought the collapsible rack into the car, clothes and all. Rachel studied it, then redraped a few items. "I'm sorry. I've been absolutely swamped."

"Swamped working with Alayna?"

Guiltily, Rachel froze. She glanced at her brand-new car, a gift from...well, guess who? It was all electric, went zero to sixty in four seconds, and was rumored to cost over one hundred thousand dollars. There was a waiting list to get a Tesla Roadster, even for celebrities, but Alayna had had enough clout to snag two of them. Rachel's lit up her driveway in electric blue. Most people opted for fusion red, but not Alayna.

"Too midlife crisis," she'd said in dismissal. "Too predictable. We're anything but predictable, right, Rach?"

Shaking off the memory, Rachel wrenched open her door and got in. Ah. Luxury. "You know I do everything I can for my clients, Tiana. Did you get the dress I sent over?"

"That's why I'm calling. I'm not wearing this."

"It's from a new designer. A very talented man named—"

"It looks like gold Saran Wrap! You're kidding right?"

Inhale. Exhale. Neither was easy, given the head cold Rachel was currently battling. "Of course not. Loo is having a Barbarella moment right now, that's all. That dress is very inspired." Rachel had all but promised the designer that she'd get one of his creations on the red carpet. "It's avant-garde."

"It's tacky, and I hate it."

"Okay." Stealthily, Rachel slipped the key in the ignition. The car started in absolute silence. Thank you, electric engine! "I'll pull a few more things for you. You'll love them."

Tiana breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes. Please."

"No problem." Glancing over her shoulder, Rachel hovered at the edge of the PCH, waiting for a break in traffic. Who needed coffee, when L.A. rush hour could pump up your adrenaline instead? "I'll just have Jenn drop by to pick it up early. They're not doing the Vogue shoot with it until next week, but—"

"Wait a minute. This dress is going to be in Vogue?"

"Mmmm." Blithely, Rachel swallowed another bite of protein bar. She pushed up her sunglasses. "That's what I've heard."

A long silence. Then, "Maybe I'll try it on again."

"Are you sure? I've got a few other things here..."

"I'm sure. Actually, I mostly called to say thanks. For still being there for me. A lot of people in this town pretty much quit returning my calls, but you... Well, I appreciate it."

Ugh. Feeling twice as bad for trying to ditch Tiana's phone call earlier, Rachel let a perfectly good opening in traffic pass her by. She stared blindly at the Mercedes and Priuses whooshing past, her lungs filled with exhaust and sea air. Her other cell phone rang. Six text messages had come in too.

"You're welcome. Anytime, Tiana. Gotta run."

She hung up and swerved into traffic. Because after all, sentimentality was a luxury she couldn't afford. She ran a serious business—in a very cutthroat town—and that was that.

Two and a half minutes later, Rachel pulled her carload of stuff into the busy driveway of the beach house next door—a house much bigger and more lavish than her own. She sighed. Her commute wasn't bad, but the on-call hours were killer. Time to go to work for real.

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Lezlie Patterson
Lisa Plumley once again gifts readers with a Yuletide story sure to put you in a holiday mood. This is vintage Plumley. She's created a cast of characters that are a bit eccentric, quirky and likeable and spun a story that will make you smile. (Lezlie Patterson, McClatchy-Tribune News Service)
Rachel Gibson
Lisa Plumley creates charming characters. Her books are a delight! (USA Today best-selling author Rachel Gibson)

Meet the Author

USA TODAY best-selling author Lisa Plumley has delighted readers worldwide with more than two dozen popular novels. Her work has been translated into multiple languages and editions, and includes contemporary romantic comedies, western historical romances and a variety of stories in romance anthologies. Her fresh, funny style has been likened to such reader favorites as Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Jennifer Crusie, but her unique characterization is all her own.

Lisa lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and two children. In her free time she reads romances and research books by the dozen, practices yoga, and spends time with her family, hiking in the mountains and deserts of Arizona, visiting ghost towns and historical sites, and watching classic movies.

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Home for the Holidays 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The storyline feels very forced. The whole thing is based around a stupid, unrealistic misunderstanding. I was very disappointed. There are some much more realistic romances available. I really enjoy Novak's romances and find the storylines believable. I'll have to buy one of those to get rid of the bad taste left behind by this book.
1jasmom More than 1 year ago
Nice holiday story. Lot's of laughs. Would highly recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
free2live More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was great i was looking for a book for the holidays just a little pick me upper and it kept me in good spirits.It reminds you that no matter what happens or where you go you can always go home and just might find what your looking for.
Brunsintheoven More than 1 year ago
I read this right around the holidays and thought it was a good book to get into the holiday spirt.

Overall a fun read.