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Hot As Hell

Hot As Hell

4.2 4
by HelenKay Dimon

She's mad as hell.
He's the reason.
The desert may not be big enough for both of them. . .

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Lexy Stuart is nobody's fool. . .not since she wised up to the fact that her fiancé, Noah Paxton, wasn't just sporting the hardest bod this side of the Ironman competition. No, he was also harboring enough secrets to make a CIA


She's mad as hell.
He's the reason.
The desert may not be big enough for both of them. . .

Tell Me More. . .

Lexy Stuart is nobody's fool. . .not since she wised up to the fact that her fiancé, Noah Paxton, wasn't just sporting the hardest bod this side of the Ironman competition. No, he was also harboring enough secrets to make a CIA operative blush. Little things he never thought worth mentioning like, oh, a previous marriage. So Lexy gave back the ring—with extreme prejudice—and made sandy tracks straight to a remote desert spa. Problem is, with a man like Noah, a girl can run, but she can't hide. Nor does she particularly want to. . .

Alexa Annabeth Stuart. The stuffy name couldn't be less suitable for a woman as fiery and free as Noah's Lexy. And Lexy is his—always will be—the tricky part will be getting her to realize it. Of course, Noah's always up for a challenge. Which is a good thing, since between the crazy heat at this god-forsaken "retreat" and the looks Lexy's shooting him (not to mention the shockwaves he's getting from her hot-pink bikini), winning his ex back could be one dangerous mission. But if Noah doesn't survive it, well, he intends to die a very satisfied man. . .

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Publishers Weekly

The romance in Dimon's latest romp (To All a Good Night) definitely rates as hot-so hot, in fact, that it cools down the thriller elements. As estranged lovers Noah Paxton and Lexy Stuart reluctantly reunite-he's tracked her down to a Utah desert spa "forty miles from the nearest anything"-and do some investigating to hunt for a killer, their playful banter and lovers' spats weigh down the proceedings. Noah works as a security expert for Stuart Enterprises, Lexy's family business, and he's surprised Lexy at her retreat. What he doesn't know is that Lexy's supposed vacation is actually her attempt to investigate Noah himself, whose marriage proposal she's turned down because she suspects he's stealing from one of the company's big clients. Though she's out to discredit him, she may be more interested in his scorching body. When Lexy's only source, the resort's security chief, turns up dead before he can help her, Noah and Lexy begin a protracted game of cat and mouse-with, quite possibly, no mouse at all. Though steamy, Dimon's latest won't thrill anywhere but between the sheets. (Nov.)

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Product dimensions:
5.51(w) x 8.24(h) x 0.80(d)
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3 Months

Meet the Author

Twelve years as a divorce attorney and one job relocation later, HelenKay Dimon qualifies as a retired lawyer and full-time writer. She couldn't be happier about the change. HelenKay and her husband James now call California home. Once they grow accustomed to the perfect weather, never-ending sunshine, short drive to the beach, and high prices of...well, everything, they'll be fine.

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Hot As Hell 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found the book very entertaining and I read it in approximately two or three days. If the book was suppose to be romantic suspense, it was accomplished. The main characters I found very independent and headstrong unwilling to confide in each other. Besides that issue, it is a great ESCAPE book.
jjmachshev More than 1 year ago
Really 3.5 stars. Three for the plot and four for the sex!

HelenKay Dimon's latest, "Hot as Hell", is a Brava release with some seriously sexy (and sexual) lead characters and an okay mystery/suspense/action story.

Lexy was in love with Noah...right up until she decided he was stealing from her family's company. And finding out about an unknown ex-wife didn't help matters either! In an effort to prove her suspicions, she takes off for a desert resort to track down the information she needs. When she finds a dead man in her resort cabin, she begins to think maybe this wasn't her best idea?

Noah is confused and pissed! He still doesn't know why Lexy broke off their engagement, much less why she disappeared. What he does know is that he has no intention of letting her get away. And when Lexy finds a dead body in her room, Noah's protective instincts go into overdrive.

I guess my main beef with the plot was twofold. First, I thought both Lexy and Noah were pretty stupid. Lexy for loving a man one minute and then assuming him capable of a felony? Fickle much? And the mystery was a bit irritating as well since although there were lots of clues and red herrings, it kind of felt like the author pulled the bad guy out of a hidden bag at the end. I really hate that.

But if you're just looking for a light-hearted, non-realistic, but very sexy romance...go grab "Hot as Hell". It should hit the spot.
LaurieD2 More than 1 year ago
When Alexa ¿Lexy¿ Stuart breaks her engagement with security specialist Noah Paxton, it isn¿t strictly because he has secrets he won¿t share, although the fact that he evidently forgot about having been married before remains a bit of a sore spot. She goes to a spa to get away and do some investigative thinking of her own only to have Noah follow, trying to talk her back. When a dead body shows up in Lexy¿s room and she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation, Noah sticks by her. Noah knows about and accepts Lexy¿s weaknesses and insecurities from being raised by parents who are hoarders, and he goes above and beyond to make her feel safe and secure. The inexplicable need to be surrounded by her belongings is something Lexy battles constantly, sometimes more successfully than others. If only Noah could see that Lexy needs some truths from him before her mistrust will be completely set aside so they can return to the loving, passionate relationship they had before.******

Noah has secrets, yes, but Lexy is being plenty secretive herself, breaking their engagement and then inexplicably bringing some of his work files with her to this Godforsaken health spa, where he¿s forced to eat sprouts and go on endless hikes in the scorching sun. When the subject of those files is found murdered in Lexy¿s room, Noah¿s instincts are to keep her safe while doing his own investigation. Lexy is the most intriguing yet frustrating woman he has ever known and he knows that being the one steady constant in her life is his only hope for recapturing their relationship, despite the craziness surrounding them.******

HelenKay Dimon always gives readers the most fascinating characters. Her storylines are always fresh and new and I have yet to not enjoy one of her books. Lexy is a wonderful heroine who is an interesting mix of strength, self-sufficiency and vulnerability and while she may think she doesn¿t need Noah, the truth is she¿s incomplete with him. Noah, on the other hand, readily admits that he wants and needs Lexy and that his life is empty without her. I find the hoarding issue to be especially interesting and think it goes far in making this story incredibly realistic. Kudos to HelenKay for daring to bring this topic to light in a romance! I highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys contemporary romance with a touch of humor and mystery.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I want to read it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago