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Hospitality and Restaurant Management / Edition 1

Hospitality and Restaurant Management / Edition 1

by . National Restaurant Association

ISBN-10: 0132283808

ISBN-13: 9780132283809

Pub. Date: 02/08/2006

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Product Details

Prentice Hall
Publication date:
NRAEF ManageFirst Program Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
8.40(w) x 10.60(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Dynamics of Leadership in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

· Managing in the Restaurant Industry

· Qualities of a Leader

· Workplace Ethics

· Setting the Right Course for Your Organization

· Kepping Things in Balance

· Professional Development and Leadership

Chapter 2 Goal Setting in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

· Why Goals Are Important

· Setting Organizational Goals

· Writing SMART Goals and Objectives

· A Process for Achieving Organizational and Departmental Goals

Chapter 3 Communicating Effectively as a Leader and Manager

· The Importance of Effective Communication

· The Communiatyion Process Defined

· Effective Speaking

· The Importance of Listening

· The Telephone as a Communication Tool

· Effective Writing

· Organizational Communication

Chapter 4 Managing Compensation

· Defining Compensation

· Establishing Policies and Procedures for Employee Wage and Compensation

· Merit Pay Policies and Guidelines

· Maintaining Confidentiality of Payroll Information

Chapter 5 Managing Terminations

· Voluntary Termination

· Involuntary Terminations

· Conducting Involuntary Terminations

· Steps for Managing and Conducting Involuntary Terminations

· Defending Involuntary Terminations

Chapter 6 Motivation and Employee Development

· Motivating Employees

· Building a Positive Work Climate

· Mutually Respectful Workplace

· Interpersonal Communication

· Conflict Resolution

· Employee Performance Appraisals

· Delegation

Chapter 7 Win-Win Scheduling Practices

· Master Schedules

· Additional Scheduling Considerations

· Creating the Actual Crew Schedule

· Backup Strategies for Crew Scheduling

· Developing and Preparing the Management Schedule

Chapter 8 The Importance of Teamwork in the Foodservice and Hospitality Workplace

· The Importance of Teamwork in Foodservice

· Stages of Team Growth

· Goal Setting with a Team

· Managing Team-Based Projects

Chapter 9 Dimensions of Problem Solving

· The Importance of Problem Solving in Daily Activities

· Developing a Problem-Solving Model

· Potential Consequences of Improperly Solving a Problem

· Crisis Management

· Before a Crisis Strikes

Chapter 10 Planning and Conducting Effective Meeting

· Why People Dislike Meetings

· Planning Effective Meetings

· Conducting Effective Meetings

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