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Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the

Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the ""Butcher of Fallujah""--and the Shameful Ordeal They Later Endured

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by Patrick Robinson

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From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times, book, Lone Survivor, the riveting, behind-the-scenes story of the three Navy SEALs that captured the “Butcher of Fallujah,” then charged with “prisoner abuse,” and their long road to justice


From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times, book, Lone Survivor, the riveting, behind-the-scenes story of the three Navy SEALs that captured the “Butcher of Fallujah,” then charged with “prisoner abuse,” and their long road to justice

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On March 31st, 2004, four Blackwater military contractors were ambushed while they were protecting U.S. diplomatic personnel. Then they were killed and their charred, mutilated bodies were hung from a Euphrates River bridge near Fallujah. On September 3rd, Ahmed Hashim Abed was arrested for his part in this ghastly crime, but not long after, several Navy SEALs were charged with beating the so-called "Butcher of Fallujah." Eventually, all were cleared, but until now, significant parts of the story have remained untold. That ends with this revelatory book by Lone Survivor author and Navy SEAL specialist Patrick Robinson.

Kirkus Reviews
Blustery, angry account of three Navy SEALs who snared a vicious Iraqi terrorist and were then ensnared by flimsy allegations of prisoner abuse. Writing "with the cooperation of" two of the accused, Robinson (co-author: Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, etc.) sees this odd case as an indictment of the military's desire for political correctness and its complex relationship with its elite warriors: "The US Navy SEALs belonged to the nation, not to a few yellow-braided officers." By 2009, the special-ops mission in Iraq was directed toward capture-or-kill missions against specific insurgents, like Ahmad al-Isawi, responsible for the notorious mutilation slayings of four American contractors in Fallujah. When the SEALs finally seized him, he accused one of bloodying his lip, a ploy literally out of the al-Qaida handbook. The fear of abuse scandals following Abu Ghraib caused commanders to lose perspective on the reality of how such counterterrorism operations were conducted. Unfortunately, the court martial of the SEALs became a public embarrassment for the military. The whole affair was carried all the way to Baghdad; after considerable expense, all three were quickly acquitted. Robinson ably discusses the intricacies of military justice, but his style is repetitive: Readers are constantly advised that "[t]he Navy had somehow jumped all over an unreliable statement from a stressed-out kid…acting as though a heroic SEAL platoon did not have an honest man among them." Since the case against the SEALs seems like an update of Catch-22, Robinson's frequent assertions that each accused warrior "wore the flag of the United States both on his battle dress and on his heart" become extraneous. Perhaps inadvertently captures the folly and resource drain of the Iraq War, though its emphatic style should appeal to conservative readers.
From the Publisher
"In this very important book, author Patrick Robinson shows how the culture of our military is imperiled by a high command that too frequently allows political correctness to trump honor and common sense.... I was shocked—as a Navy veteran and defense lawyer."—Ray V. Hartwell III, Washington Times

"If you are looking for a strong read, this is a no-brainer."—Sacramento Book Review

"Should be required reading for all military personnel today."—American Spectator

“Written in an even–keeled, reportorial style, the book tells a story...that certainly needs to be told.... Guaranteed to raise eyebrows and spark debate.”—Booklist

Kirkus Reviews, 11/1/13

“Robinson ably discusses the intricacies of military justice…Captures the folly and resource drain of the Iraq War…Should appeal to conservative readers.”

