Homer: The Iliad

Homer: The Iliad

by Anton Lesser

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Disc 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Achilles and Agamemnon Quarrel
  3. Agamemnon Claims Bryseis
  4. Zues Sends a Dream to Agamemnon
  5. Paris Retreats from Menelaus
  6. Zeus and Hera Look Down on Troy
  7. Diomed (Tydides) Leads the Greeks into Action
  8. Aphrodite and Ares Wounded
  9. With the Gods Retired, Success Is Varied
  10. Bravest Hector, Moved by Honour's Meed

Disc 2

  1. Ajax Challenges Hector
  2. Zeus Convenes the Gods in Council
  3. Agamemnon (Atrides) Calls His Council
  4. Nestor Advises Conciliation with Achilles
  5. Phoenix, Aged Warrior, Replies to Achilles
  6. Zues Sends Discord to the Achaian Lines
  7. Patroklos Begs Achilles to Be Allowed to Fight
  8. First Zeus and Then Apollo Change the Course of Battle
  9. Ajax Defends the Body of Patroklos (Menoetiades)
  10. Antilochus Bears the Tragic News

Disc 3

  1. Hephaestus Forges Godlike Armour
  2. Thetis Brings the Armour to Her Son
  3. Greeks and Trojans Face Each Other Again
  4. Road to Troy
  5. Hector Is Caught Outside The Scaean Gate
  6. 'This Is Mine Hour to Die'
  7. 'Such Mourning Was in Troy'
  8. Achilles Still Mourns His Friend
  9. Hermes, Benefactor of Mankind
  10. 'Now All Were Hushed by Gentle Sleep Subdued'

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