Home-School Relations: Working Successfully with Parents and Families / Edition 3

Home-School Relations: Working Successfully with Parents and Families / Edition 3

by Glenn W. Olsen, Mary Lou Fuller, Mary Lou Fuller

ISBN-10: 020549840X

ISBN-13: 9780205498406

Pub. Date: 01/24/2007

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

Home-School Relations examines the nature of the contemporary family and its relationship to the school and provides practical advice for developing strong home-school relationships. This book discusses the need for educators to have positive working relationships with the students they teach and describes the techniques they must use to understand the families

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Home-School Relations examines the nature of the contemporary family and its relationship to the school and provides practical advice for developing strong home-school relationships. This book discusses the need for educators to have positive working relationships with the students they teach and describes the techniques they must use to understand the families from which their students come. In addition to covering the traditional topics of ethnic families, change in families, and parent-teacher communication, Olsen, Fuller, and their contributors delve further into the issues facing families today. Poverty, advocacy, fathering and domestic violence and their effect on families are covered opening new paths of understanding for educators. In addition, diversity (cultural, racial, religious, and sexual orientation) is discussed.

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Table of Contents

Foreword     xv
Preface     xvii
An Introduction to Families   Glenn Olsen   Mary Lou Fuller     1
Defining "Family" and Determining Family Responsibilities     2
Families, Their Children, and Teachers     3
Changing World, Changing Families     4
Home-School Relations in the Past     5
Looking at Families     6
Case Study     10
Parent Involvement     11
Children's Books     12
References     12
Families and Their Functions-Past and Present   Carol Marxen   Mary Lou Fuller     13
The Evolution of the Family     14
Contemporary U.S. Families     22
Case Study     25
Patterns of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage     26
Functional Families     32
Dysfunctional Families     33
Summary     34
Recommended Activities     35
Children's Books     35
Additional Resources     36
References     39
Diversity among Families   Ivan E. Watts   Sandra Winn Tutwiler     41
The Changing Family     42
Family Structure     42
Alternative Family Structures     44
Ethnic and Cultural Diversity     45
African American Families     48
Asian American Families     50
Hispanic Families     52
Case Study     54
American Indian Families     54
Religious Diversity     56
Summary     57
Recommended Activities     58
Children's Books     58
Additional Resources     59
References     64
Parents' Perspectives on Parenting   Karen W. Zimmerman     66
Becoming a Parent     67
Parenting Styles     69
Case Study     70
Parenting Behaviors in Diverse Family Structures     71
Rewards and Satisfactions of Parenthood     80
Summary     81
Recommended Activities     82
Children's Books     82
Additional Resources     83
References     84
Teachers and Parenting   Judith B. MacDonald     86
Teaching and Parenting     87
Teachers' Perspectives on Parents     89
Case Study     95
Parents' Perspectives on Teachers and Schools     96
Summary     100
Recommended Activities     101
Children's Books     101
Additional Resources     102
References     103
Parent-Teacher Communication   Sara Fritzell Hanhan     104
Building a Coequal Relationship     106
Barriers to Two-Way Communication     107
Aids to Two-Way Communication     109
Initial Communication     110
Regular Communication     111
Written Communication     112
Parent-Teacher Conferences     114
Communication with Parents of Middle School Students     116
Case Study     118
Other Ways of Communicating on a Regular Basis     121
Communication on Special Occasions     122
Summary     124
Recommended Activities     124
Additional Resources     125
References     126
Parent Involvement in Education   Soo-Yin Lim     127
Defining Parent Involvement     128
The Benefits of Parent Involvement: What Research Has to Say     129
Six Types of Parent Involvement     130
Case Study      141
Foundations of Facilitating Meaningful Parent Involvement     144
Recommended Activities     147
Additional Resources     148
References     149
Families and Their Children with Disabilities   Kari Chiasson   AmySue Reilly     151
Historical Perspective     152
Number of Children Receiving Special Educational Services     154
Federal Special Education Laws and Legislation     155
Family Systems     159
Summary     166
Case Study     166