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Patrick Robinson is the coauthor of the New York Times #1 nonfiction bestseller Lone Survivor. He is a recognized authority on Navy SEALs and special forces, and is often called upon by media for his expertise. He is also the author of seven international bestselling suspense thrillers, including Intercept, Diamondhead, To the Death, and The Delta Solution, as well as several nonfiction bestsellers, including his New York Times bestseller, A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers and Top Gun on Wall Street: Why the United States Military Should Run Corporate America. He lives in Ireland and spends his summers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the "Butcher of Fallujah"-and the Shameful Ordeal They Later Endured 2.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A desperate attempt to cash in the on the stereotypical Hollywood Navy SEALs.  This book, while informative as to what our government is fully capable of doing to our own military, it lacks passion.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s well written, but definitely full of false information.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No Pulitzer Prize here. Don't waste your money. Overall, the book lacked the same passion which was present during the trials of the three Navy SEALs. The open letters were very depressing... maybe that was the point - depress the reader so they wouldn't see the faults contained within the pages of this disjointed recollection of events. Such a shame, the story has potential to rally the American public as it did in 2009… instead it ended up a self-serving attempt to prove ‘we did nothing wrong’ when that was never the point of the trials or the reason countless American Patriots stood behind our SEALs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have READ the book. I do not recommend anyone waste money on this book. It is poorly written. The descriptive words remind me of some juvenile relying on a Thesaurus for assistance. Its obvious the chapter where they grab the butcher is over the top in McCabe's effort to prove 'we did nothing wrong'. Do you honestly believe that SEALs spend that much time talking about how to be nice to the terrorists? They are highly trained, educated, elite warriors... I watched the events of this case unfold and was initially glad to see a book would be written to emphasis the travesty of the Brass selling out for Political Correctness. I was sorely disappointed. This book shows that either Mr.Robinson lacks integrity or Matthew McCabe lacks integrity. Keefe seems to be watching the world go by... and "SAM" is still serving with honor as a Navy SEAL.. having no part of this book or the scam that this book is really about. JIrving was one of the many Americans who stood up for these SEALs, not as the Hollywood guy McCabe tries to be, but as members of the elite forces protecting our country... and one of many Americans who stood against the Political Correctness of the Brass who are more concerned about the enemy than our military being able to do their job. If not for the public outcry...who knows how this would have ended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book endangers our lives (Navy SEALs), our families, and our children. It emboldens the crook who was busted passing information on Navy SEALs families to accounts on Twitter with possible ties to terrorists. Ware already tried to murder our families, and just yesterday (28 November 2013) YouTube tracked and pulled down one of his videos attacking us (Navy SEALs) and our families. In this crook was boasting about being featured in this book. Crook continues attacks on Navy SEALs and their families. It portrays a serial con artist, Graham Ware as a supporter of our Community, Navy SEALs (FALSE). Graham Ware has no affiliation to Navy SEAL community. He is a dangerous serial con artist. This book falsely portrays the actual support efforts by American Patriots outraged by the charges. This book should be an opportunity to shed light on the political correctness that has infected our top military officials, instead it exploits the Naval Special Warfare Community for the advancement of a con artist and his associates. Some people are commenting it's a `small' part; however, they go on about outrage with the government's treatment of our military... Well, that is EXACTLY that happened in the publication of this book. Disregard for the safety of Navy SEALs and their families, no different than politicians stating which team got BinLaden... so if that pissed you off, then DO NOT buy this book. If you are not bothered by criminals passing secure operator information to our enemy, then go ahead and put money in their pockets. This book makes preposterous claims about Ware. The Author should have known that Ware never accounted for money he collected under guise of supportheseals scam (Ware's personal piggy-bank). His solicitation for money and items, and receipt of checks went on for years past any fundraiser in 2010. We Navy SEALs busted Ware's SupportTheSeals scam in 2012. In retaliation, Ware who operated multiple fake SEAL accounts on Twitter and Facebook started passing information on our families and Children to possible terrorists. He and his connections to terrorists on twitter are being investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies. This is a dangerous conman. This book failed to mention that Mom of our fallen teammate had to hire an attorney to ward off Ware and prevent this conman from using her son's name to prop his scam. Do McCabe and Keefe advocate the promotion of this conartist who is harassing the mother of one of our fallen brothers? Please Google up: Graham Ware + Fraud + CBS KPHO Channel 5 Arizona News Navy SEALs who exposed Graham Ware include: Marcus Luttrell ("Lone Survivor"), Don Shipley (Extreme SEALs Experience), CAPT Larry Bailey (Special Operations Speaks), and other highly decorated Navy SEALS. They issued a Cease and Desist letter to Ware and his organization. Please search: Supporttheseals scam + Cease and Desist Letter This forum doesn't allow to post links, so please search web yourself: Graham Ware + Fraud + Supporttheseals, Graham Ware + Scam + Redirections, Graham Ware + Fraud + CBS KPHO Channel 5 Arizona News Graham Ware + Former Navy SEAL Jeffrey Carr blog + Graham Ware new OptZona scam US Navy SEAL (ret.), Iraq 2003, 2004, 2005, Bronze Star "V", Navy Commendation Medal "V", Army Commendation Medal, others...