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Horrid Henry's Underpants

Horrid Henry's Underpants

3.8 8
by Francesca Simon

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Horrid Henry makes a deal with his parents in return for eating his veggies; accidentally wears girls' underwear to school; tries to prove he is sicker than his brother; and writes the meanest thank-you cards ever (and makes money on it too).

Francesca Simon is one of the world's



Horrid Henry makes a deal with his parents in return for eating his veggies; accidentally wears girls' underwear to school; tries to prove he is sicker than his brother; and writes the meanest thank-you cards ever (and makes money on it too).

Francesca Simon is one of the world's best-loved children's authors. She is the only American to have ever won the Galaxy Book Award, and her creation, Horrid Henry, is the #1 bestselling chapter book series in the UK—with a hit TV show and over fifteen million copies sold! Each book contains four easy-to-read stories and hilarious illustrations by the one and only Tony Ross, so even the most reluctant of readers won't be able to resist Henry's amazing talent for trouble!


"Henry's over-the-top behavior, the characters' snappy dialogue, an d Ross's hyperbolic line art w ill engage even the mo st reluctant readers."
Publishers Weekly

"Like Dennis the Menace and Curious George, Horrid Henry is either finding trouble or creating it, and the kids are crazy about his antics."
Meredith Smith, grade school teacher,DolceBellezza.blogspot.com

"Kids will love reading the laugh-out-loud funny stories about someone whose behavior is even worse than their own."
School Library Journal

"Will make you laugh out loud."
Sunday Times

Why Horrid Henry?

Kids love it!
"I love the Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon. They have lots of funny bits in. And Henry always gets into trouble!"
Mia, age 6, BBC Learning is Fun

"It's easy to see why Horrid Henry is the bestselling character for 5-8 year olds."
Liverpool Echo

Because it's funny
"My two boys love this book and I have actually had tears running down my face and had to stop reading because of laughing so hard. My oldest son is rereading all the books in this series on his own now and he still loves them. Happy reading!"
T. Franklin, Parent

"A modern comic classic."
SF Said, Guardian Children's Books Supplement

Kids get to be harmlessly rebellious
"Henry is a beguiling hero who has entranced millions of reluctant readers... little rebels will love this collection and even little angels will be secretly thrilled by Henry's anti-heroic behaviour."

Henry's naughtiness is a yardstick against which children can get a sense of their own moral goodness and social justice
"What is brilliant about the books is that Henry never does anything that is subversive. She creates an aura of supreme naughtiness (of which children are in awe) but points out that he operates within a safe and secure world."
Emily Turner, Angels And Urchins Magazine

Reaches the most important age group - children who are learning to read
"I have tried out the Horrid Henry books with groups of children as a parent, as a babysitter, and as a teacher. Children love to either hear them read aloud or to read them themselves. The books are spot on for the 5-8 age range and are fun for the adults who share them too."
Danielle Hall, Teacher

The structure provides new readers with a real sense of accomplishment
"My son is 7 years old and a big Horrid Henry fan. This book lived up to his expectations! Horrid Henry is like most boys: he always has a plan and is always getting into mischief! It was amusing, and he could not put it down. Can't wait for the next. He read it cover to cover by himself in 2 days! That for me sells a book! He can't wait for the next one to be published. He has recommended it to all his friends."
Mrs. Tami Gold, Parent

Reaches both boys and girls equally
"Wonderfully appealing to girls and boys alike, a precious rarity at this age."
Judith Woods, Times Books

A global publishing phenomenon with 12 million copies sold!


"Parents reading them aloud may be consoled to discover that Henry can always be relied upon to behave worse than any of their own offspring." Independent

"An absolutely fantastic series and surely a winner with all children. My son took this book as his favourite during book week at his school and converted a few children to the cause. Long live Francesca Simon and her brilliant books! More, more please!"

"My 5-year-old adores them so much he couldn't wait to start reading because of them."

"I really like Horrid Henry and like reading it to my dad. It's funny!"
Matthew, 9, St. Albans

"Horrid Henry is a fabulous anti-hero: monstrously selfish and greedy, he does things most children only dream about... a modern comic classic."
The Guardian

"My 6-year-old son has now read the whole series unaided and is quite content to re-read the stories again and again. My 5-year-old is dying to be able to read well enough so she can read them independently too!"

"Henry is really naughty and makes me laugh. He's very funny and he has lots of adventures."
Martha, age 5, Bella

"A flicker of recognition must pass through most teachers and parents when they read Horrid Henry. There's a tiny bit of him in all of us."
Child Education

"It didn't even make it to the library shelves and there's a long waiting list for it! Enough said."
Nancy Astee, Child Education

"A definite must for every teacher - reading about Henry makes your naughtiest child seem like a saint!"

