Homeless and at Home in America

Homeless and at Home in America

by Peter Augustine Lawler

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Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Two Views of Americanization     6
A Friendly Critique of Pure Crunchiness     18
Against the Lobotomites: Thoughts on the Bible, Philosophy, and Politics Inspired by Thomas L. Pangle     26
The Socratic Philosopher and the American Individual     37
Stuck-with-Virtue Conservatism     47
McWilliams and the Problem of American Political Education     66
Real Men Prove Darwin Wrong Again     78
Murray and Brownson     90
Toward a Consistent Ethic of Judicial Restraint     108
Is the Body Property?     123
Modernity and Postmodernity     132
Tocqueville at 200     136
Where's the Love?     145
Tocqueville on the Doctrine of Interest     152
Disco and Democracy: Thoughts on Stillman's Film and Book     168
An American Fantasy? Love, Nobility, and Friendship in Casablanca     195
A Story about Nothing: The Two Kinds of Nihilists and One Kind of Christian in Flannery O'Connor's Good Country People     207
Index     227

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