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For a NY Times#1 Best Seller… the author really fell short with this book. Fact checks please, or classify it as a Fiction. Why would the author promote Graham Ware as supporter of Navy SEALs when Ware was busy blogging about his disdain for Navy SEALs claiming that were raping children in Iraq and making phone calls to state agencies trying to remove SEALs children from their very own homes? How Sick do you have to be to attack a military family like that? Have the wives and children not already endured enough through the deployments of their husband/father that now there is this evil reprobate threatening them at home, here in the United States? The author and publisher owe an apology to the Naval Special Warfare community. Seriously, did I read this correctly; the author is promoting the same conman who attempted to murder SEALs families as not only an advocate but someone who was really close to being a Navy SEAL himself?? This scam artist Graham Ware was caught red-handed swindling Veterans Charities, he has no honor. It brings to question the integrity of the entire book. Why didn’t McCabe as someone who has his name on the book and is out there promoting this book with interviews tell the author to take Ware out? Why didn’t he tell the author that he doesn’t owe everything to Ware like the book makes it out to be? Could it be that McCabe really is part of the supporttheseals scam (as Ware claims in Glen Beck’s “The Blaze” article about the Navy SEAL Charity Frauds)? Yes, that would put the entire “honor” and “betrayal” into a whole new light and might explain why charges were brought forward. Maybe Mr. Robinson should take a closer look at these two business partners: Ware and McCabe! I think that better title for this book should be “Dishonor and Betrayal” …of the Naval Special Warfare Community. I agree with one of the reviewers who said: “This is a disgrace for the SEALs community, how this and his other scams got to print is beyond my comprehension. He doesn't have any friends with any team guys. I have never spit on a book, but I guess it's time I start.” Again, Mr. Robinson and this publisher owe apology to Naval Special Warfare Community. Shame on Mr. Robinson! Another scam perpetrated on American People... but this time by the Author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SHAME on Amazon for deleting posts of our Veterans and Navy SEALs speaking the TRUTH about this book and the facts in question. How many facts are wrong in this book?? This book falsely portrays the scammer, Graham Ware, as a friend of Navy SEALs. Funny, this same `advocate' is currently being investigated for trying to murder the families of Navy SEALs. Graham Ware of Scottsdale, AZ (falsely portrayed in the book as our "supporter") was exposed by Navy SEALs in July 2012, running a scam called SupportTheSeals. The Navy SEALs who exposed Graham Ware include prominent Navy SEALs: Marcus Luttrell ("Lone Survivor"), Don Shipley (Extreme SEALs Experience), CAPT Larry Bailey (Special Operations Speaks), and other highly decorated Navy SEALS. They issued a Cease and Desist letter to Ware and his organization. In retaliation Graham Ware deliberately transferred secure information to the enemy, leading terrorists to our homes. He even went as far as pretending to be Marcus Luttrell on twitter, making false claims that Marcus was/is his friend. FALSE. Robinson writes that Graham Ware was a "potential" for Special Forces. Laughable! Nothing could be further from the truth! We don't accept scammers and terrorist helpers into our ranks. And we don't accept posers either... Stolen Valor is not taken lightly in our Brotherhood. Why would the book fail to mention Graham Ware was running fake Navy SEALs Accounts on Facebook and Twitter? Why did the Mom of our fallen teammate (first Navy SEAL lost in Iraq) have to hire an attorney to keep Ware from stalking her and her charity? We are very protective of our Gold Star moms. If you want the Truth about honor and BETRAYAL, check out the following excellent expose on this scammer: search "Graham Ware CBS 5 KPHO channel 5" Graham Ware is no friend of the Navy SEALs, although he tries really hard to portray himself and his supportheseals scam as our advocacy group. FALSE! We, the US Navy SEALs have our advocacy group already; it is the UDT-SEAL Association (udtseal dot org) Since he has no other purpose in life, Graham Ware was up to no good as usual and was recently busted... again! Renown, Cyber-Security Expert, Jeffrey Carr (Author of "Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld", ISBN: 978-0-596-80215-8) exposed his new IT scam. Google search: "Graham Ware Jeffrey Carr blog". Mr. Robinson and this publisher owe an apology to the Naval Special Warfare Community for not checking these facts and promoting this dangerous scammer as our supporter. This books promotion gave him just one more platform to endanger our lives even further. DANGEROUS! Links cannot be posted here so please search Google for: "Graham Ware support the seals", " Graham Ware + Fraud", "Graham Ware redirections", "Graham Ware CBS 5 KPHO channel 5", "Graham Ware Jeffrey Carr blog", "Graham Ware Jeffrey Carr blog"... these links read far better than this book! US Navy SEAL (ret.), Iraq 2003, 2004, 2005, Bronze Star "V", Navy Commendation Medal "V", Army Commendation Medal, others...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book promotes Graham Ware of Scottsdale Arizona as a supporter of Navy SEALs when the fact is that he is alledged by SEALs and their families to be a serial abuser of organizations set up to aid the families of fallen SEALs, and to have posted videos on you tube reporting the names and addresses of SEALs and their families. He has allegedly, wink, wink, used this book now to further scam the SEAL community. Yet the publisher refuses to pull the book to correct this lie...