Children's Books     167
Additional Resources     168
References     171
Family-Involvement Models     175
Family Involvement in Special Education   Mary McLean   Margaret Shaeffer     176
A Family Systems Conceptual Framework     177
Family-Centered Intervention     178
Family-involvement Models in Early Childhood Education   Soo-Yin Lim     182
Head Start     182
Early Head Start     184
Title I/Even Start     185
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)     185
Minnesota Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)      186
AVANCE     187
Parent and Child Education (PACE)     188
Summary     189
Family-Involvement Models in Elementary Education   Marci Glessner     189
Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS)     190
MegaSkills     191
Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC)     191
National Network of Partnership Schools     192
Comer School Development Program (SDP)     193
Summary     193
Family-Involvement Models in Middle Schools   J. Howard Johnston   Aimee L. Fogelman     194
The Outcomes of Involvement     194
Impediments to Family Involvement     196
A Model for Family Involvement     199
Contextual Considerations     202
Engaging Culturally Diverse Parents     203
The Model in Operation     204
What Advice Can We Give Parents?     207
Summary     208
Recommended Activities     209
Additional Resources     209
References     210
Education Law and Parental Rights   Gloria Jean Thomas     213
History of the Legal Relationship between Parents and Schools      214
State Constitutions and Education     215
State Legislatures and Education     217
State and Federal Courts and Education     218
Summary     242
Case Study     243
Recommended Activities     244
Additional Resources     244
References     245
Family Violence   Tara Lea Muhlhauser   Douglas D. Knowlton     246
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect     249
Domestic Violence     256
Recommendations for Action     261
Case Study     265
Summary     266
Recommended Activities     266
Children's Books     266
Additional Resources     267
References     269
Poverty: The Enemy of Children and Families   Mary Lou Fuller     271
What Is Poverty?     272
Myths about Poverty     274
The Effects of Poverty     275
Schools and Families of Poverty     277
Case Study     279
Working with Low-Income Families     279
Suggestions for Working with Low-Income Parents     280
Summary     282
Recommended Activities      283
Children's Books     283
Additional Resources     284
References     285
Fatherhood, Society, and School   Charles B. Hennon   Glenn Olsen   Glen Palm     286
Basic Premises     288
Fatherhood in Context     291
Conduct of Fathering     294
Understanding Fathering     299
Fathering and School Achievement     300
Benefits of Involving Fathers in Schools and Schooling     302
Society-Level Interventions     305
Community and School-Level Interventions     306
Fathers' Involvement with Schools     309
Family-Level Interventions     312
Case Study     314
Summary     315
Recommended Activities     317
Notes     318
Children's Books     318
Additional Resources     319
References     320
School Choices in Education   Joe Nathan     325
Four Features of School Choice Programs     326
Rationale     326
Brief Historical Background     327
Vouchers     328
Home Schooling      330
Magnet Schools     331
Schools within Schools     332
New Small Schools     334
The Charter School Movement     336
Postsecondary Options/Dual Enrollment     339
Sharing Facilities     339
Case Study     340
Summary     341
Recommended Activities     342
Additional Resources     342
References     343
The Implications of Home-School Partnerships for School Violence and Bullying   John H. Hoover   Kathryn E. Johnson   Mary Beth Noll   Glenn Olset     345
School Violence     346
Bullying and Violence     347
Basic Bullying Information     348
Adjustment Problems Associated with Bullying     351
Family Interaction Patterns Affecting Bullying and Victimization in Children     352
Social Cognitive Schemes: A Way for Educators to Understand the Role of Families in Bullying and Victimization     354
Home-School Relations and Bullying: What Educators and Future Educators Should Know     356
A Systemwide Approach for Reducing Violence and Bullying     356
Case Study     361
Summary     363
Recommended Activities      363
Children's Books     364
Additional Resources     365
References     366
Finding a Voice for Children: Advocacy in Action   Barbara Arnold-Tengesdal     370
Rights of Children     371
Creating Change in Public Policy     372
Landmark Public Policy Initiatives     374
Advocacy     377
Case Study     379
Summary     380
Recommended Activities     381
Additional Resources     381
References     384
Index     385

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