Hot Rods & Custom Classics: Cruisin' Songs & Highway Hits

Hot Rods & Custom Classics: Cruisin' Songs & Highway Hits


This is certainly one of Rhino's more elaborate box set offerings, no mere four-disc set of car songs, not by a long shot. It comes housed in a Revel Authentic Kit-sized box that also holds a bound booklet designed to look like the cover of Hot Rod magazine, an accompanying Mooneyes mini-catalog, window adhesive hot rod stickers, a set of fuzzy dice, and a Mooneyes…  See more details below


This is certainly one of Rhino's more elaborate box set offerings, no mere four-disc set of car songs, not by a long shot. It comes housed in a Revel Authentic Kit-sized box that also holds a bound booklet designed to look like the cover of Hot Rod magazine, an accompanying Mooneyes mini-catalog, window adhesive hot rod stickers, a set of fuzzy dice, and a Mooneyes bottle opener/key ring, with each of the four discs housed in a custom hot rod color package of its own. The music not only covers the early hot rod hits of the '50s and early '60s, but plucks worthy contenders from modern rockers like the Stray Cats, Dave Edmunds, the Ramones, David Lindley, Canned Heat, the Doobie Brothers, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Rod Stewart, Pure Prairie League, and roots rockers like Denny Freeman, John Hiatt, Deke Dickerson, and Tex Rubinowitz. Hot Rods & Custom Classics is the kind of box set you want to leave out to show people all the goodies, with a pile of great music to go along with it under the hood. One of Rhino's best productions.

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Disc 1

  1. New Car Attitude
  2. Action Packed  - Ronnie Dee
  3. Stick Shift  -  Duals
  4. Hot Rod Man  - Tex Rubinowitz
  5. Hotrod Gang  -  Stray Cats
  6. Cruisin'  - Gene Vincent
  7. Radar Love  -  Golden Earring
  8. Mercury Blues  - David Lindley
  9. Maybellene
  10. The Ballad of Thunder Road  - Robert Mitchum
  11. Forty Miles of Bad Road  -  Duane Eddy & The Rebels
  12. SS 396  -  Paul Revere & the Raiders
  13. See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet  - Dinah Shore
  14. Little Deuce Coupe  -  Beach Boys
  15. Hot Rod  -  Collins Kids
  16. Mr. Highway Man  - Howlin' Wolf
  17. Lost Highway  - Hank Williams
  18. Highway Patrol  - Junior Brown
  19. Heavy Traffic Ahead  - Bill Monroe
  20. Radar  -  Bear & His Bearcats
  21. Motor Head Baby  - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  22. Led Sled  - Denny Freeman
  23. Rev Off  -  Steve Wertheimer's '51 Mercury Custom

Disc 2

  1. Rockin' Down The Highway  -  Doobie Brothers
  2. Hey Little Cobra  -  Rip Chords
  3. Hot Rod Queen  - Deke Dickerson
  4. Hot Rod Lincoln  - Johnny Bond
  5. Hot Rod Race  - Jimmie Dolan
  6. Drag Race
  7. Draggin'  - Curtis Gordon
  8. Dragster  - Johnny Fortune
  9. Race With The Devil  - Gene Vincent
  10. Devil in My Car  -  B-52s
  11. Ride on Josephine  -  George Thorogood & the Destroyers
  12. Rocket 88  - Jackie Brenston
  13. Key To The Highway  - Little Walter
  14. Low Rider  -  War
  15. Whittier Blvd.  -  Thee Midniters
  16. Every Woman I Know  - Billy "The Kid" Emerson
  17. One Piece At A Time  - Johnny Cash
  18. Cadillac Assembly Line  - Albert King
  19. I Want a Lavendar Cadillac  -  Maurice King and His Wolverines
  20. Bring My Cadillac Back  -  Baker Knight & The Knightmares
  21. Pink Cadillac  -  Sammy's Rockin' Rhythm
  22. Transfusion  - Nervous Norvus
  23. Crawling From The Wreckage  - Dave Edmunds
  24. Dead Man's Curve  -  Jan & Dean
  25. James Dean 1955 Interview

Disc 3

  1. Let's Go For A Ride  -  Collegians
  2. On The Road Again  -  Canned Heat
  3. Drive South  - John Hiatt
  4. I Gotta New Car  - Big Boy Groves
  5. No Money Down
  6. Dear Dad  - Dave Edmunds
  7. Little Forty Ford  - Leon Smith
  8. '41 Ford  -  Grand Prix
  9. '64 Ford  -  Phranc
  10. Stolen Car  -  Green Hornet
  11. Go Lil' Camaro Go  -  Ramones
  12. Roadrunner  - Bo Diddley
  13. Beep Beep  -  Playmates
  14. Black & White Thunderbird  -  Delicates
  15. Pink Thunderbird  - Gene Vincent
  16. '54 Corvette  -  Customs
  17. Sting Ray  -  Routers
  18. Route 66 Theme  - Nelson Riddle
  19. Gas Money  - Adam Ross
  20. Gasoline Alley  - Rod Stewart

