Hot House Sessions, Vol. 2

Hot House Sessions, Vol. 2


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Zyx Records

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Disc 1

  1. Royal Junk  - Niels Van Gogh
  2. Take Me Away  -  Bootmasters
  3. Seek Bromance  - Tim Berg
  4. Break My Word  -  Epiphony
  5. What We Gonna Do  -  Max'c
  6. La La  -  Mad Mark
  7. Nothing But Love  -  Axwell
  8. On My Mind  -  Houseshaker
  9. Only Silence  - Dirty Cash
  10. Do You Wanna Funk 2K11  -  Simmons
  11. What You Feel  - Jorge Martin S.
  12. My Feeling  -  Yenson
  13. Out of the Rain  -  EDX
  14. Call Me  -  Sabrina
  15. The Grand (We're Not Lonely)  - Sherry Flavour

Disc 2

  1. Don't Give a Damn  -  Sonique
  2. Fire  -  Sunloverz
  3. Now or Never (2011)  - Tom Novy
  4. Nachtmusik  -  Kadel
  5. Do It (Everyday)  -  Kortezman
  6. Come On Now!  -  Rubin
  7. Teenage Crime  - Adrian Lux
  8. Gipsy Moves (Nah Neh Nah)  -  Vanity
  9. I Feel So Free  -  Spyzer
  10. Lose Control  - Jason Caesar
  11. Love You Better  - Crazy White Boy
  12. 2 People  - Igor Favretto
  13. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2K11  -  Tosch
  14. Vive Le Swing  -  In-Grid

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Sylvester   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Patrick Cowley   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Errol Reid   Composer
Mike Rubin   Composer,Producer
James Harris   Composer
Fabian Lenssen   Composer,Producer
Tom Novy   Composer
DJ Q   Producer
Dani Klein   Composer
Davide Riva   Composer
Peter Ballweg   Producer
Marcus Finger   Composer
Emilio Verdez   Composer
Jürgen Kadel   Composer
Andrea T. Mendoza   Producer
Paulo de Oliveira   Composer
Axwell   Composer,Producer
Dirk Schoufs   Composer
Yahel Sherman   Composer
Niels Van Gogh   Composer
Adrian Misiewicz   Composer
Robin Felder   Composer
Robin Barter   Composer,Producer
Matthew Tasa   Composer
Thomas Greisl   Composer,Producer
Tamra Keenan   Composer
Amanda Wilson   Composer
WaWa   Composer
Tara McDonald   Composer
Sunloverz   Producer
Steven Tibet   Producer
Jens Gimborn   Producer
Whiteside   Producer
Wendy Lewis   Composer
Micha Moor   Composer
Deniz Koyu   Composer
Jorge Martin S.   Producer
Samuele Sartini   Composer
Andie Gabauer   Composer
Adrian Lux   Composer,Producer
Michael Moor   Producer
Maurizio Colella   Composer
Christian Beat Hirt   Composer,Producer
EDX   Producer
Sonia Clarke   Composer,Producer
Flip Capella   Producer
Jenson David Aubrey Vaughan   Composer
Stephan Deutsch   Composer,Producer
Niels Eiterer   Composer,Producer
Christophe Kaeser   Composer,Producer
Jason Caesar   Composer
Edwin Smith   Composer
Tim Bergling   Composer,Producer
Igor Favretto   Arranger,Remixing
Ingrid Alberini   Composer
Viviane Wyss   Composer
Meital De Razon   Composer
Syndicate   Producer
Thomas Schillinger   Producer
Antonio Carlos Hodas "Jay" Junior   Composer
Andre "Andy" Sa Carneiro   Composer
Lori Andrei Perez "Lhux" Baçan   Composer
Timo Schäfer   Composer,Producer
Charles E. Salter   Composer
Manuel "Mantu" Overbeck   Composer,Producer
Ricardo Augusto "Rick" Mendes Pereira   Composer
Andrea Tonici   Composer
Maurizio Alfieri   Composer
Deborah Harry   Composer
Anne Semper   Composer
Terry Lewis   Composer
Arash Pournouri   Composer
David Domenella   Composer
Andrew Lennix   Composer,Producer
Rosette Anita Sharma   Composer
Massimiliano Moroldo   Composer
Sherry Flavour   Producer
Balfe   Composer
Sheheryar Javaid   Composer
Roger Hymne   Composer
Reuben John Botha   Composer
Kosta Karatamaglou   Composer

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