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A Gold Star Wife: Gold Star families are all the trend when someone is trying to build a name or money for their pocket book. How many of our family stories, our loved one's pictures in uniform, and the tears of our children have been used by conmen for their own promotion? Countless How many Gold Star families have been personally attacked when they refused to let conmen into their families' inner circle? Countless How many Gold Star families have been threatened, even blackmailed, when the family discovers the truth and publicly outs the disgraced conmen? Countless To all of you reading this and thinking, 'well, the guy seems dirty but we really need to talk about the shabby treatment of these SEALs'.... I implore you to wake up! Where is your outrage at the purposeful endangerment of Navy SEALs, their families, and the Gold Star Families? We are not celebrities, we are families who have suffered great losses and are deserved of respect NOT exploitation. This book is being used to further exploit the Naval Special Warfare Community and our families. Will you continue to tolerate this or will you speak out against Mr. Robinson and his publishers shameful actions? To those saying "its only 3 pages", I say its 3 pages in a book of a former NY Times Best Seller... you don't think that matters? Have you never dealt with sick conmen? They will exploit even 1 page of propaganda for their benefit. You don't think it matters that within the pages of a book about Navy SEALs, this conman is singled out as the center of the universe for Navy SEAL advocacy... a LIE...but who will know its a lie if you are silent? Who will know about the many Navy SEALs, their families, and the Gold Star Families that have been endangered and exploited by this Graham Ware if you refuse to stand up in protest? This conman has not only violated the sanctity of the Gold Star Families with invasive use of personal pictures, stories, and messages to solicit money from unsuspecting patriots. This conman has endangered those who are still serving and their families, while also endangering Gold Star families through his posts on social media with secure information maliciously shared. This conman exploited the Navy SEALs, their families, and the Gold Star Families for the purpose of creating personal cash flow into his bank account...preying upon the empathy of American Patriots. And yes, there is documentation of his abuse of many Gold Star family names for his own selfish purpose. What kind of sicko does this? I can only say that my husband's integrity and love for his brothers, their families, and doing what's right would lead him to speak out against this book... just as I am now speaking out against it. The Navy SEALs live by an Ethos that is not just a set of words... it is who they are. The Navy SEALs deserve better than the atrocity of this book written by Patrick Robinson. Do not allow Mr. Robinson to exploit our families and our Community anymore!! Whether it is your voice here on Amazon, or your voice in the local bookstore...stand up for our families and stand against those who would wish us harm. Please take a stand today: Don't buy this book, and please don't post 5-star reviews. Please take a stand every day for our Gold Star Families and in support of the men and women in our military who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that you and I may live free. God Bless.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This new article from the hugely respected American Spectator today (12/19/2013) speaks to what's important in this book and leaves out what isn't. http://spectator.org/articles/57185/rules-engagement-here-and-there. In his excellent book Honor and Betrayal, the subject of an earlier article of mine, author Patrick Robinson records the reactions of Navy SEALs to rules of engagement (ROE) that place American troops at unreasonable risk in the name of political correctness. Even during the Bush administration “U.S. armed forces were not permitted to open fire on known al-Qaeda killers until they themselves were fired upon.” Of course the enemy was very familiar with this restriction, leading SEALs to say, “You mean I’m not allowed to kill him until after he’s killed me?”
sealobsessed More than 1 year ago
this book was excellent and aggravating at the same time! I wanted to jump into the book and smack the guy (the driving force behind this nightmare) but instead our president awards him.....what these men had to endure was just disgusting and I applaud them for not talking bad about the military. Thank God for them having each other and for all their seal brothers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What happened to these three men is so sad. It is hard to believe that the story is true. However, the book is fantastic. Some parts go into a bit too much detail, but overall the book is well written and very worth reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a telling story of Navy SEAL's who so often placed themselves at great risk to serve their country in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Gives good insight why the Navy's high command was so insistent on going after its best. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gripping story about Navy Seals who captured an al-Qaeda terrorist and nearly found themselves in prison due to a general and his staff so consumed by political correctness and fear of another Abu Ghraib that they court-martialed the Seals after the terrorist claimed he was beaten up. The terrorist was the ringleader who mutilated and hung four Americans in Fallujah in 2004. I'll never forget the horrible photo of the burned bodies on that bridge over the Euphrates. The author gives a brilliant rendering of each court martial (there were three of them) and what each Seal was going through during their ordeal. I was enraged by the complete lack of any believable evidence, something that became more and more obvious to everybody as the abuse charges and trials progressed for more than half a year and what had to be millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Members of Congress were calling for a halt to this charade, but the military prosecutors obviously had their orders to win at any cost. But after all this time, expense, ass-covering, inappropriate, and vicious prosecution from the top command and administration -- the JAG prosecutors finally rested their cases for the three separate court martials in Baghdad and in Norfolk. The juries and trial judge came back with "not guilty" verdicts for each Seal in a matter of minutes. I knew from Day One of this story what the verdicts had to be, but what a shame and travesty in getting there. Everyone concerned about the climate of P.C. that has taken over our military and administration and the terrible effects it has on our military ranks should read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story about Seals who grabbed a notorious terrorist and then faced charges of detainee abuse. After reading the details of their court martial, I still couldn't understand why the brass did it.