"As a teacher of 8-year-olds, it's great to get a series of books my class love... They torment me to lend them the books so they can read them on their own. Need I say more?"

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
""Francesca Simon has done it again and Horrid Henry causes more trouble than ever in these new books. It's refreshing to see a series whose main character is a trouble-maker--because if we can't laugh at books, then what can we laugh at?"" - Examiner.com

"Horrid Henry has jumped the pond and if you have or teach children in the early independent reader stage, you're going to want to check Henry out." - Reading Rumpus/Examiner.com

""I think the author and illustrator have something great going and that Horrid Henry will become more well-known then Junie B. Jones. The joy is, that Horrid Henry is liked by both boys AND girls. The books lists ages 7-10 but my 12-year-old niece loves them too."" - SMS Book Reviews

"I think there must be a lot of naughty schoolboy living inside my feathers, because I enjoyed Horrid Henry." - The Book Chook

"That little mischief maker Horrid Henry is at it again. Think of Dennis the Menace with an ornery attitude and you will get a feeling for Horrid Henry. This young man has a way of getting into trouble, causing lots of headaches and bringing tons of laughs. A most excellent way to get even the most reluctant of readers to read! Horrid Henry will appeal to both boys and girls with his antics and makes for a fun family read-along time. " - Cafe of Dreams

"Following the success of this spring's initial Horrid Henry invasion (4 books, 16 stories of unrivaled mischief and bad behavior,) the elementary aged yobbo is back in Horrid Henry and the Scary Sitter and Horrid Henry's Underpants. Having already established that Horrid Henry is fairly irredeemable, author Francesca Simon and illustrator Tony Ross continue to play up Henry for all his comedic value. His parents continue to despair in the face of his behavior (although they get some sweet, if unintended, revenge in Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable.) And little brother Perfect Peter is starting to develop as less perfect and more prim; he is not so perfect that he isn't above bickering with Horrid Henry and conniving to get his own way, as he does in Horrid Henry's Car Journey. But what readers want is Horrid Henry getting in and out of scrapes and providing a good laugh, and that is exactly what they get.
" - Not Just For Kids

"The rebel in every reader, young and old, will revel in Horrid Henry's hilarious exploits, and be hungry for more." - Book Loons

"What do vegetables, underpants, letters, and feeling sick have in common? Not much, but they are the basis behind this gut-busting next addition to the series. Horrid Henry's Underpants has to be one of my favorite stories from this particular collection; I don't think any reader could keep a straight face the moment that Horrid Henry discovers he mistakenly put on frilly, pink, girls underwear before leaving for school. The rest of the collection may have been written wittily for children, but certainly provide total parent satisfaction. Parents will appreciate the story of Henry eating vegetables, well, pretending to eat vegetables; the sick day that involves the whole family; and the thank you letter writing; none of which end in Henry's favor. I recommend this particular collection for a very fun family read." - The Children's Book Review

"I was really surprised how versatile I found these books. As a female reader, I was certain that they would be attempting to appeal more to male readers, but I was wrong. Simon does an amazing job at making this series appeal to both boys and girls, as well as make family reading accessible. These books are geared towards children ages 7-10, and make great starter books. I would recommend these to any parent with readers just starting out or having a hard time reading. Overall, the Horrid Henry books are a great series for kids looking for action, adventure, and laughs. They will definitely keep your child's attention, and have them begging to read more about Horrid Henry and his antics." - The Never-Ending Shelf

"I've been hearing about how popular Henry is with young readers, and now that I've read a couple of titles myself I can see why. Henry is always getting into trouble, and he always learns something from his antics. It's not always something positive, but he always learns something." - Mother Daughter Book Club.com

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Horrid Henry Series
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5.10(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.30(d)
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7 - 10 Years

Meet the Author

Francesca Simon was born in the United States and attended both Yale and Oxford universities. For ten years she worked as a freelance journalist. She now writes full time and has had many books published, including the bestselling Horrid Henry series and several picture books. She lives in North London, England, with her husband, Martin, and her son, Josh.

Tony Ross is a prolific illustrator of books for children, including Francesca Simon's Horrid Henry series, Martyn Beardsley's Sir Gadabout stories, and, of course, as his own stories. Tony has become one of the best-known creators of original and traditional picture books and his work has been sold all over the world.

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Horrid Henry's Underpants 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Susan Plowman More than 1 year ago
When you download the sample, all you get is the review pages. No actual book p ages
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Maybe not
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is wow
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Elizabeth Hopton More than 1 year ago
i like the sererys but it's just to... easy. Ha i tricked you should read it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????^?^?^?^?^???_?=?_?^ :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago