by Michael Amos
You have been exposed to subversive influences: for your own security and well being, you will now be terminated.

Tracy Dwayne Jocelyn Higgs has a problem. Not only is he a Security Officer saddled with a girl's name, he has awoken to find himself in a vast shopping mall with no recollection of how he came to be there.

Worse still, the mall is under almost


You have been exposed to subversive influences: for your own security and well being, you will now be terminated.

Tracy Dwayne Jocelyn Higgs has a problem. Not only is he a Security Officer saddled with a girl's name, he has awoken to find himself in a vast shopping mall with no recollection of how he came to be there.

Worse still, the mall is under almost constant terrorist attack. The security apparatus operates a permanent state of emergency and none of the other terrified inhabitants of the mall have any idea how they came to be there or how to get out.

Stalked by the obsessive femme fatale Mandy, shadowed by the annoying Information Officer Simms and in love with the no-nonsense Doctor Jodi Francis, Higgs must find out where he is, get in touch with his feminine side and save the inhabitants of the mall before he is terminated for his own security and well being.

Warning, this title contains the following: violence, cannibalism, disturbing concepts and subversive ideas. Exposure to this novel will result in your immediate termination for reasons of national security.

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By Michael Amos

Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Copyright © 2006 Michael Amos
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59998-260-1

Chapter One

Night cloaked the shopping mall. Crouched against the wall beneath the security camera, Jasper was sweating. The mall was air-conditioned to the point of actually being quite cold, but he was a fat man and fat men sweat easily. Not for the first time, he cursed his weakness for bacon bagels. He had tried on more than one occasion to lose weight. Most recently, he had enrolled in a program at the gym designed to pull the obese back from the brink. The first stage simply involved lying flat on a machine which vibrated the body, toning up atrophied muscles in preparation for stage two. Stage two involved some fairly undemanding exercise. He hadn't gotten beyond stage one, partly because he couldn't face the thought of the stage two exercises but mostly because he rather enjoyed being wobbled.

His sodden designer shirt stuck to his back, the buttons straining to hold back the clammy, pink mass of his belly. It had seemed like a good purchase at the time. Somewhere in his subconscious he had honestly believed a shirt modeled by a gawky, angst-ridden teenager would somehow transform him from pink blob to babe-magnet. It had not.

He swept his damp palms over his eyes and tried to calm his breathing. Enough was enough. He was sick of being told he would be shunned unless he wore the right things, bought the right furniture, used the right shampoo. He did not want to be told how to think, what to buy, what to eat, how to live. These things stifled him. He hated them. He hated them enough to be here, out in the darkness of the mall at night, sweating with fear for one chance at freedom.

Up above him, the camera swiveled slowly around, scanning the deserted shops. Hunched directly beneath it, Jasper was hidden from the prying lens. Another camera on the far wall of the mall swung away from him. He had timed it right-he was outside of its field of view and he had not been seen. There would be just long enough when neither camera was focused on the space between Jasper and the short corridor that led to the door. The door and then what? Freedom, he hoped, but he didn't know for sure. The only certainty he knew was he couldn't stay here suffocating in this air-conditioned, mental straightjacket any longer.

He took a breath, determined to make a run for it, but then doubt made him pause. What if they caught him? People disappeared. Nobody talked about it but they did, they just vanished and life carried on without further mention of them. His courage wavered. It was not too late to sneak back home before they noticed he was out. He lowered his eyes from the camera on the far wall and his gaze came to rest on the advertisements beneath it. Are you overweight? they asked him. Does your breath smell? You don't want people laughing at you because you've got big feet now, do you? Does your bathroom really do you justice?

He hissed in anger, there was no going back. He launched forward, sprinting as fast as his substantial girth would allow, shedding buttons in handfuls as his shirt finally lost its battle with his stomach. His lungs were bursting within a few strides but he forced himself on. His "casual yet stylish" slacks, unhindered by anything resembling a waist, slumped down over his buttocks and he had to hoist them up every few steps. With only a few yards to go, he looked up as he ran to check the cameras were not on him. Distracted, he veered from his course and crashed headlong into a bin. The noise echoed around the silent mall. In terror, he struggled to his feet. From behind him, he heard heavy running footsteps-they were onto him. He glanced up at the cameras. Both were trained on him mercilessly now, little red lights flashing angrily on their tops.

He lurched towards the corridor, and with one final effort flung himself into its darkness, away from the cold lenses of the cameras. Running in almost blind panic, he reached the door at the end, the one he had seen so many times, the one labeled "Authorized Personnel Only". By the side of the door was a keypad with a large, green button which he stabbed with his finger. Nothing happened, the door remained closed. He stabbed the button again and then thumped the door in desperation. Damn this door, he was so close. He threw himself against it again and again but it remained resolutely shut fast against him.

Suddenly, light glared around him and the corridor filled with a voice, that voice, her voice.

"Jasper, you of all people," she said calmly, her voice straight from the southern United States, all wholesome and apple pie.

He spun around, gibbering in fear, holding up his hands to shield his eyes from the light. They were there, at the end of the corridor. There was no escape.

"Jasper, show me what you've got in your pocket."

He sobbed. "I'm not doing anything. I'm just out for a walk."

"Jasper. Come, come now. Show me what you've got in your pocket."

"I haven't got anything, I swear."

"You are only making things worse for yourself. Come on now, show me."

Slowly, his trembling, damp hands reached into the back pocket of his pants and pulled out a notebook. Not quite knowing what to do with it, he threw it down on the floor, towards them.

"Oh Jasper, I'm disappointed with you."

"Please, please, it's not what you think. I can explain everything."

His sobs were uncontrollable now. He sank to his knees.


He covered his head with his hands as they came down the corridor towards him.


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