Disc 4

  1. Mustang Sally  - Wilson Pickett
  2. Hopped up Mustang  - Arlen Sanders
  3. Wild, Wild Mustang  - Dick Dale
  4. 409  -  Quads
  5. Automobiles  -  Spaniels
  6. V-8 Ford Blues  - Mose Allison
  7. Pontiac Blues  - Sonny Boy Williamson [II]
  8. G.T.O.  -  Ronny & the Daytonas
  9. Go Go G.T.O.  -  Carol & Cheryl
  10. Bite Bite Barracuda  -  Buddy Randell & The Knickerbockers
  11. Ford V-8  - Honey Boy Allen
  12. No Particular Place To Go  - Chuck Berry
  13. Four In The Floor  -  Shutdowns
  14. Big Green Car  - Jimmy Carroll
  15. Spark Plug  -  Four Teens
  16. Buick '59  -  Medallions
  17. Freeway  -  Fugitives
  18. Two Lane Highway  -  Pure Prairie League
  19. Six Days on the Road  - Dave Dudley
  20. Wheels  -  Flying Burrito Brothers

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nervous Norvus   Track Performer
Little Walter   Track Performer
Bill Monroe   Track Performer
Dave Dudley   Track Performer
Dinah Shore   Track Performer
Phranc   Track Performer
B-52s   Track Performer
Beach Boys   Track Performer
Chuck Berry   Track Performer
Canned Heat   Track Performer
Collins Kids   Track Performer
Dick Dale   Track Performer
Doobie Brothers   Track Performer
Duane Eddy   Guitar
Dave Edmunds   Track Performer
Flying Burrito Brothers   Track Performer
Golden Earring   Track Performer
John Hiatt   Track Performer
Jan & Dean   Track Performer
David Lindley   Track Performer
Wilson Pickett   Track Performer
Pure Prairie League   Track Performer
Ramones   Track Performer
Rod Stewart   Track Performer
Stray Cats   Track Performer
War   Track Performer
Mose Allison   Track Performer
Jack Marshall   Conductor
Denny Freeman   Track Performer
Playmates   Track Performer
Johnny Fortune   Track Performer
Grand Prix   Track Performer
Rip Chords   Track Performer
Spaniels   Track Performer
Collegians   Track Performer
Duals   Track Performer
Robert Mitchum   Track Performer
Johnny Bond   Track Performer
Ronny & the Daytonas   Track Performer
Routers   Track Performer
Thee Midniters   Track Performer
Jackie Brenston   Track Performer
Junior Brown   Track Performer
Howlin' Wolf   Track Performer
Albert King   Track Performer
Nelson Riddle   Track Performer
Paul Revere & the Raiders   Track Performer
Gary Usher   Track Performer
Johnny "Guitar" Watson   Track Performer
Hank Williams   Track Performer
Sonny Boy Williamson [II]   Track Performer
Deke Dickerson   Track Performer
Carol & Cheryl   Track Performer
Customs   Track Performer
Jan & Arnie   Track Performer
Medallions   Track Performer
Pacifics   Track Performer
Buddy Randell & The Knickerbockers   Track Performer
Shutdowns   Track Performer
Leon Smith   Track Performer
Jimmy Carroll   Track Performer
Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps   Track Performer
George Thorogood & the Destroyers   Track Performer
Duane Eddy & The Rebels   Track Performer
Billy "The Kid" Emerson   Track Performer
Tex Rubinowitz   Track Performer
Curtis Gordon   Track Performer
Green Hornet   Track Performer
Adam Ross   Track Performer
Ronnie Dee   Track Performer
Honey Boy Allen   Track Performer
Jimmie Dolan   Track Performer
Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two   Track Performer
Baker Knight & The Knightmares   Track Performer
Sammy's Rockin' Rhythm   Track Performer
Four Teens   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Alan Freed   Composer
Brian Wilson   Composer
Casey   Composer
Jan Berry   Composer
Hugh Brown   Artwork
Mario Delagarde   Composer
Jim Pewter   Liner Notes
Joey Ramone   Composer
Dee Dee Ramone   Composer
Johnny Ramone   Composer
Tommy Ramone   Composer
Bonny "Mack" Rice   Composer
Keith Strickland   Composer
Johnny "Guitar" Watson   Composer
Artie Kornfeld   Composer
Ricky Wilson   Composer
Elizabeth Pavone   Editorial Coordinator
Julie Vlasak   Artwork
Russell Fratto   Composer
Daniel Goldmark   Editorial Research
Roger Christian   Composer
John Wilkin   Composer
G. Wilson   Composer
Chester Burnett   Composer

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