Hormones, Cognition and Dementia: State of the Art and Emergent Therapeutic Strategies

Hormones, Cognition and Dementia: State of the Art and Emergent Therapeutic Strategies

by Eef Hogervorst

Basic and clinical research on sex steroids, ageing, and cognition to integrate existing findings with emerging data.See more details below


Basic and clinical research on sex steroids, ageing, and cognition to integrate existing findings with emerging data.

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List of contributors vii

Preface xi

Section 1 Estrogens and cognition: perspectives and opportunities in the wake of the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study

1 Women's Health Initiative Memory Study (WHIMS) program: emerging findings Mark A. Espeland Sally A. Shumaker Patricia E. Hogan Susan M. Resnick 1

2 Identifying risk factors for cognitive change in the Women's Health Initiative: a neural networks approach Stephan Bandelow Mark A. Espeland Victor W. Henderson Susan M. Resnick Robert B. Wallace Laura H. Coker Eef Hogervorst 11

3 Estrogen therapy - relationship to longevity and prevalent dementia in the oldest-old: the Leisure World Cohort Study and the 90+ Study Claudia H. Kawas Mar?a M. Corrada Annlia Paganini-Hill 25

4 The critical window hypothesis: hormone exposures and cognitive outcomes after menopause Victor W. Henderson 32

5 Animal studies that support estrogen effects on cognitive performance and the cholinergic basis of the critical period hypothesis Robert B. Gibbs 45

6 The healthy cell bias of estrogen action through regulating glucose metabolism and mitochondrial function: implications for prevention of Alzheimer's disease Roberta Diaz Brinton 55

Section 2 Varieties of estrogenic therapy

7 Alternative estrogenic treatment regimens and the Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study - Cognitive and Affective substudy (KEEPS-CA) Carey E. Gleason Whitney Wharton Cynthia M. Carlsson Sanjay Asthana 65

8 The use of transdermal 17?-estradiol in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease Whitney Wharton Sanjay Asthana Carey E. Gleason 80

9 Alternative modes of treatment: pulsatile estradiol treatment Jin Li Farook Al-Azzawi 87

10 In search of estrogen alternatives for the brain Liqin Zhao Roberta Diaz Brinton 93

Section 3 Potential modulators and modifiers of estrogenic effects

11 Progesterone regulation of neuroprotective estrogen actions Christian J. Pike Jenna C. Carroll 101

12 Clinical data of estrogen's effects in the central nervous system: estrogen and mood Bevin N. Powers Katherine E. Williams Tonita E. Wroolie Anna Khaylis Natalie L. Rasgon 110

13 Different forms of soy processing may determine the positive or negative impact on cognitive function of Indonesian elderly Eef Hogervorst Linda Kushandy Wita Angrianni Yudarini Sabarinah Theresia Ninuk Vita Priantina Dewi Amina Yesufu Tony Sadjimim Philip Kreager Tri Budi W. Rahardjo 121

14 Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in aging women: its impact on the brain and the potential influence of estradiol Oliver T. Wolf 133

Section 4 Possible genetic factors related to hormone treatment effects

15 Possible genetic polymorphisms related to sex steroid metabolism and dementia in women Eef Hogervorst Stephan Bandelow Chris Talbot 143

16 Genetics related to sex steroids: implications for Alzheimer's disease Chris Talbot 153

17 Apolipoprotein E, hormone therapy, and neuroprotection Robert G. Struble Mary E. McAsey 162

18 Testosterone, gonadotropins, and genetic polymorphisms in men with Alzheimer's disease Eef Hogervorst Stephan Bandelow Donald Lehmann 171

Section 5 Testosterone, estradiol and men, and sex hormone binding globulin

19 Androgens and cognitive functioning in women Barbara B. Sherwin 179

20 The role of estradiol in testosterone treatment Monique M. Cherrier 187

21 Endogenous testosterone levels and cognitive aging in men Scott D. Moffat 197

22 Clinical trials and neuroimaging studies of testosterone in men: insights into effects on verbal memory Pauline M. Maki 208

23 Testosterone therapy and Alzheimer's disease: potential for treatment and prevention in women Whitney Wharton Sanjay Asthana Carey E. Gleason 220

24 Endogenous estradiol and dementia in elderly men: the roles of vascular risk, sex hormone binding globulin, and aromatase activity Majon Muller Mirjam I. Geerlings 228

25 Testosterone regulates Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis Christian J. Pike Emily R. Rosario 242

Section 6 Gonadotropin effects

26 Involvement of gonadotropins in cognitive function: implications for Alzheimer's disease Gemma Casadesus Kathryn J. Bryan George Perry Mark A. Smith 251

27 The role of gonadotropins and testosterone in the regulation of beta-amyloid metabolism Giuseppe Verdile Ralph N. Martins 259

28 Epilogue Wulf H. Utian 269

29 Concluding remarks Eef Hogervorst Victor W. Henderson Robert B. Gibbs Roberta Diaz Brinton 271

Index 275

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